The Who's Who Of London

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    VEST Paradox

    Wondering who is among the most known in London? Who are those big names of the times, the movers and shakers, and who's the Candlestick Maker? Come one and all and peruse the great Who's Who of London! We will have NPC's as well as PC's listed here, after all, NPC's need recognition too right?

    Reputation Score:

    Reputation 9 ( Usually reserved for only the most famous of people. )
    Queen Victoria
    – The Queen Mum… DUH.
    Florence Nightengale – Medical Pioneer who founded the position and practice of Nursing.

    Reputation 8
    William Gladstone – Whig Politician that was often at odds with the Queen
    Benjamin Disreali – Creator of the Conservative Party after the Corn Laws schizm of 1846 who was Prime Minister before and after William Gladstone. He was also the first and only Prime Minister of Jewish decent though he was baptised in the Anglican Church at an early age.

    Reputation 7
    Alfred Lord Tennyson – Well known British Poet highly favored by the Queen
    David Livingstone – Scottish Explorer that Travelled Africa and was the First Eurpoean to see Victoria Falls.

    Reputation 6
    Charles Darwin – Evolutionist, he published The Descent of Man in 1871, his second most famous book, the first being The Origin of Species.
    Lewis Carroll – Well known Author who wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Published in 1865)

    Reputation 5
    Mary Ann Evans / George Elliot – Female Author who wrote under the Penn Name of George Elliot. She released Middlemarch in mid 1871.
    W.G. Grace – Brought Cricket into the limelight and was at his career peak in the 1870's

    Reputation 4
    William Booth – Well known Methodist preacher in East London who founded The Christian Mission in 1865. He would later rename The Christian Mission into The Salvation Army in 1878.
    Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, MD – The first Female Doctor in Britain, who was admitted to the Society of Apothecaries in 1865.

    Reputation 3
    Thomas Hardy – A Naturalist poet of the era that wrote a great deal of fatalist works. His first published novel was done anonymously and was titled Deperate Remedies, it was published in 1871.
    Joseph Lister – Revolutionized the surgical arena with his use of Cabolic Acid to steralize surgical tools as well as practices to reduce germs and infections in patients.

    Reputation 2
    Lord Asher Sterling-Chichester – Baron of Templemore and owner of the Athenaeum
    Lady Catherine Franklin – Duchess of Somerset
    Lady Sophie Landers – Scottish Noblewoman
    Sir Abraham Hughes – Owner of Hughes Trading Company and Knight of the Bath and a Barrister of London
    Father Octavius Southwel – Bishop of the Church of England. Bishop of Norfolk.

    Reputation 1
    Dane L Ross – Wealthy American Cowboy type.
    Dorian Balfour – Wealthy Barrister
    Isaac Indomitus – The Beautiful Banker
    Marianna Lavine – American Tobacco Heiress, Social Reformist attempting to change the working conditions of the poor as well as child labor.
    Miss Tilly Tennyson – Madame of the Crimson Petals
    Sir Fredrick Seldon – Former Naval Officer and Knight of the Bath
    Arrolin St Croix – Violinist of some minor acclaim

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