• February 5, 2006 at 6:40 am #1622

    I suck at introductions. Heh.

    Right, a name. I’m usually good as long as whatever you’re calling me is legal to say during Saturday morning cartoons, but if you’d prefer something specific other than the weird one I picked for a handle here, my name is Lynn. Most people tend to call me Mouse, and that works, too. Blondie is reserved, though.

    Like the others, I played in Black Bayou. Began circa ’96 or ’97. I forget and don’t happen to have the sheet for my first character there anymore. Got on staff near the very end of old Paws’s term as FD and stayed with the staff in various guises until somewhere during Demon’s term. Or Coma’s? My memory gets hazy. Getting old.

    I served as room host, personnel director, in backgrounds, storylines, and character sheets at different times. Unfortunately, they never did manage to get me organized enough to actually ST, but Storm tried really hard. I think it was Storm. Hazy, hazy. Anyway, left the game, shortly after leaving staff, somewhere in late 2000 to return to it only recently.

    Ran a gamut of characters over my time there, but if you’ve come from Black Bayou, the best known of mine is probably Sebastian Dagenar. He’s actually my second generated character in that forum, made in January ’98. First one just faded into obscurity and just as well. Later incarnations were improved. I’ve played every breed there but demons and the three introduced after I left in 2000.

    As I’m still mostly ignorant on rules here (that bad memory thing), I’ve just offered Paradox my ability to sit in a room, play NPCs and help keep a room moving for now, but hopefully I can learn quick and be more useful to the game as a whole. I’m excited to start.


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