Training, Part Ii: Angels And Saints

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    (Post two of three for Octavius' awakening)

    For the past several days, Octavius had spent most of his free time locked away in his chambers at the church, or else within the confines of his private study in his home, seemingly alone. However, after the door was locked against intrusion, the air in front of him shimmered and, before his very eyes, resolved itself into the figure of the angel Melal. Melal was tall and pale, blonde hair nearly white, and eyes a deep crystalline blue ? it was always impossible to tell precisely where his gaze fell, particularly as it seemed he was scanning more worlds than just this one. The most curious part of the angel, however, to Octavius was its lack of wings, though perhaps they were merely still hidden from view.

    Smiling to himself, he crossed to his desk and sat down in the comfortable chair behind it. A hand clasped the new cross he wore around his neck, the one made out of crystal, and he concentrated for some time, opening up a telepathic channel to the angel. He didn?t pretend to understand all of it, but Melal had explained that in order to use the Gifts he was learning, it was very important to have a crystal held in one hand, through which one could focus and tap into the Lord?s Gifts.

    –There!– he exclaimed telepathically to the angel once the path had been opened.

    –Very good, Octavius. You are improving.–

    –Thank you, Melal. I?ve you to thank for that. Tell me?why now? Why has the Lord seen fit to deliver such Gifts now? Why does the Morningstar prepare himself more readily at this time than another?–

    The angel smiled, and then laughed, a disconcerting sound from the celestial being. –Do you believe yourself worthy of questioning His ways, Octavius? Of questioning the Gifts He has seen fit to grant unto you? Be grateful for them, and for Him, and do not seek answers to questions that cannot be understood by the minds of mere mortals. All you need know is that the Morningstar is in constant preparation, and in times where so many wicked walk the Earth as they do now, he and his minions prepare to strike. And so He seeks those such as you, dedicated servants who will fight against the Morningstar and the Darkness he seeks to bathe all of humanity in. Now, you must continue practicing?–

    The angel had already taught Octavius much. There were a variety of Gifts that the Lord had provided Elijah with, and an even larger number that could be developed further, according to Melal. The ones that fascinated Octavius the most, however, were the more telepathic ones, and, indeed, he showed a certain affinity for such abilities. He had always known that the human mind was a powerful thing indeed, and from all that Elijah and Melal had said thus far, that was an understatement. These Gifts, these abilities?the key to them all was the mind. By developing and honing one?s mind, incredible things could be achieved; it was God-given proof to the idea of mind over matter.

    Indeed, Melal spoke of figures in the Bible and of saints, whose miracles had been the results of Gifts like these given to them by the Lord. He spoke of celestial battles he had witnessed and partaken in, dawning back to the beginnings of time. He spoke of events that he had witnessed throughout the ages as a member of the Heavenly Host, events on both the human and celestial planes, and of how many events throughout human history had been affected by the presence of angels and demons, but how in the most troubling of times, God granted Gifts to mortals as he did now. He spoke of how it had been a long time since such Gifts had been granted, but how the encroaching Darkness was stronger than it had been for quite some time, and only by gathering those worthy of such Gifts and having them utilize them could the Light prevail.

    Frankly speaking, the Bishop didn?t much care. What was more important to him was that he was learning how to use his mind to tap into Gifts from the Lord that would allow him to do amazing things and to grow yet more powerful. Any war needed pawns, and with abilities such as the ones that he was learning to use, he would be able to get all the pawns he could possibly need. After all, who would question the faith of a Bishop able to perform miracles and to see into the depths of another?s soul? St. Octavius. It had a nice ring to it.

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    St. Octavius? That worries me for some reason. lol Creepy priest.

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    For some reason I dont think he is out to save anyones soul. lol

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