Thematic Reality

  • February 19, 2006 at 8:18 pm #1764
    VEST Paradox

    There has been some past troubles with some of the difficulties with this Era that we have chosen. Differences from our modern day awareness and morality that could cause problems with playing characters set in the Victorian Era. These issues, if played correctly, would most likely render the game about as fun as playing solo Checkers.

    I just want it known to all players, new and old, that as staff we do not condne racism, bigotry, intolerance, gender or sexuality based discrimination, or any type of hatred.

    The problem lies in how the society was then, and how our society is now. If you wish to play your character being more true to the beliefs of the time, that's fine, you don't have to like everyone, however the constant use of racial slurs, or other comments meant to belittle or dehumanize someone will not be tolerated.

    We can't expect everyone to like each other, what fun would the game be then? We can expect people to behave and conduct themselves in a respectful and adult manner. For the most part, we ask that you not be overly offensive, or too easily offended. This is a game to provide fun and entertainment for as many people as we can accomodate.

    Certain liberties will be taken with the Era to accomodate this, to allow women to not be battered in the street, or ethnic minorities to be abused openly. We will stick as closely as we can to the Era historically, the largest differences will be in how we will allow players to speak to one another. I can assure you, that I will not hesitate to take action against someone who is acting irresponsibly or hatefully.

    Let's all have fun here, enjoy our times, and since we aren't requiring everyone to speak with accents and thees and thou's, why is it so much of a stretch to leave race and gender bias out as well?

    Good day, play on, and have fun!
    VEST Paradox

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