Whisper Of The Wind (egeria And Emrys)

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    Jeff Crowley

    Egeria had been seated to her own, by the hearth to warm herself over after her meeting at the markets earlier that day.

    He moved into the Athenaeum, though the interior is quite different in the realm he is in he has no difficulty finding a place next to Egeria. He seats himself next to her and smiles a moment.

    She smiled back with sight enough to see him from this word with working eyes and into the next from a second sight. “Hello again…”

    Fox's ears pricked to Egeria's words, and he shot a glance over to her, only she didn't seem to be looking at anyone. “Herro, Egelia…who ale you tarking to?”

    “Hello again, sorry for my long absence… I stayed too long last time and it cost me more than I thought, I'm still not as strong as I once was. How are you this evening?”

    A finger pressed to her lips towards Minnow, “a friend,” she replied with a hushed whisper and a smile. “I am, well…things some of them, have changed since our last. But I have used my eyes to see the threads. Will you take my sight away this night now?”

    I'm afraid I will have to, sustaining that magic is costly and if I am to awaken when you find me I will need all the strength I can muster. So tell me of these changes.”

    “I, understand…and I am prepared for it…” a quiet nod, her words hushed lower, “I've become a wife, it is a change for me…I suppose, nothing in this grander scheme of things, and we have attempted to bring a child to this

    “Things have changed I see. Does your husband know of the knowledge you seek? Are you with child now?”

    “He knows of my previous and current inclinations of speaking to the dead, and the second sight I am often granted. But as far as the child, I do not know…I was hoping that in seeking your counsel, you might be able to tell me…”

    ” I see. Well, you appear to be with child, and there could be some possible side effects if you awaken while with child, just so you know.”

    “Like what? Please…tell me…I've waited all this while…”

    ” Children who are carried during an awakening usually are born with certain peculiar gifts, usually they are wild talents and have some sort of abilities that set them apart. Some have unusual markings or colorations, arcance birthmarks, odd eye colors, hair colors. Some are born completely normal. Just need you to know the risks beforehand.”

    A slow breath was taken in to soothe the nerves. “But the child, will otherwise be healthy…if that is so, then please help me realize this potential. After all this time in such an otherwise seemingly meaningless life…please help me.”

    “Of course I will, but I cannot guarantee the child's health. It is the same as with any mother carrying a child, there are risks and awakening during the time you carry it can cause some unusual characteristics is all. So where did we leave off your instruction last?”

    “The tapestry…to see the threads, and I have. Everywhere…London is twice as full from what I have last seen of it…” she spoke of the living walking by side of the dead, the former of which she had not seen so easily.

    “Very good. And what have you noticed in the threads?”

    “Their attachment…and their strength to those they are tethered to,” she took pause to think, “I noticed when healing from an injury, my own thread was thinner than some, but it has since been restored. I…have also witnessed the sick take leave of this world, a sick man, and his thread simply lifted away like spider's silk..and another, struck down by a carriage, the thread just snapped…”

    ” Have you been able to perceive the differences in color and energies inside them?”

    “I have seen them, but I do not understand what their meaning is…”

    ” What do you see in my own?”

    She looked to him, bringing a hand out to trace a small portion of it that slipped between the two. “It is like silk, a stronger than one would think otherwise. White, though not in its entirety, there are some colors run through it but it is hard to tell which, they luster close, like a pearl….”

    ” Very good. It's important to be able to perceive these lines, to see the subtle differences. They are like a signature and they cannot be altered. When you awaken your sight of the tapestry will be limited. This ability I'm sharing with you right now, though in time you can learn it on your own. Can you see any other threads coming from me?

    “There is a thin veil of so many threads, spider's silk, around you – through you. It's as if you were a garment or a painting on cloth…more over and through you, than coming or going anywhere.”

    “You see the spell woven about me to enable me to appear to you. That is good.” He makes a gesture with his hand and speaks a few words then another layer of weave encompasses him.

    “Do you see the change?”

    “Much more of the same…”

    “Good, good. Soon you will be ready for the last and final lesson. For now, I want you to observe others without your physical vision. I want you to look for others with powers woven around them as I do now. I want you to study them and make note of who they are.”

    “I shall, I swear to it as I have before to take your teachings and to learn your lessons as well as I may…is there anything else I should know to find of the others?”

    “I must leave soon, I can feel the pull on my spirit now. You may be surprised at just who has these weavings about them. Just make note, these are people who contain special qualities, some may be enemies of our kind, others may be allies.”

    “I will…and I thank you for giving me the sight to see what I have. The weeks that have passed were of the most beautiful ones I have experienced…the things I have seen, the places and the colors. Thank you…”

    “Perhaps we can make that a permanent condition for you. I must leave you now though, I will return soon.”

    There was a slight pop sound and then he was gone, with it her eyesight also vanished.

    “Be well then, go well, and return in the same manner my friend…”

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