• February 8, 2006 at 2:14 am #1653

    Yo. I’m Steven and can be found under this screen name, VEST Zion, or the SN Drk Zion.

    I’ve played Black Bayou, off and on, since 1996 and only served on staff once, briefly. I was the Founder and primary creator of Crossroads (at [url=][/url] and have had the honor of working with numerous sharp and talented people in a science fiction galaxy created by hard-working writers. Crossroads, started in 2000 on ANTAGONIST, is a game of writers for writers and I can see Velvet Skies becoming that as well.

    I’m happy to lend my support, my name and my skills as a Game Master to this magnificent game.

    In real life, I am a political reporter for a newspaper in the Seattle area. I love discussing politics particularly with people who hate politics. I pride myself in turning a complicated issue into a black and white simple one, ignoring the shades of gray in between. I have a journalism background and I write everyday for a living.

    I am very skilled in Photo Shop and am an accomplished concert and entertainment photographer, as well. It has been far too long since I updated my Flickr site, but’s it’s available for all the public to see:

    I love art of all kinds. The avatar to your left was created by a good friend of mine named Jeanette. More great pieces of art can be found at


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