Welcome Back Capt. Selden

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    Ceara MacKenna

    After hours scene: Cap. Frederick Selden returns for the first time.

    SilasHughesx: ::taking up the scotch he glances down at the bar and squints a bit:: “Selden?” ::grabs the man by the shoulder:: “Selden? Is that you?”

    Sir FreMSelden Shaken at first by the surprise of a man grabbing his shoulder, he found it hard to recognize the voice repeating his name. he looked to the hand: now resting on the satin mantle of his, tracing it to a face. “Silas? yer 5 'ears older than I remember.” He chuckled off the fact that Silas probably had never seen him dressed so regally before.Sir

    SilasHughesx: ::he smiles:: “Too many years in Prussia and eastern Europe, my friend. The ages caught up with me. A wee too much boxing too.” ::a light punch on Selden's shoulder::

    Sir FreMSelden: “Good to hear you kept up with it. My pugilist skills have waned in the past few years I think.” Hanging from his clothing was an 8-pointed silver star. He was grateful to see a friendly face. “You're the first of the ol' chaps I've seen since coming home.”

    SilasHughesx: “I haven't told father yet but I'm going to train a little bit with boxing; found a good man to train me.” ::grins:: “A midget boxer from ireland.” ::laughs:: “A humorous sight but a hell of a fighter.”

    SilasHughesx: “Yes… well everyone you'd expect is here. Father is upstairs.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “I'm glad to be rid of the fightin' life, ever since that incident on my liner.” He sipped some tea.

    Sir FreMSelden: “Seems every time I come home though I have a new word that comes before my name, eh?”

    SilasHughesx: : sips some at the scotch, he leaned his back against the bar counter and glanced back to Selden:: “What brings ya home, Selden? It's been a while.”

    SilasHughesx: “You're family is well, I hope?”

    Sir FreMSelden: “Relieved of duty. They said I'd been through too much for a naval officer in peace time. Slapped a star on me and made me a Knight they did. Long live the Queen.”

    SilasHughesx: “Ah… thought perhaps the Navy might actually be doing the reverse. The Prussians storming Paris across the channel as early as last week and all.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “I wouldn't know how they farin', heard my father remarried. I'm not about to be goin' ta see him after all these 'ears.”

    SilasHughesx: “Separated from the family, did ya? Ashame. I liked your father. He was a good merchant, knew how to strike a deal.”

    SilasHughesx: “Good merchant family ya come from, Selden. ” : sips at the scotch:: “Real good bunch.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “Let's just say the Lord must have good timing when it coems ta keepin' me outta trouble. My father? He makes many a man a Bob Cratchit. Greedy and resentful he is.”

    SilasHughesx: : smiles at that:: “Indeed? So… how long you staying?”

    Sir FreMSelden: “Until the date o' mine death chap, so let's hope a good long time.”

    SilasHughesx: “Well, Li has a new love interest.” ::turns a bit to look at Arrolin playing the Mozart and notes the priest not that far away:: “I just thought I shouldn't beat around the bush, you know?” ::glances back to Selden for a brief moment to gage a facial reaction before quickly spying the violinist again, bringing the scotch to his lips::

    Sir FreMSelden: “Story of my life, chap. He a good man? You like 'em? The ol' head of household like em?” An expression of dissapointment crossed his features.

    SilasHughesx: “He's a Baron.” ::nods as if that should explain it::

    Sir FreMSelden: “Do ya like 'em, Si?” He knew that explained his other questions, but he still seemed to be waiting for an answer to this one as he spoke the question in a down tone.

    SilasHughesx: “About as well as I like anybody, Selden.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “Eh tender, I'll take that whiskey.” He nodded as his teacup was replaced with a glass.

    Sir FreMSelden: “Quite the opposite,” he smiled and turned to Silas again. “Any opportunity for a man with my experience here in London?”

    SilasHughesx: “A man with your experience? There is always an opportunity. You should take up boxing.” ::grins::

    SilasHughesx: “Otherwise, I could always use you on one of my boats.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “Seems I'll live and die at sea.” He shrugged and questioned himself. “Maybe for the time being it'd be best.”

    SilasHughesx: “It's a safe job, you know. We have an in-bound ship due in the next week or two that we need help with. Special order for the Baron. If the Baron likes you, he may have a job for you at that point, better than anything I could come up with.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “I'm not here to impress Barons, especially those courting my former love. I'll tend the ship if you need it, though I must warn you that I am in the business of looking to take a step up beyond the realm I've known.”

    SilasHughesx: “How so?”

    SilasHughesx: “The Baron is a good man with many contacts,” ::turning quickly from the violonist, he looks back at Selden:: “Father comes. Be good.” ::whispers::

    Sir FreMSelden: “Good I'll be.” He grumbled, and fixed his posture.

    AbrahamNHughes: “Silas, that Mr. Roland is an absolute card.” His eyes slid to his son's companion and squinted at him. “I know you.”

    SilasHughesx: “Father, you recall Selden, a boyhood friend of mine. Captain of the Navy, just retired and a Knight, I believe, of the same order as yourself.”

    AbrahamNHughes: “Selden? Selden…” He nodded, remembering. “You're the one who thought he was good enough for Ligeia.”

    Sir FreMSelden: Frederick stood and bowed to Abraham. “You knew me last when I was a simple Captain courting you're daughter. I return here a Kngiht of the Order of Bath. It is good to see you Sir.”

    SilasHughesx: : sips at the scotch, trying not to laugh suddenly::

    AbrahamNHughes: “And good to see you, as well, Frederick. Order of the Bath, eh? Welcome to it…been one long?”

    Sir FreMSelden: “Two months sir. I saved one of her majesty's ships from attack, and earned enough prestige to be accepted into the order.”

    AbrahamNHughes: “Good for you, Frederick, good for you! It was deeds like that which earned my great grandfather the two ships that were used to begin our trading company.”

    SilasHughesx: “Here. Here.” ::knocks on the wooden bar counter::

    Sir FreMSelden: “I would like to learn from you so that I may perhaps have the good fortune of your great grandfather one day, perhaps in some other trade.”

    SilasHughesx: ::the scotch was gone so he was on to the vin mariani once more::: “He wishes to become an apprentice to the company, Father. I think it would be a splendid idea.”

    AbrahamNHughes: “Is that so? I think that would be a splendid idea. Silas, find a place for him at once. When would you like to begin, my boy?”

    SilasHughesx: “He does have good military contacts still, fresh ones we could use.” : swooshes the liquid in the red vial that was a weird concoction of french wine, cocoa and cocaine::

    SilasHughesx: “I bet he could even get us that shipment here for the Baron a week earlier than expected if he were to send the right telegraph.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “As soon as possible, sir.” He nodded. Frederick was very much a changed and more put together man than Abraham may have remembered him.

    SilasHughesx: : smiles at Selden. This would be the challenge, really, to see if he would go that far right away and use his contacts in such a matter::

    AbrahamNHughes: “Then Silas, make it so Frederick here can start tomorrow. Find something for him. He can share your office, if need be.” He nodded.

    SilasHughesx: “I have lots of space for him that he is welcome to, if he is willing to accept it.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “I'd like half of my earnings to go to the local church if possible. If it can't be arranged I can deliver it myself after receiving it.”

    SilasHughesx: “What you do with your own money is your business, chap.”

    SilasHughesx: ::glancing back to Selden:: “Do you have a place to sleep? We have a room at the East Inn reserved regularly for clients. It is yours for now if you need it. Just wake the clerk and give him my name.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “That may be better than my current location. It is a long carriage ride to the docks. I may take you up on that offer. In fact, I will.”

    AbrahamNHughes: “Splendid! I don't suppose, Frederick, that you've any interest in the law as well?”
    SilasHughesx: “Indeed, do you?” ::looks at him:

    Sir FreMSelden: “Of course I do! Ever since my first post captain was court martialed and I had to testify I've always found the subject interesting. Even thought about applying for a Sergeant position here in London.”

    AbrahamNHughes: “Wonderful news. You can begin learning that trade, as well. The next time I take a case, you'll second me on it.”

    SilasHughesx: : smiles and nods solidly::

    Sir FreMSelden: “Of course, as her majesty's royal navy told me, I have certainly served her people for a long time and through many deeds already.”

    SilasHughesx: “You know, father, Sophie may need some accompaniment when next she comes here. Perhaps Frederick could ensure she travels to and fro safely?” I would sure feel more comfortable knowing he was here with her instead of a stranger.?
    Sir FreMSelden: “I'm used to fourteen-hour days, I will gladly be of service beyond that on your trade ships.”

    AbrahamNHughes: He nodded his consent. “Assuming Frederick wouldn't take that amiss, I too would feel more comfortable than to leave her to her own devices.” He nodded his consent. “Assuming Frederick wouldn't take that amiss, I too would feel more comfortable than to leave her to her own devices.”

    SilasHughesx: : smiles:: “There you have it, Frederick, Cousin Sophie will adore you. Father… it's getting late, perhaps we should catch the carriage? The East Inn is a quick walk … well… east.” : smiles to Selden:: “We will speak more another time. I'll see you at the office by the docks.”

    AbrahamNHughes: He nodded. “Yes, it's time to return home now, Silas. Frederick, I'll expect to see you at the docks tomorrow.”

    SilasHughesx: ::turns, moving for the door with his father:: “Also, Frederick, Sophie is available at anytime at the house. I'm sure you remember where that is. She will be delighted to meet you.”

    Sir FreMSelden: “I'll be there most definitely. I may also be able to find some inexpensive labor for you from a few naval soldiers on leave.”

    SilasHughesx: “Most excellent.” ::hOlding the door open for his father, indicating he wanted a quick word with him in the carriage before the ride became too tiring for him::

    AbrahamNHughes: He passed through the door, nodding to Silas that he understood, but that he'd better not take long to get to the point.

    SilasHughesx: *::he helps his father up into the carriage::

    AbrahamNHughes: * He settled into a seat and look expectantly at his son.

    SilasHughesx: *::whispering:: “Selden still loves sister.”

    AbrahamNHughes: * “Of course he does.”

    SilasHughesx: *”I told him of her interest with the Baron. He didn't seem deterred.”

    AbrahamNHughes: * “Well, then it will only hit him harder in the end.”

    SilasHughesx: *”But he is good… good contacts, good money. He is good for Sophie, perhaps, depending on how the woman takes to him.”

    AbrahamNHughes: * “We'll see, Silas, we'll see. There's no need to rush, my boy. Rushing only ruins plans. You must learn to be more patient if you expect to succeed in business.”

    SilasHughesx: *: smiles:: “Yes, Father.”::exits the carriage and hops up with the driver::

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    ::had always wondered where the urge to cut out her father's and brother's hearts had come from…::

    ( Thanks again for sharing. )

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