• March 13, 2006 at 3:27 am #1879
    Agnes Ridgemont

    Hello, I?m VEStorylines. I am the backbone persona story-line writer for the wonderful world in which you have chosen to explore in the realms of the Victorian World.

    I operate some of the game wide story-lines for all character backgrounds and help with introducing your characters into the realm of Victorian London. The process of introducing each individual character is estimated at well over a year ? so don?t fret, all characters will be worked into the backbone of Velvet Skies.

    My credentials run the gambit from mid nineteen nineties to current date. Before the common place of the Internet, I published a newsletter for the novel based series of Marion Zimmer-Bradley. For quite some time, I wrote and produced a fandom-based newsletter for the Darkover world; a monthly newsletter that dwelt with the fandom of the world famous Darkover series.

    In the late 1990s toward the turn of the century, my interests branched out into on-line gaming. I have added my input into many online games that perhaps you have been a part of. Having been once a host to the most recently demised Antagnoists Online, I have had a hand in Black Bayou, Antagonists Online and other role-playing games in the World of Eden.

    Unfortunately, I am not an active player in the Velvet Skies role-playing game. However, I do monitor and have help with combining your Backgrounds into the Creation of what the game will Become in future years.

    Rarely online, you may be able to spot me on VEStorylines or DarkePhoenixe (AIM) from time to time. Any questions that you have can, of course be routed to

    Game On!

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