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We are pleased to announce the first settings to be released for the Gen-Cell™ System and the target strategy for those releases.  Our first product will be the Gen-Cell System™ Basic Rules as well as the Velvet Skies™ Worldbook and hopefully the Velvet Skies CCRPG. From there we plan to start releasing the individual Cell Packs for the various Breeds, Genres, Equipment, Occupations, and various modular components to create your own individual campaigns. Our first packs will most likely be to accompany the Velvet Skies setting so will be Gothic Horror in nature. From there we will release the same pattern of material for the Antitrust™ Setting, followed by Mists of Erluun™, SteamSHOT™, and then finally World of Eden™.  Each Worldbook will have a unique setting that includes a mix of genres as well as unique Breeds, Talents, Gear, and Occupations suitable for that setting.

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Chat with the Antagonists!

While we are gearing up for a few more local cons we want to open up our Discord to our fans! Previously this was for Patreon subscribers only but now we are open to the world!  Do you have questions about the system?  Drop in and ask us!  Want to make suggestions and give us some feedback? No better place to be! We not only want to provide a place to talk with us but a larger gaming community in general!


Official Worldbooks

Velvet Skies Victorian Gothic Horror / Weird Science

Velvet Skies ™ is a role-playing game set during Victorian London in the year 1876, five years after the Great Awakening. Navigate the post Awakening London with it’s rise of supernatural beings, magic, treachery, and horror!

Antitrust Dystopian Cyberpunk / Fantasy / Horror

Antitrust™ is a dark Cyberpunk Dystopian setting mixed with elements of Magic, Gothic Horror, and Fantasy. Government and Large Corporations rule the world and you function as a part of a team known as Freelancers, covert operators working for the highest bidder amid global catastrophes and overpopulation. Will the stars hold the only hope for humanity?

Mysts of Erluun Fantasy / Horror / Mythical

Mysts of Erluun™ is a dark dark fantasy setting where you play one of four fantasy races in a struggle against the reviled Uthar-Vral, a collection of twisted abominations bent on global ruination.

SteamSHOT Stempunk / Weird Science / Fantasy / Gothic Horror

SteamSHOT ™ is a jaunty little Steampunk setting with a dash of Fantasy, a parcel of Horror, and a train load of Weird Science!  Play in a world with floating cities, airships of all types, automatons, Fae, and sordid collection of creatures skulking in the night!

World of Eden Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror

World of Eden™ takes place on the distant planet of Eden, believed to be terraformed decades ago by an AI sent to create a perfect new home for humanity escaping from a ravished Earth. The Arks arrive only to find the planet already inhabited by a wide assortment of Alien and Fantastical beings and creatures. Humans are the invaders and without the ability to return home they must carve out their place in this strangely familiar new home.

Outcome 31 Post Apocalyptic / Survival / Horror

This title will be set in a post- apocalyptic Earth after severe polution and war have left the landscapes barren and toxic. Though there are rumors of technology left behind that could be used to rebuild the earth into a lush paradise, will you save the Earth from desolation?