Training, Part Iii: Awakening

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    (Post three of three for Octavius' awakening)

    1:20:16 PM elijahmmoore: Sits in the office of the Nook writing papers, Melal would soon be bringing Octavius to him for the completion of his training. By the end of the day Octavius would be awakened into the fold, and slowly Elijah would reveal to him several faith testing truths, but not so soon, he cold continue this guise for as long as was needed, for now he needed members, what better way to gain them by playing upon religion to seek them out and bring them into the *flock*.

    1:23:20 PM octaviussouthwel: The angel was, of necessity, remaining out of sight, though he was present and walking along beside Octavius. Melal was giving the Bishop directions to the Nook telepathically, and it wasn't long before they arrived, and made their way to Elijah's office. The crystal cross remained about Octavius' neck, and he knocked politely upon the office door. He couldn't help but smile, almost smirk. These Gifts he was learning to use would serve him well.

    1:26:54 PM elijahmmoore: “Enter” was all he needed to say, the latch unlocked as he said it and the door swung open just a sliver. He remained seated there, not having need to turn to see who it was, he was well aware who it was. “Have a seat, I'll be right with you Father.”

    1:28:47 PM octaviussouthwel: “Thank you, my child.” It was, he had to admit, a bit odd to continue to call this man who was responsible for bringing these Gifts to him 'my child', but he'd become accustomed to addressing, well, just about everyone in at least a manner similar to that. Meanwhile, have a seat he did.

    1:32:26 PM elijahmmoore: “Melal tells me that you are ready to take the last step to awaken your talents.” He turned around in the chair and fixed his gaze upon Octavius and then stood. “If that is so, follow me.” He turned to a bookshelf and waved his hand, as he did the case fell back into the wall and slid to reveal a hallway, he stepped inside and moved out of sight. Melal stood there as always, visible now with wings held at the ready, his armor more ceremonial and almost breathtaking as he waited to follow Octavius.

    1:35:34 PM octaviussouthwel: The presence of Melal's wings wasn't lost upon Octavius, who was perhaps more awed by the sight of the angel now than he had been when the two angels were first revealed to him. He stood once more, and followed Elijah through the hidden hallway.

    1:38:43 PM elijahmmoore: He walked down the twenty foot descending hall to a basement area, there a circle was made on the floor of various rare stones and gems. Laid out in a beautiful sparkiling sphere that glinted in the candle light. “Please, have a seat in the center of the circle Octavius.” Urias was standing there already, looking once again like a twin to Melal.

    1:41:27 PM octaviussouthwel: There was something religious about the rituality here, which only served to convince him further that he had made the right decision here. He moved into the crystalline circle, sitting in the middle of it, looking from the angels to Elijah. The last step, Elijah had said, and then he would be able to utilize his Gifts in order to smite those who opposed him, those who had clearly been sent by the Morningstar. He awaited further instruction or explanation from Elijah.

    1:45:17 PM elijahmmoore: “This may be difficult Father, for a man in your position, but the first thing you must do is confess to me all of your sins. You must be purified of all wrong doings before you will be able to awaken in His light. He has bestowed upon me the gift to see Sin in all it's forms, so be truthful, you will not be shamed or judged here. Only with a truly pure heart may you be granted the full blessing of his Gifts.” With than he knelt before the father and bowed his head to take his confession.

    1:48:53 PM octaviussouthwel: His lips twitched towards a smirk, as he moved from sitting to kneeling, clasping his hands and bowing his head in prayer and, well, not quite repentance. He had, of course, confessed before, for none, not even others in the clergy, were truly free from sin. “Bless me, my son, for I have sinned. I have lain with women out of wedlock,” for in the Anglican church the vows said nothing about chastity, though it was still a sin to enjoy the body's lust without holy matrimony, “and I have tormented the very same blind woman that you did, for I have found her to be an enemy of the Lord and His Light.” Well, at least it was a start.

    6:34:10 PM elijahmmoore: He nods his head and watches the father. “As you said this woman is filled with sin, take no burden for her. Partaking of the pleasures of the flesh is vile if done in a sinful manner and if taken in excess, so be careful with how you take a woman, for lying with a woman in an unclean fashion will lead you to stray from His sight. Are there any other sins for which to confess?”

    6:40:12 PM octaviussouthwel: “Not that weigh upon me anymore, my child. It has not been so long since last I gave confession and thereby purified my heart and soul. He already knows of them, and I believe that I have already received His forgiveness for those deeds. I don't suppose it would be necessary for me to go into such things, would it?”

    6:42:17 PM elijahmmoore: He reaches into a nook in the wall and pulls out a bowl, then dips his fingers into some liquid within. When they are retracted they are covered with a thick glistening fluid that appears to be made of several different gemstones and crystals powdered and mixed with some fluid. With a wave of his hand the Bishop rises into the air, his feet a couple inches off the floor. Elijah then begins tracing a few patterns on his forehead in the liquid, then on his wrists and palms. While he is suspended there Elijah looks at him with an intense gaze. “Do you swear to serve me as your path to salvation and His glory so that you may gain the gifts that He will bestow through your devotion and obedience to me?”

    6:47:21 PM octaviussouthwel: It was a disconcerting feeling to suddenly be floating in the air, and as he was lifted he straightened up, so that, had his feet been upon the ground, he would've been standing. It was also a strange sensation as the fluid crystals were traced upon him. He looked at Elijah, and was yet more impressed by the man's abilities. Oh yes, he would learn how to use these powers, and let those who opposed them and the Lord beware! “I swear to do so, for His good and glory, and to spread His word to those who would else fall into the path of Darkness.”

    6:52:39 PM elijahmmoore: His hand lowers setting the bishop back to the ground gently as the two angels step forward pulling the swords and resting the tip of each on his shoulders. “Then by His command, arise Prelate Octavius Southwell, member of the House of Light and Power. Be awakened in the new knowledge that you have gained and seek to improve your abilities for His cause.” The Angels step back and sheath their swords, once again bowing their heads in solemn submission. “You are now forever one of us.”

    6:57:04 PM octaviussouthwel: Upon the ground once more, his lips slowly curled into a broad grin. He inclined his head towards the angels first and then the other man. “I thank you, and hope that I will do justice to Him and His cause. I will strive to continue to learn how best to use these Gifts and to gain more insight into them.”

    7:04:31 PM elijahmmoore: “Then go forth and breath his word as you already do and seek his wisdom to further enlighten yourself. Should you need further guidance my doors will always be open to you.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a coin sized sliver of crystal with a spiral etched into the suface and hands it to him. “Force your will upon this token and you will be able to enter my home, but I wanr you it is not a home as you may know it, and it's not a part of this world.”

    7:07:59 PM octaviussouthwel: He took the coin in his palm, and looked down upon it. “What do you mean? Has He granted you an abode in the celestial dimensions?”

    7:09:56 PM elijahmmoore: “Not in heaven as you may be thinking, but it is not a part of this world. You will see, it is a land of eternal spring with an orchard and a spring with ever flowing fresh water.”

    7:12:16 PM octaviussouthwel: “No, of course not. Heaven is, I am certain, reserved for those good souls who have departed already as well as the Heavenly Host. It sounds, however, a wondrous place indeed.”

    7:15:38 PM elijahmmoore: “I would take you there, but the act of awakening you has tired me and I must rest soon. Melal will watch over you a while longer while you grow in wisdom. You can stay here as long as you wish.”

    7:17:59 PM octaviussouthwel: He inclined his head towards Elijah once more and signed a blessing to him. “I am grateful for your efforts and kindness. Is there anything else that I should know at this time, or shall I just hope to discover more as my abilities with these Gifts increase?”

    7:19:53 PM elijahmmoore: “You know all you need right now, we oppose those who spread science and witchcraft, we oppose the darkness, and we need more brothers and sisters. Bring them to the light and you will gain His favor.”

    7:22:28 PM octaviussouthwel: He nodded. “I will seek to bring more of His children into our fold, though of course I shall be discreet about the matter. Should I send them to you once they've been found?”

    7:23:38 PM elijahmmoore: “Yes, if you find someone seeking the Light, bring them to me and I will set them on the path. This will help you grow and gain more Favor in His eyes.”

    7:25:37 PM octaviussouthwel: He smiled, that mild little smile of his that covered other things, though doubtless such a thing was transparent to the other man. “Then that is what I shall do.”

    7:28:22 PM elijahmmoore: “May He smile upon you Prelate, and gift you with great wisdom in His name.”

    7:29:05 PM octaviussouthwel: “Praised be His name.”

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