Whisper Of The Wind (egeria And Emrys)

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    Jeff Crowley

    He searched for her for weeks, growing in awareness, the tendrils of his long slumber falling away like a thick mud. He was able to slip out of his body for longer periods of time and now followed the slender silvery connection between the two of them. For the first time he set his eyes upon her, and stayed back for a few moments to examine her.

    She was in quiet observation of the fire, though an apparent blindness and the threat of tears precluded the flame from giving her anything but warmth. She did not order tea, not yet, she did not quite have the coin or the inclination for something to satiate the stomach. Instead, she rested her head back against the chair and closed her eyes to rest.

    He slowly made his way over to her and *sat* next to her, though his body was hundreds of miles away his spirit was next to her and he studied her with blatant curiosity.

    Egeria turned her head, off to the side as if to focus though turned back away. “Is someone there?”

    “That depends on just where you are referring to. If you mean sitting in the chair next to you, then no there really isn't. If you mean if there is a presence near you, then yes, I am here beside you now.”

    “I've…I've heard your voice before now. Good, good evensong to you.” There was a small measure of comfort to be had in company, even if it was not really there by her side. Even if only a presence or entity rather than the humans who seemed to come and go into her life as they pleased.

    “I am here Egeria, I've been here in one form or another for a very long time. Here, take my hand.” He held his ghostly hand out towards her, though she could easily see that he was not a spirit, but something completely different.

    She might have looked a fool from across the room, reaching her hand out to one side when there was no one else to be seen. But, her gloved hand would reach towards the offer of his own. “You will, have to help me here. I can not see you like I do the others for some reason…”

    She can almost feel the touch of his hand, a touch that is like a whisper of breath on the ears, then with a slight tingle of his focused will he begins to pull her to him and as the seconds pass he becomes more and more solid feeling to her just as the chair becomes less solid, and then within the blink of an eye to those observing on the outside she vanishes. “I am here with you as always.”

    “You are not like the others that are always with me, are you?” She took his hand, his single hand within a press between both of her own. “You are the one I was to find? I feel as if I have failed you without even knowing who you are, or what your name is. I am…so sorry…” The waver of her quiet tone spoke of sincerity of having failed him.

    “Yes, I am he that wishes you to find me. Though it is not time for you to do so just yet. I am not ready for release yet, you will find me when it is time. And to answer your inital query, no. I am not a Spirit like those who speak to you, I am a man of sorts, one who has slept longer than empires.”

    “What may I do for you in the meanwhile? Or, if nothing then…your name? There are so many things I would ask of you, that I wish to know. You are gracious for what you have already spoke of, but, have you a face to touch?” He was indeed not a spirit, else her otherwise useless eyes would be able to stare at him rather than through him.

    “I do have a face” He lifts her hand to his face and smiles. “I am Emrys, in the meantime you can learn from me, grow in strength and resolve, and learn of the tapestry.”

    The tips of her fingers were gentle upon each feature of his face. She smiled, “You are not a spirit, as you have told me so and I cannot see you. Yet, you are not entirely a man sitting by side of me who just happened in through the more conventional means of a front door, Emrys. What may I learn, tell me, and how many I find these things for myself when you are not yet ready to be found?”

    “That's because you are no longer in the lands of the living Egeria, though do not fret you aren't dead either. I have pulled you into a place where we can move about and speak freely so that I can tell you that you are to learn to develop the talents you already possess. You are to awaken soon.”

    “Akasha? Is that where we are now?” For lack of a better means of describing her gesture, she 'looked' around them. “Awaken, there is more then to this life? I've been a fool to doubt otherwise if that is so…awaken.” Egeria pause for the thoughts to slow and right themselves, “The last some of the others and I have spoken, there is a cairn at Stonehenge…is that where I am to find you when you are ready to take leave of your own slumber?”

    “Yes, the Cairn is only the entrance, and the journey is perilous or I would send you there now. There is so much for you to learn, and so much more that you will soon be able to do that you will think you've gone mad with delusions. You will become Magi, as is your destined path to become. Though others have tried to sway you from it.”

    “If this is what I am intended for, I will not sway, Emrys. There are many a night where I felt I've gone mad with delusions, though to hear your words…I am nothing but optimistic. Anything has to be an improvement from the current station. To know there is something of a greater purpose…is that the tapestry?”

    “Yes and No… the tapestry is everything, threads of destinies and entities woven together to form out reality, the Magi are aeons old and yet we still do not understand it fully.”

    Blind eyes, yes, but thoughtful ones narrowed in focus of his words. “I see, I think. No, I understand your words but I hope one day to know if it for myself.”

    “You do already, it's your connection with the tapestry that has drawn me to you. Though you are not as far along as some, you indeed have a great potential. Like a flower you simply need to be cultivated so that you can grow and blossom to your full potential. Which is why I am here, to begin your training on focusing your mind on the tapestry so that you can take hold of the fibers of reality and reshape them so that you can perform wonders beyond imagining.”

    “Yes, I've been told by the dead that I have a bit of a tone to me, but nothing so bright and shimmery as others.” Her smile was slight in her recollection of her conversation with Lucian. “Tell me more of what I can do, I cannot remain in this life if there is nothing left to it but what I have known before now.”

    “Where would you like me to begin?”

    “Where you deem me fit to start, Emrys. Please…”

    “I suppose I should start at the beginning. Seems only right afterall. Most of what I am abut to tell you may sound like nonsense though. You know that we are in Akasha, which is good. There are more realms other than this one and the physical. Reality is much like an onion, just in reverse. Each layer has it's own reality, it's own laws, and it's own natives.”

    An onion in reverse, she canted her head to picture that a moment, and smiled. “I see…there there is nothing simple as a single heaven and a single hell. Please, go on.”

    “Correct, though Heaven and Hell do exist, they are beyond our ability to reach them. The layers closer to the center are thinner, easier to cross between. At the very center is the youngest of these realms, the physical reality we both live in. From there is Akasha, where we are now, beyond that is the realm of memory and imagination, or the Astral. If you go on once again you come to the Elemental, where the Elements are borne from originally. Lastly, the most difficult one to reach is the Spirit World, where man really originated.”

    “Could I, go there one day then? To their world?” Elements, memory, imaginations – each fascinated her more and more in their own right, but the spirit realm, she had tried so hard to find her way there, but now it would seem that perhaps she did not need to secure her own death first.

    “Someday. What lies beyond the Spirit World is unknown to us, for each step away from the Physical you get, the more bizarre, horrific, and powerful things get. A Gnat here on earth is nothing to a human, yet a gnat from a realm past the Spirit may be like unto a raging God if they came here somehow.”

    “Amazing…” She wondered then if this is what a small child felt like when read a story or was told something fantastical. Pale eyes were lifted some from their previous dour. “More then, tell me more have you the time or energy for it – tell me what else I must do next.”

    He smiled and touched her face. “I'm afraid my time is getting short, I can't stay out for long yet, I'm still weak from my slumber. Until we speak again, I want you to examine the differences between Akasha and the real world, I want you to focus your mind to perceive the subtle differences, look for the threads, you can see them coming from people easier, once you can see them, then you can see them from other things, coins, buildings, and so on. In order for you to do that, you will need your sight.” He mutters a few words and wipes his hands across her eyes, when his hand leaves them the milky blue blindness vanishes. “You will have sight until next we meet.”

    “Emrys, thank you, thank you a thousand times over.” Bowing her head to press a kiss to the top of his hand, vibrant green eyes lifted to take the sight of him in, if only for a moment longer.

    He was a moderately tall man, with pale skin, pale hair, and eyes the color of gold. There was a slightly fey look to him overall, and his dress was like something from the dark ages, fine yet ancient. “Unlike the others who have granted you site, this will remain longer so that you can learn, not as a method to lure you to me.”

    “And I would give it up again, gladly so, to learn the things you spoke of to learn them from you Emrys.” Egeria nodded, quiet in her tone though at once taken to her awe from the man's appearance. It was not often she had the occasion to see a human being who had not yet passed, let alone, one such as he.

    “I must be away, it is dangerous for me to stay like this for to long. Once I am gone you will return to the Physical. Look about you for the threads, soon I will teach you to weave them.” He smiled and bowed a deep and ancient formal bow. “Until we meet, enjoy the gift from a teacher to his student.”

    “You are most gracious…be well, rest well.” A curtsey of her own with her hand pressed close to her throat and her head leaned to bow. “Be well…”

    With a somewhat roguish smile he seemed to be pulled away rapidly and then before she could blink to look after him she was once again sitting in the Athenaeum near the fire where she was pulled from.

    There was the fire she had sat before, and for all she knew, never left. Though it was bright red, warm, and glowing above it's embers. Egeria smiled, happy, in spite of the current circumstances that she left behind for the short moments she was in Akasha.

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