Whisper Of The Wind (egeria And Emrys)

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    Jeff Crowley

    Warmed over by the fire for all her time sat before it, Egeria had nearly been sent to slumber for as quiet as the Athenaeum was. The tea was left to turn cold, for all she cared of it then, but then, perhaps the fire might be kind enough to keep her cup well warmed.

    Desmond looked around before making his way to the bar, seeing Egeria at her usual spot by the fire he smiled. Going to the bar he ordered two cups of tea, pulling out some coins to pay.

    &* His silent form glided through the air of Akasha, moving towards Egeria, her awakening was at hand and soon she would have need to complete her studies and take the oath.

    The Minnow was leaning against a corner of the bar, stolen bottle in hand. Idly, he wondered if it could really be considered stolen when that damned Baron didn't seem to care one way or the other. He smirked when he saw Desmond glance at Egeria and then order two cups of tea. “Thilsty tonight, ale we, uh?”

    He looked over to see Minoru and smiled.:: Hello there Minoru. Well I figured our friend by the fire could use a fresh cup of tea.

    “Ah so…ale you buying tonight, then? Oi! Balkeep! Thisu nice ferrow hele hasu my tab tonight!” He gave a wide grin to Desmond.

    &* Traised through the Athenaeum and his eyes rested upon Emrys, he gave the powerfully glowin man a nod of respect and settled next to him. “Good evening to you sir. Even though we don?t really have evenings here, there is a peculiar man on High Street that seems intent on informing every spirit that passes what the time is. Useful bugger I must say.”

    He gave a sarcastic look to the bartender and raised a brow, then chuckled and made his way over to Egeria, motioning with his head for Minoru to accompany him to see their friend.

    “Lace you,” he grinned, and broke into a brief run across the room, which ended when he tripped tipsily over a chair, somersaulting into a sprawling seat in a chair next to Egeria. “Um…herro thele?” he suggested, sheepishly.

    “Hmm, oh, have faerie folk fallen from the skies again?” An immediate crack of her eyes turned towards Minoru, and she grinned. “Imp, surely you weren?t concerned that I might have swallowed my own tongue in my sleep, were you?”

    &* “Yes, they call him the Watchman, he's apparently been doing that job for centuries. I'm not sure who or what he is and I've never really had an inclination to look into it to be honest. I see your friend hasn't been heeding your warnings and is still drinking pretty well. And how are you acclimating to your new home?”

    He chuckled and shook his head, a saucer of tea held in either hand. Finally reaching the table he set one of the saucers down in front of her, then took a seat.

    “Desmond, good evensong to you…” a polite little nod of her head, her chin tipped close against a thin scarf wound close to her neck. “Please, sit, sit..keep us company,” she grinned slow.

    “Who ale you carring a faelie?! Iie, I wasn't wollied you'd done something so foorish asu that, just wanted to say herro,” he smirked. “Desmond blought you mole tea. It wasu my idea, though.” He nodded.

    &* “I've certainly had easier jobs. It's not so bad actually. I've made a few friends and amazingly enough, even here there is a use for my skills.”

    &* ” Always good to be needed, I must attend to Egeria for a moment, if you need any help with your friend, feel free to ask, a friend of Egeria is a friend of mine and I will do what I can for you.”

    ::he chuckled:: Sure it was. ::he smiled then and nodded his thanks for the invitation from Egeria.:: How are you this evening?

    &* ” Thank you, I will keep that in mind. Though I have learned a few things since my passing, a few tricks that have come in handy.” He smiles in a rather roguish display of certaint and then makes his way towards Minnow.

    “I am rather well for myself, I would think. As far as I have known anyway…and what have the two of you been conspiring in my absence?” A blind eye set upon each of them in it's turn, squinted and narrowed while she smiled.

    “Conspiling? Me? I wourdn't do such a thing!” He smirked, raising the bottle to his lips and taking a swig. “I wourdn't know what to conspile if it hit me in the face. So what'su with the scalf? I haven't seen you weal one of those befole…”

    “Ah, the chill has found me, and I am doing what I may to stave it off,” a slight reach of delicate fingers would secure the garment to her throat, suddenly finding herself rather conscious of the thing. “I do not think it would do well for me to fall ill now, you know.”

    : ::he nodded:: Quite true. ::a sip was taken and then the cup set back down on the saucer.::

    “Doesu it ever do werr to farr irr?” he chuckled. “At reast it'su mostry been walming up ratery, light Desmond?”
    “Well no, but I never quite cared as much before,” she chucked just as quickly, “ah yes, the weather has been turning pleasant…”

    Yes, and I'm thankful for it. The summer is always a welcome season, especially in England. Gives us a chance to spend more time outdoors.

    &* Following the rogues lead Emrys moves to sit himself as close to Egeria as possible and listens in, his hands moving in barely perceptible gestures and his lips mumbling words in a language long lost to time.

    “And makesu my rife easier, too, with so many peopre spending mole time outdoolsu,” he grinned toothily. “So why do you cale mole now, Egelia, uh? What'su up with that?”

    &* Coming up behind Minnow he reaches out with his will and finger and tickles the back of his ear for a second, the small task taking a great deal of concentration but it succeeds.

    Egeria tipped her head slow to the sights otherwise unseen, a quiet smile rested there upon her lips. Though all at once she returned to Minoru, “oh you know very well why…and I suppose it's a good thing the season's turning warm,

    there will be less layers to root through for you I suppose,” she grinned.

    “Ressu rayelsu to root thlough in mole than one way, uh?” he smirked knowingly at her, and then glanced behind him, becoming confused when he saw nothing there.

    ::he glanced over at Minrou.:: Something the matter?

    &* He laughed and giggled to himself then looked at Emrys who was smiling just a bit as well. ” It's the small things you know? ” He does it again, this time to the other ear.

    He glanced over his other shoulder, frowning, and swatting the air by both of his ears. “Damned friesu…”

    “Hm, I'd wonder of the consequece of your having such thick skull…but it must be protecting something small and precious inside. “Perhaps you should stop drinking, it's turning you all mad and twitchy…” the grin only widened.

    &* He looks at him with a slight shake of his head, such uses of his abilities for harmless pranks would have never occured to him, and in the aeons that he has lived it never had until now. “Interesting indeed, wouldn't you say so Egeria?”

    “It'su not dlinking that'su making me twitchy! It'su the damned friesu!” He clutched the bottle protectively. “My blain isn't smarr…” he pouted.

    “I'd venture to say such..” a secreted smile meant for her friend, her tutor, though she was not so certain if he chose to make his presence known to others, or if his holdings in akasha were so faint as to be seen only by the blind woman.

    The flies? Hmmm. ::He looked around trying to spot some.:: Must have flown off then.

    &* ” This almost makes it all worth it you know? Now, I've been practicing this for weeks. This old codger on Barnett Court told me that yo can see imperfections in objects if you look close enough. So I've been practicing on this trick that should finally cure him of his drinking habit. Watch this, you just have to spot the flaw, then kinda tweak it.” He looks at the bottle that Minnow is holding and then touches it lightly and it shatters, unfortunately just as Egeria was reaching for it.

    The bottle was taken from him once more, “well I would not worry of such frail organs when there are frailer organs still that risk certain death…” a point of her index finger down was all she required to punctuate her thoughts.

    He blinked as Egeria took the exploding bottle away from him. “Arlight,” he said angrily to the room at large, “who pranted a bomb in my dlink?!” He leapt to his feet, standing protectively in front of Egeria and Desmond, then glancing briefly at the woman over his shoulder. “And stop rooking at my gloin arr the time.”

    “Ooh, spits!” she cursed as quietly as could be managed with her hand held straight before her now, “tch, you see how your drinking becomes a problem for the both of us? Desmond, are there rags about?” What splinters of glass made their mark were picked at and away with a sigh. “Oh ho? Is that what I was looking at? Here then I was mistaken to have found a miscrewed knob instead.” Eyes narrowed in Lucian's direction, illicing a further curse in her quiet.

    &* “Oh holy mother, that was awesome! Two for one on that one, that was fantastic!” He smiled and howled in laughter!

    ::he shook his head and then walked over to the bar to retrieve a towel.::

    “Oi! I have no plobrem dlinking! It'su pletty easy if you ask me.” He harrumphed, glaring around the room again before letting himself fall back into his seat. “My gloin isn't a knob. So prease don't twist it.” Another smirk.

    &* “Sorry Egeria, innocent casualty of war I suppose. Guess I should have warned you, I got his bottle habit covered now, he'll never pick up another intact bottle of liquor again.”

    :::He retrieved a towel from the bar and walked back over, handing it to Egeria.::

    &* “Do you think that using your abilities for trickery is worthy of them? Don't you find it a waste of your efforts and energy Lucian? Just a curiosity is all, no judgement.”

    ::She placed herself at the bar and took off her coat laying it down next to her .

    suspicious eye remained upon him, but she nodded in good humor, muttering. “Well enough then I suppose, a casuality of war,” the towel was taken to wrap around her palm as a table linen was already in the process of soaking the mess. “Thank you Desmond.”

    ?What do you mean, a casuarty of war? Who'su a casuarty of war? What war? Egelia…ale you healing thingsu again?”

    &* ” If I save my friend from drinking himself to death, is it a waste Emrys? I might as well gain some amusement in my efforts, besides… he deserves it, not in a bad way… he has a WICKED sense of humor and it's payback time.” He giggled again to himself then looked a little more seriously at Emrys. ” In return, why would you think that using abilities like this for amusement and fun would be a waste?”

    ::he nodded to Egeria before taking his seat again, a bit of confusion on his face as he heard Minoru speak..:: Casualty of war?

    “Oh hush yourself and learn to appreciate a cup of tea, it is of your people after all…some at least.” A smile to Minoru shared with Desmond, though her attentions turned upon the conversings of the spirit and the magi.

    : “You don't know who my peopre arr,” he countered. “I don't know who my peopre arr.” He sighed, grumbling some more. “But what'su arr thisu about a casuarty of war, uh?”

    : &* ” Becuase until you responded I didn't see that you had a purpose behind it, other than trickery and tomfoolery. Now I see that you do. It's just that my people were forced to take the powers that we possess very seriously, it was the only way in which we survived as we are. Instead of how the rest of us turned out.”

    &* ” What people would that be? Obviously you were split right?”

    Egeria didn't feel too poorly for doing so, but as she often had one ear in this world and another in the next, she continued to listen to the two converse.

    He gave Egeria a long, questioning stare, and finally stood up, yanking Desmond by the collar and dragging him away from the table.

    &* ” Yes we were. It's a long story, one that I was planning on telling Egeria anyhow, as her last lesson she must know where her newfound power comes from.”

    &* “Mind if I hear as well?”

    Hey now! ::he said with more of a surprised voice than an outright yell. Being dragged off just after he set his cup down.::

    &* ” Not at all, it does concern you as well. It's a bit of a stretch and a lot to take in all at once, but I swear it is truth. It deals with the origins of man, the *true* origins of man.”

    The woman gave the departing men a small smile, giving her cause to wonder if Minoru understood her a bit more than what she had often given him credit for. She returned to her mentor, though seemingly looking off into the fire.

    &*”I take it that the *true* origins as you say have nothing to do with church or science, by it being a stretch it must be something pretty unique correct?”

    &* ” You are smarter than I give you credit for Mr. Birch, just don't get ahead of yourself. I already explained how the realities are like an onion in reverse. Do you both recall that lesson?”

    A small nod was made, though with a click of her tongue against her cheek to catch her mentor's attention, pale eyes ascended up the member's stairway to where the Petal had been annexed to the coffeehouse in indication that perhaps they should take their conversation elsewhere for this particular moment.

    &* “If you think it prudent dear. I will follow you, looks like Lucian may need to attend his friend again anyhow, he can do that in transit.” He stood to follow her.

    “Some think me mad already,” barely a whisper made to Emrys as she excused herself from the main floor and over towards the members area. Her palm held in her hand in adequate ruse that she was going to her room to tend to it.

    &* Follows Egeria, though his feet never touch the ground, he sort of hovers behind her as he follows her.

    * Up the members area and through the small corridor they went till they reached Egeria's modest holdings to the other side of the wall, at the Crimson Petal. “It is a humble place, but it does well for keeping the secrets of others it may do so for yours as well…”

    &* He sits down and looks to Egeria with a gentle smile. “That Lucian is certainly a rascal isn't he?”

    She took her seat down at the little round table of wood covered in a soft violet tapestry bearing a celtic knot to the center of her room.

    &* Lucian soon made his way to them and sat down next to Emrys. “Sorry, intervention and all. “

    &* ” As I was saying, mankind didn't start from creation or science. We didn't come from fish and we weren't created by mud. I'm not saying that there isn't a God out there, just saying that he didn't exactly create man. How we got here is still mostly a mystery even to us, we were in our native reality one moment and then suddenly we were here.”
    CP* “So then are we virtue or vice given flesh? Did we once come from a world similiar to that of memory and elementals that you made mention of before?”

    &* “Our original home was similar in ways, we were more advanced than you currently are. Much was lost in the years after we came here. We originally came from the realm of Spirit, we were physically brought here, not manifested, but actually shifted here. We learned that we could not die here but on another token we could not give birth, we stagnated. Eventually many of us began to exhibit certain abilities, powers, talents… that we began to study. That was when we were split for the first time. A large portion of us wanted to create rituals that would return us to a semblance of what we were. They created rituals for death, and rituals for birth. Though they didn't understand the limits on us and those rituals were corrupt. In time these rituals became a part of them, they became humans. Like you both. The smaller number of us never took part in these rituals, we called ourselves the Ehlani, the Enlightened in our tongue. We secluded ourselves in efforts to gain more knowledge about why we were brought here, what we could do and why we could do these things. See, when a person dies in our home reality they pass to another place. That process is corrupt now, when a person dies they *may* make it someplace else, but mostly they only come here. The magic wasn't strong enough to send them where they were meant to go. And when a human is born, a new spirit isn't created it's pulled from Akasha, ripped from it's life to be reborn on earth. That's why a lot of people have gone mad, that's why Akasha is filled with pain and anguish.”

    cp* “Do they not wish to go?” a simple question among so many others, but one that struck her from within.

    &* ” Are you serious? “
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    &* ” Egeria, how would you feel about being ripped from this life to be reborn as an infant, suddenly… then to perchance remember some of that former life in dreams? Or to be reborn mad because the magic that created the rituals was faulty? No, they just want to live their lives. Some want to get back to the life they had here, because once again the ritual failed and they are stuck living in the shadow of their former life, surrounded by their loved ones that they cannot touch or speak to. There are others that adjust easier, like Lucian, who I would gather is an old soul so to speak.”

    * “I would not know, though from your words we have done so already…I am sorry, I do not understand, I merely seek to…” she sighed a bit till standing to pour a cup of tepid tea.

    &* “It's a curious life wouldn't you say? Some return here and start new lives, like Lucian is doing right now. The biggest risk is that you get caught like so many others, stuck in a moment of life and forced to repeat it over and over for eternity, knowing full well that it is happening and may never stop unless you get pulled back to earth again. “

    cp* Egeria nodded quietly, not having expected for it to have been possible to feel ever more guilty of damning her unborn's life yet to be. Instead, she took a slow sip of bitter tea dregs and listened.

    &* “Feel no guilt for your child Egeria, you are not to blame for this and in truth humans must go through this, because you will all die and the cycle is still there. It would have happened to them anyhow and you may have just granted someone an escape from torment. Raise your child in knowledge and to be a good person and you shall bear no guilt.”

    cp* “I could only hope it so Emrys, and I will…” she felt a bit rude, unable to offer her company anything, so she returned with her own cup to her table.

    &* ” You were right, this is a LOT to take in… I need a drink after that tale.”

    &* “I'm giving you the short version, the long version could take years to explain. That's the least important part of Egeria's lesson though, that part pertains to you Lucian, eventually you may be able to break apart from the rituals, something I have workd on for millenia. I will try to help you how I can. For Egeria she must learn of the schizm between the Ehlani. The break in power that has created a subtle war that has lasted for countless ages.”

    &* ” I'll leave that to you then, I'll come and visit you soon though, if I can so we can talk further about my dilemna.”

    cp* “If I am to understand then, there are the ehlani, your people…and humans? This war, subtle as it may be, is between the enlightened and the remainder of us – or are the Ehlani split further still between themselves?” She turned her head to nod to Lucian, “be well then, yes?”

    &* ” I always am, in life or death. Take care, and congrats on the child. If it's a boy, you can name him after the greatest rogue in all of London…. me.” He said with a smirk as he glided back to Minnow.

    cp* She chuckled quietly, “my thanks to you then for your well wishing and gracious allowance..”

    &* “Scoundrel, I like him though, he reminds me of me in my youth. The Ehlani are split. Magi and Psion. Two different views on the powers the Ehlani possess. One of Spirit and one of Mind.”

    cp* “The Prelates? Where do they fall?”

    &* ” Prelates?”

    cp* “Yes, prelates…what are they Emrys?”

    &* “Do you know of any Prelates? It's a religious term, that's all I know of, in the Catholic church I believe.”

    cp* “My husband…his tudor spoke to him as being a prelate. Though, his station is that of the bishop, yet I cannot claim to be wise to his religion, or those like it…perhaps that is what it is.”

    &* “Do you know his mentors name by chance?”

    cp* Egeria shook her head, “no,” now that she thought further on it, he managed to evade such, “I am afraid he did not.”

    &* “Has he shown you any abilities that he possesses? Can he see the weave?”

    cp* “He has spoken to my thoughts…I have not asked him of the weave, or the tapestry's threads.”

    &* “Anything else? Just spoken to you in thought? Have you crossed anyone else with unique power?”

    cp* “He also spoke of the detection of lies, and aside from he, I have not found another…but a man, a large one that Lucian seemed fond of, who spoke of traveling the planes.”

    &* “Yes, he is altogether something else. Powerful, and touched by divinity, he is a good man though. The reason humans can become Magi or Psions is because that latent power resides within them still. they just need to be tought how to access it instead of it being natural to them like it is with us. The Magi and Psion are no friends, and likely never will be. We have committed atrocities to one another over the ages that have cost both sides dearly. The price is that there are very few Ehlani left in the world now, yet though the Ehlani have an unstable truce, the banner for war is carried by humans now.”

    cp* “Then what shall we seek, Emrys? What is it the Ehlani wish for? The atrocities to continue on or for the truce to be fortified between the two fragments?”

    &* “What do I wish for? Peace. It's what the Council has always sought after. Though your husband will likely be pushed into the continuance of this war. The Psion see Magi as witches and demon summoners.”

    cp* “You mean to say that he is a psion? Then perhaps there is a small means…something to be done…”

    &* “The Psions excel at powers of the mind, abstract concepts and the construction of thought. What we see as the tapestry, they see as an energy that surrounds and is part of everything in this realm. Both are correct, and both are false. I can't explain it now to you, just know that. You study Magic because you likely descended from one of the returned, Ehlani who rejoined humanity. Some of us cannot endure the ages and the atrocities as well as other, and they seek death. So they perform the rituals and rejoin our brethren. In doing so they pass on their gifts to the rest of humanity.”

    cp* “Bon dieu..” she whispered upon a sigh, and a slow rub of her cheek with the heel of her palm, “there are so many questions I have for you..”

    &* ” I can only imagine. For now know that even though I desire peace, sometimes I must act against the Psions to keep a balance in place. I can't explain too much there either for now, soon you will learn more. For now all you need do to awaken is to vow your devotion to the Magi, I will perform a small rite and then you will become one of us. Is this what you wish?”

    cp* “It is my wish, Emrys.”

    &* “Then place your hand upon mine. You will repeat what I say and then you will be marked, and you will awaken. I will spare you the pomp and ceremony, you are beyond such trivial needs.”

    cp* She smiled, quietly so. “I thank you for as much,” it was then she placed her hand upon his.

    &* Surprisingly she felt it as solidly as if she was really sitting next to him. ” Char'runishta shinalu Ehlani Manistari erustila. Echsinu tonilan. “

    cp* A slow breath was taken in, and calmly she repeated the words to air on the scent of jasmine tea dregs, “Char'runishta shinalu Ehlani Manistari erustila. Echsinu tonilan. “

    &* “Look around you Egeria, you are now one of us and see with the eyes of the Magi, the Manistari in the Ehlani tongue. You are bound to me as my pupil and I as your mentor.”

    cp* “You are most gracious in you acceptance of me, Emrys, my mentor. I swear that I will bring no shame nor discrace to your teachings of me…” A gentle squeeze of his hand within both of her own, “thank you…”

    &* ” I would never think you would, otherwise I wouldn't have chosen you. Just know that power given can also be removed, and for now… until we know more about your husbands mentor, keep the awakening between us, I wouldn't want you to come to harm.”

    cp* A nod, “very well, I shall seek your counsel in such matters then – but I ask, of this mark. Will it be seen?”

    &* “Only between Magi, and only those with great power and skill. Soon as I am freed I will take you to be presented before the other masters. “

    cp* “I await your further instruction on the matter then…”

    &* “I must be off to rest again though, I will see you soon.”

    cp* “I look forward to it then, be well, and rest well Emrys…” she smiled to see him off, feeling worn from the day's events herself in spite of her spirit's awakening. When her mentor took his leave, she would make time in the taking of her own.

    &* He smiled and then with a wave of his hand he was gone.

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