XP "Banking" or "Rewards"

  • February 8, 2006 at 10:42 pm #1660

    So we all grow attached to characters, but as we have seen in other games, sometimes they end up dead or unplayable… or maybe they’ve had their run and you just have nothing left to accomplish with them. So then, you get to make a new chaarcter background from scratch and you get to the character sheet and…

    “ugh, I’ve been playing this game for two years and I have nothing to show for it any longer!”

    You put tons of hours into playing and posting for all that time, but here you are, having to start completely anew. This is where my diea comes in. It would be a way for people who lose their characters somehow be rewarded for their service and continued play of the game. it could work one of two ways:

    A Reward System

    In this system, you would take the total amount of XP your character earned in it’s lifetime of play and then take a small percentage of that amount, and be allowed to apply it to the new character after spending your generation points. A suitable amount would probably be between 10 and 15%. So lets say someone earned 1000XP in their character’s term, and then that character dies. When they generate their new chaarcter they would spend all their generation points as normal and send it in. Once approved, they would immediatley send it in for an update. Assuming that we use a figure of 10%, they’d be allowed to spend 100XP. This XP would have to all be used in this immediate update, anything unused would be lost. Also, you could only cash in rewards for one character to be used on another, so if you have two characters that both have a build-up of rewards, you couldn’t take both’s reward poitns and apply them if they both happen to die off or become unplayable.

    A Banking System

    Rather than giving this reward XP to someone, we could instead allow characters to bank some of the XP they earn up to a certain amount (some percentage, say 25% of what is earned per month). Once banked, the points could be returned to the character only in small amounts at a time should they decide to “un-bank” them (this prevents people from banking as many points as possible “just in case”, only to take them out later). If you ever lost your character, your banked XP would get applied and used on the new character much the way I described the way it would be used in teh reward system. Again, only one characters bank could be transfered for use on a new character.

    I tend to favor the idea of the reward system simply because it is less work and much easier to figure out without making everyone spend an extra 15 or 20 minutes going over their character updates.

    People who lose characters because they violated out of game rules would not be eligible to make a new character with these rules.

    This is beneficial in several ways:

    1) It rewards people who’ve participated but have had unfortunate luck in game.

    2) It gives us a much better chance to retain players who have lost a character…. they are much more likely to make a new one.

    3) You don’t lose all you’ve worked for once you’ve moved on from one charater to another.

    4) Improves overall health of the game.

    February 8, 2006 at 11:08 pm #2234
    VEST Paradox

    We are considering a 25% reward to one new character if a character dies. I think too many people simply look at the time they played versus the impact their character made. Yes, it sucks to lose a character, hoewver the compensation and growth of that character is related to how much *they* contribute to the game. Sure it’s you behind the machine, but it’s the character that makes the scene and adds to the world directly. That’s my take on it anyhow. I do think an award of how much XP your character has earned to be applied to a newly created character upon the main characters death is a fair idea, not the total amount the player has earned though. Should that second character die, then the next one will get a % of the total XP on that dead character, etc.

    If you drop a character in favor of another, this will not apply. It’s your choice to stop playing them, and by death I mean by ST’d event and not by sending in an email saying the character has died and you will no longer be playing them, can I have my XP. Better be prepared to kill them off.

    February 12, 2006 at 2:41 am #2235
    Doug Davis

    I think the 20-25% carry over is probably the best bet. It lets people have a continuation of that character with a new character without feeling like they’ve just wasted a boat load of time and now have nothing to show for it.

    Anything more than that really would be a bit off. 20-25% are good substantial numbers because even at 1,000 xp earned that’s 200 – 250xp you gen a newbie character with over other freshly generated newbie characters.

    That’s pretty substantial if you think about it.

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