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  • January 31, 2006 at 8:46 am #1594
    VEST Paradox

    Hello everyone, let me go ahead and break this forum open and be the first to introduce myself.

    My name is VEST Paradox, I’m the Forum Director for Velvet Skies as well as the Rules Coordinator. My main concerns for the game is to keep it fair, balanced and free of BS. I can be stern at times, but I always do my best to be fair and impartial, it’s the Libra thing. I’ve rewritten the majority of the rules to balance the playing field, and will oversee all changes and additions to the rules, it’s my thing, I love writing game rules. If anyone has a suggestion, I love to hear them, if you have a question, I have an answer.

    I started playing RPGs with AD&D when I was in high school, which was 18 years ago. I’ve been a gamer since and played just about every paper RPG out there, not only those widely published, but a lot that are almost unknown. I’ve written several, though never had one published due to my own fears of criticism (not to mention the cost). I started online games with BBS games and MUD’s when I was in Jr High and High School, which followed into Neverwinter Nights on AOL, then much later Dark Age of Camelot. I started playing Black Bayou under the screen name Nexusbane in early 1998 and through a mishap didn’t get my first character approved until June 5th 1998, Victor A Martel.

    I’ve been in and out of Black Bayou, either due to real life or because of disagreements with things that have been done in the past, and took a five year hiatus in 2001. I’ve recently returned in what I consider Black Bayou’s darkest hour, the game has split into two factions and there just isn’t anything that I see remaining of what the old game was.

    Velvet Skies was born because of that state, my intention is to create a game in a different setting, something not even close to Black Bayou in either incarnation, with more functional and fair rules, as a neutral ground. A place where any and all can come to play with one another without the hassles of who is where and what side was chosen. We have no sides here, we just are, take us or leave us.

    I will mention that I plan on having as much of a BS free game as possible, so don’t join if you intend to cause troubles, or use this as a stage to express your opinions on the other two games. Trouble is not wanted here and will not be tolerated. If you are here to play in a great game, with some great people and enjoy yourself while you build true Gothic Horror Stories and tales, then you are welcome to stay as long as you like, we are glad to have you.

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