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    VEST Paradox

    [div align=”center”]Vampires
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    The Becoming: < >

    Mortality: Immortal ( Can only be killed with Proper Lore Knowledge and Faith )

    Means of Death: Characters being reduced to the negative equivalent of any of their statistics ( A Statistic of 5 must be brought to -5) will be permanently removed from play. They are considered dead for all intent and purpose. In the case of Body damage, the body is so badly hurt that it simply ceases to function. Mind damage renders the person brain dead or permanently comatose. Soul damage on the other hand renders the person unplayably insane, their connection with reality is so far gone that they need constant care in order to simply survive.

    There are some powers in the game that could return the person to play, but these are the only ways that a character may return. Regardless of the power or ability (barring use of Major Medical) acharacter may only be returned from death once. Any further deaths destroy the Soul of the person permanently.

    Means of Recovery:

    Body A mortal will regain 1 point of body every three days. A Mortal receiving professional care (Major Medical) will recover at 2x the normal rate. So that's about 1 point every day and a half. Also, remember the healing process isn't necessarily complete at the point they recover. It simply means their bodies have returned to a normal using condition. They may still have scars, stiffness or short, sharp pains. How the injuries are role-played is up to the player.

    Endurance: Endurance recovers after one night of rest. This occurs between when you stop playing your character and when you begin play again.

    Mind A Mortal will reaing 1 point of Mind for every half hour of rest, this doesn't have to be bedrest, anything the character could find relaxing or soothing can be used (this is up to ST Discretion)

    Fatigue: Fatigue recovers after one night of rest. This occurs between when you stop playing your character and when you begin play again.

    Soul A Mortal will recover 1 point of Soul for every half hour of rest. As with fatigue, this doesn't have to be bedrest, but must be something that spiritually rejuvenates the character.

    Spirit: Spirit recovers after one night of rest. This occurs between when you stop playing your character and when you begin play again.

    Role-Playing Requirements:


    Vampiric Society:


    Progenitor (Margrave): Creates the first PC Vampire, which will be the first Elder. Only the Elder has rights to speak to or be in the presence of the Progenitor.

    Firstborn (Elder): The first created PC Vampire. They will create two (and only two) progeny that will be their right and left hands in society. Normal Vampires don't have the rights to speak to or be in the presence of the Elder without his/her permission. Answers only to the Margrave, and unless the Margrave for some reason says otherwise, the Elder has the final say in all affairs.

    Second born (Seneschal): The first of the second born. They handle the internal struggles and conflicts within the family as well as finding new family members and siring them with the Elders permission. Along with the Elder, they oversee that the laws of the vampires are upheld. In extreme cases, when the Elder cannot be reached, the Seneschal speaks in his/her place in matters concerning internal affairs, though the Seneschal is expected to act in accordance with what the Elder would decree.
    Second born (Steward): The second of the second born. They handle the Defense of the Family and hand pick warriors to serve under them. In extreme cases, when the Elder cannot be reached, the Steward speaks in his/her place in matters concerning Defense and other matters related to outsiders, though the Steward is expected to act in accordance with what the Elder would decree.

    Everyone Else: Regular Vampires


    Secrecy – The secrecy of the Family is of the utmost importance, and as such to display what you are or to otherwise broadcast the existence of vampires is a grave breach of Vampire law, and will be punished severely. It is, perhaps, the most severe of crimes against the Family. It is expected that the Seneschal will choose new members with the utmost care, and that, if an individual learns of the existence of the family, they will either be made a member, or else killed before they can speak of the existence to others.

    Feeding – Although the population of a city like London allows for the selection of many possible sources for a vampire's feeding, there's always a chance that the same individual may be targeted by more than one vampire, and the complete draining of any one individual means one less food source. As such, it is important that members of the Family choose their prey carefully, for it is frowned upon to use another Family member's source, particularly in the same night. It is also frowned upon to completely drain one's prey, though the punishment for this is far less severe than for feeding on another vampire's prey.

    Furthermore, as the narcotic-like effect of feeding on other breeds can become addictive, and, thus, dangerous not only for the individual vampire but the Family as a whole, feeding on such individuals, particularly on a regular basis, is discouraged.

    Going into bloodlust can also be a serious crime, particularly if the vampire waits until their hunger is so strong that they have no choice but to drink from those nearest to them.

    Religion – The members of the Family are expected to stay away from religious institutions and artifacts/relics, and any member found in possession of such things will be punished severely. Likewise, any member found to be in possession of silver, to introduce an individual in possession of silver to any other Family member, or to otherwise introduce silver into the fold will be punished severely.

    Family members who seek Judas or try to delve into the nature and history of Vampires are fully expected to share any findings with the Seneschal and/or Steward who, in turn, are expected to bring any new information to the Elder. Likewise, any information that a Family member deems important for any reason should be brought to the attention of those above them in a timely manner.


    The members of the Family are fully expected and, indeed, encouraged to follow different sects of Vampirism, in order to more fully round out the Family and thereby strengthen it. Members who are found to cause internal strife for any reason, but particularly on the basis of discrimination against another sect, will be punished severely.

    [div align=”center”]Vampiric Innate Abilities[/div]

    Healing ( 2 Endurance )
    Room Command: ##Adrenaline##
    Range: Self
    Roll System: None Required
    Duration/Activation: Instant; takes 0 rounds to activate.
    Effect/Description: In intense situations, the human body is known to perform above and beyond normal levels. Stories abound of mothers lifting walls to save their children, or people reacting fast enough to cut in front of a speeding horse to save a life. Seemingly impossible feats brought on by a simple little hormone called adrenaline. Any one physical roll is made at +8 (must be stated to the ST which roll before use, may not be used to add to mental roll, such as a will roll). This mastery may only be used once per scene.


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