Training, Part I: Confession

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    (Many thanks to Elijah Moore!)

    He makes his way to the extravagant Cathedral and steps inside. After dipping his fingers in the Holy Water and crossing himself he makes his way towards the alter and lights a candle saying a low prayer and then stepping into a confessional and kneeling down silently.

    Inside the confessional, his holiness had been seated. Just a minute ago he'd heard quite the tale regarding a woman, a duck, a jealous husband, and quite a lot of feathers and blood. This was always the most interesting part of the day, listening to people's confessions. When someone entered the other half of the booth, he glanced through the grating. “Greetings, my child.”

    “Bless me father, for I have sinned. It's been three weeks since my last confession.”

    “And in that time, what sins have you committed, my child?” Three weeks in peril was, of course, three weeks too many, but far less than many seemed to go without confessing.

    “Yesterday I made sport at the expense of a blind woman and her elderly companion.”

    That caught his interest. He hoped that it had been who he thought it might. “Made sport, my child? In what manner did you do such a thing?”

    “I was sitting in a Coffee House, and kept slipping her tea a few inches here and there so she would have to feel around for it. I am so sorry Father, it's not in my nature to do such a thing”

    Well damn. That wasn't so interesting. “That you recognize within yourself the ill inherent in such a thing is very good, my child, and I am certain that He will forgive you if you pray for Him to do so. But tell me, my child…this blind woman, what did you note of her and her companion?”

    “She seemed wicked to me, a young blind woman sitting with an elderly Knight, conversing and familiar with each other. She had an air about her, I am generally adept at spotting people like that. The good Lord has blessed me with several gifts of the spirit though last night I failed him.” His voice was filled with regret, even though it was only an act.

    “I believe I know of the woman of whom you speak, my child, and if that is indeed the case, you have done no wrong in His eyes, for she is wicked indeed and the mark of Satan is upon her. I don't suppose you were able to make note of her name by any chance, were you?”

    “Yes Father, her name is Egeria Fellows, and her companion Sir Abraham Hughes. She is not without redemption though, I sense that in her. Her heart is good, though it is being pulled towards a great vile darkness. I can see it around her father, though I should not have deviled her so.”

    “I have had occasion to meet this woman several times my child, and continue to try to do all I can to save what remains of her soul, though she resists with all her might and, seemingly, that of the darkness as well. No doubt you have seen how she has ensnared that poor old man so. No, my child, I believe her to be a witch, in which case there is naught you can do to her that will revile you in the Lord's eyes.”

    “Though I should have tried to help her, and instead I bedevilled her. The Lord has gifted me, and that is how I repay those gifts, instead of helping someone ensared in sorcery I ush her further into darkness.”

    “You cannot blame yourself, my child. The darkness has a strong grip on her already, and she refuses to acknowledge the Light of the Lord. I am certain He knows how far gone she is and that there is little, if anything, we may do. Still, we must try to do what we can to save her and all others from the darkness where we can. That you recognize this, even now, bodes well for you, my child.” He paused for a moment. “These gifts of which you speak…what has our good Lord seen fit to grant to you?

    “He has granted me Discernment, that I can see through lies and deception, as well as the dark arts. He has granted me the gift of Prophecy, so that I may see beyond the present to prepare myself and others for what lies ahead. He has granted me Leadership, so that I can bring others to his light and teach them these gifts. I have been given the gift of healing, so that I can undo harm caused by those with wicked intent. Those are the ones he has shown me thus far, though he has spoken to me of others.”

    “You have been granted quite the gift indeed if the Lord has chosen to speak to you, and granted you such gifts as these. I hope that you continue to use them to spread his Light, and not for purposes of darkness or evil.”

    “I would not think of such a thing, my desire is to teach and bring others into his grace. He has sent me forth to teach and I will do so, to any who should ask.”

    “Forgive me for prying, my child, but are you truly able to teach others how to use the gifts of the Lord so easily? How can this be the case?”

    “Because it's his desire that I do so. He has given me the ability to do so, and for them to do other great deeds as well. He has told me that we are coming upon a dark time and that we will need to be prepared to confront these denizens. Those that seek to corrupt Egeria are only a part of the Dark ones plans, and if need be we must combat them.”

    He had to keep himself from smiling, or allowing his glee to enter his voice. “I could not agree with you more, my child. It is entirely necessary to confront those who dwell in the Darkness and seek to convert others to their evil ways. His Light must be spread to those who dwell on His Earth.”

    “The rise of Science threatens to destroy the church, there needs to be miracles to prove that Our Father is still with us in the face of this rising understanding. This knowledge is the working of the Mornigstar and his minions. With this rise in forbidden knowledge those Occultists are rising to stem the disbelief in their dark arts, which is also a ploy by The Morningstar against Our Father. So we must learn the Gifts of the Spirit to confront them and if need be, do battle against them. He has also promised me that two Angels will watch over me.” This role almost makes him sick at the stomach to play, though he had sensed a talent in the Bishop when they had met previously in the coffee house.

    “I am glad, my child, that you have such an understanding of the peril Satan and his cohorts pose to the church, as well as the danger of Science and relying too fully upon it. The power of the church must remain as a beacon of His Light, to show the proper way to those upon whom the Darkness encroaches. “Not only do you speak to the Lord, but He has seen fit to leave two Angels watching over you? You are blessed indeed, my child, and I do not think, then, that the way you tormented one who is clearly drawn into the service of the Morningstar can be frowned upon by the Lord.” Another pause, as he regarded the other man through the grate. “Teach me.”

    “I would be flatterd to give my humble knowledge to someone as esteemed and blessed in his Light. I am simply his servant, and Our Father has obviously led me here to you.”

    He smiled through the grating. “As are we all His servants, my child. In this time of impending Darkness, I'm very glad that He has sent you and your gifts to combat those who would see the world cast away into the depths of Evil.”

    “Then if my confession is done, you shall know me.” He stands and steps out of the confessional and sits in a pew across from the booth waiting for the Father to exit. He would normally be wearing a smug expression on his face, but now wasn't the time to gloat. Instead he had the general calm caring look on his face, his countenance that of the sublimely average musician.

    He exited the confessional and made his way towards the pew where the pianist Mr. Moore sat, a mild smile on his own face. He signed a blessing to the man.

    “Thank you father, as I said, I was led to you. Normally I would have no interest in a Coffee house, especially one with the reputation that one has, but I was compelled to enter and play there.”

    “I am glad that such was the case, my child. I fear that it is my lot to go to such places, if for no other reason than to attempt to bring His word to those who may else not hear it. To bring Light to the darkest corners, as it were.”

    “And so it must be. When would you like me to begin teaching you?”

    “Whenever it would be convenient for you, though, of course, the sooner the better.”

    “We can begin today if you wish, you are the first that the Lord has seen fit to put in my path.”

    “Then let us do so, by all means.” There was a certain gleam in his eyes, and a sinister touch to his mild smile.

    “Let us retire to some place more priavte shall we? perhaps your office?”

    “Of course. This way, please…” Gesturing in the proper direction, he waited for Elijah to stand, and then led the way from the main part of the Cathedral towards his personal chamber, down a side hallway and through a couple of locked doors.

    “As you wish.: He looks behind him a moment and then stood and began to follow him, a slight shimmer would have been seen behind him should anyone have been paying attention.

    When they reached his office, he locked the door behind him. “Please, have a seat.” For his own part, he moved to sit down in the comfortable chair behind his desk.

    He sits down and there is a slight shimmer in the air behind him. “Then let us begin. The first thing that we learn, the first Gift the lord teaches us is the ability to speak without words. Which concerned me at first, but the Lord above has assured me that these abilities will become needed in time.”

    He nodded, a bit startled by the shimmer, but not overly concerned by it. “I can imagine that it would indeed become a useful ability to speak without being heard by His enemies.”

    “Does the presence of Uralan and Melal bother you? They can appear to you if it would make you more comfortable.” He looks at the man for a moment. ( Octy ) –Thus are the Gifts from Our Lord, the blessings of protection, those who are guardians of us all we can call to server us and through faith strengthen them so that they can better serve us in our times of need. —

    “Not at all,” he chuckled. “And while I'm not certain my eyes would be prepared for the sight of His Angels, I would be curious indeed to see them.” He concentrated on Elijah's voice in his head, trying to speak to him in the same manner. (Eli) –And thus we are able, through our faith, to strengthen ourselves as well, no? In order to rely only upon Him in our hearts to stand up to any who would threaten us and not falter.–

    ( Octy ) — YOu are beginning to learn, though your ability to speak is because I forged a link between our minds, once you fully become awakened to the Gifts that He will bestow you, you will be able to do the same with others. Though despite the fact that we are chosen by Him to do his work, we must be subtle in our ways, The Morningstar has spies everywhere, and our cause must not be called into question, ever. This is a war that must be fought unseen by society, it is his Decree. — He waves a hand and the two figures shimmer and appear solid. The two figures are that of quite striking males, each of them pale of complexion with almost white hair and crystalline blue eyes. They stand motionless and look out across unkown horizons as if watching another world. They were dressed in simple tunics, breastplates, pretty much your typical Raphaelian Angels, though there were currently no wings to be seen.

    Even he had to admit to being rather awed by the sight of the figures that appeared behind Elijah, and he regarded them in silence. (Eli) –As it has been through the ages, the struggle between good and evil goes unnoticed and unseen by the masses; not only is it His decree, it is better that way for the sanity of those imperiled souls caught in the balance. I understand this need, and I certainly won't flaunt these gifts once I've learned them.–

    ( Octy ) — Good, there are those even amid our faith who are blind to our Father and would throw us to pyre should they learn that we gained gifts above others, there are those within all of the churches who serve The Morningstar, it is of them we must be most cautious against, lest our own kind turn on us.”

    (Eli) –Satan's forces surround us at all times, and we can't be certain of anyone at face value. After all, look at how many so-called Christians take the Lord's words and twist them into forms of faith that are mere mockeries of what they should be.–

    ( Octy ) — Indeed. So now you know the first steps to take. This gift will be your foundation, that all others may build upon it. In time you will have the ability to open yourself to many other gifts perhaps even some that I am not even gifted with. —

    He was delighted by all of this. (Eli) –Thank you, my child. I can only hope to learn swiftly, that we may stand up to the work of the Morningstar and those who obey and are drawn to him.–

    “I am sure you will learn quickly, your Faith is strong and your Will will empower you. I have need to leave for now, though if you wish for me to leave Urulan or Melal with you to watch over you, they can also further instruct you in these new Gifts.”

    “If you feel as though you can part with either of them, I would greatly appreciate it, particularly if they're able to aid in teaching me how to use His Gifts.”

    “That is the reason they are here. Melal, you will stay with the Bishop and teach him and watch over him, you know your duties.” The figure on the right nods his head and walks over to stand behind the Bishop, a hand resting on his shoulder for a moment and then he steps back dutifully.

    He looked up over his shoulder at Melal, then turned and inclined his head deeply towards Elijah and the figure remaining behind him. “I cannot thank you enough, my child. I am honored to learn how to use these Gifts from our Father.”

    “And learn them you will. I will visit you again in a couple days to see how things are progressing. I must leave now though, there are other sheep to bring into the fold so that we can stand against this new rising darkness and then the Light of our Father will prevail.”

    He stood, signing another blessing to the other man. “Of course, my child. I understand, and I wish you much success in finding them and bringing them into the fold as well. I hope that I will have learned much by the time you next visit.”

    He stands and Urulan once again vanishes to the barest noticeable shimmer, then even that slight shimmer is gone as well. “I have the utmost confidence that you will.” He then unlocks and opens the door and begins walking away.

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