• February 3, 2006 at 2:07 am #1608

    Well hello there folks. I would be VEST Barbarian. I can field just about any question you might have. My primary tasks, however, include coordinating our Storytelling team, hosting the game room, designing and fixing rules, and helping with the maintanence of character sheets.

    Also, a task I’ve elected to take on is providing the players with a reference to the history of our time period. If you have ANY question regarding what the history of the time period is, feel free to ask. Granted, I am no college professor in history. I do however have a pretty strong knowledge of this era and location. And if any history I present to the game conflicts with something you might believe, I do encourage you to come to me with it.

    A few other quick things you should know.. If you are in an STed scene that you wish to appeal, that appeal would go to myself for review. Unless, of course, I am the one to ST your scene. Then obviously the scene will go elsewhere, most likely VEST Paradox.

    That aside. My actual name is Chris. You can call me Chris, or Barbarian. Alot of folks like to call me Cheezy. Those of you who came from the Bayou should know why.

    I, like VEST Origin was with Black Bayou since late 1998. August, to be exact. I played the character Christian Alexio Sanchez. He was a werewolf and a peace officer. He was on the Sheriffs Department under Davis Mason originally. Eventually he became a Police Chief in his own rights.

    I served on Black Bayou staff with various forum directors.. Demon, Savant, Hunter. I actually started in the game’s Player Storyteller program. Eventually I joined full fledged. Served as a CS team member, room host, OOC team. Eventually I became head Storyteller overthere. Black Bayou was an amazing game in its day and to the many great players and staff I’ve dealt with, I salute you.

    However, I grew tired with the same old setting of Black Bayou. It seems like many of the ideas available in the game have been exhausted. I had been trying to come up with something fresh. Something new. When I was presented with this idea by Rob, it was invigorating.

    And, thus, here I am. I look forward to seeing you all under Velvet Skies!

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