About Gen-Cell

Welcome to the Gen-Cell System™

Why the Gen-Cell System™?


I’m sure you are wondering what the Gen-Cell System™ is and just why you should be looking at it, right? There are so many different game systems out there these days for just about any type of game you want. Who needs another system to muddy up the mix? Well, you just might. Gen-Cell™ is aimed at Game Masters, Storytellers, or Dungeon Masters, who don’t like playing in a world that someone else has created for them. Most of the DMs, STs, and GMs I’ve played with, talked to, and myself included, don’t like to be fenced in on the world they are creating. Let’s face it, that’s what you are doing as a role-player, creating a world of your own and filling it with legends and heroes of your own making. Of course, there’s no problem with doing that until you begin blurring the line between genres.

There are a lot of worlds that mix genres, and a lot of game systems to go with them, but each one has its own inherent flaws. The first flaw is that it’s not your world. You are playing by a timeline that someone else created, and with a world populated by people and creatures that are probably too fantastic to be omitted. The second problem is that the system for that game is designed around the feel of that genre and world. No matter how many guns you throw into a fantasy set of rules, it’s still having that fantasy feel to it.

That’s where Gen-Cell™ comes in. Gen-Cell™ is a system designed around no world. It’s not designed around any genre. It’s designed so that you, the Creator of your world, can choose elements that you wish to include and which elements you don’t, and they blend in seamlessly. No more worries about the age-old struggle with imbalance between magic and technology, Gen-Cell™ is founded to keep that balance intact from genre to genre, so no matter what you add to your world, nobody is left feeling like an underdog.

Gen-Cell™ is also designed to be scalable between numerous types of games as well.  Game designers can use this for any game they want to create regardless of simplicity or complexity.  We’ve designed Gen-Cell™ so that it’s modular in nature and can be used in any complexity needed.  Gen-Cell™ Basic is aimed at the simplest needs for a game, mostly Collectible Card RPGs or Board Games (HeroQuest, Descent, etc..).  From there you can go to Gen-Cell™ Intermediate which can be used for games where you may want the emphasis to be on the story as opposed to the rules. Gen-Cell™ Advanced is a more robust system that can be used for a little more in-depth settings and players who like to have more rules to choose from.  Finally, there is Gen-Cell™ Expert, the most advanced Rules Set for the Gen-Cell™ System which includes all the rules and can be extremely in depth.  So, once you choose what type of game you want to play and have chosen which Ruleset of the Gen-Cell™ System you want to use you are on your way to running a great game

What is a Role-Playing Game?

A Role-Playing Game is a game of imagination and storytelling.  It’s a setting where you and friends sit around a table and weave a story of your own together, you create the adventure.  You create a character that you play, you take on their Role, and as you go along you are presented with choices that you must make.  You overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, escape capture, and take on the role of a great Hero (or Villain) of your very own making.

How many times have you read a book or watched a movie and thought to yourself “That character shouldn’t have done that, they should have done this”, or “If I was that guy I would have done it this way”, well that’s exactly what you do in a Role-Playing Game.  Like a book you have someone that guides you through the story and presents these choices or events to you, and then you decide what to do and how to proceed.