The Priestess Of Amun

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    (Post one of Three for the Awakening of 'Layna)

    [20:58] Alayna Laurent: CP* She laid in her bed looking up at the ceiling deep in her own thoughts. She felt a little better tonight but not by much. Sighing she then blew a stray brown lock away from her eyes.

    [21:04] Si Amun X: CP* How he found her didn't matter. Why he was here did. There was a knock upon the door. A quick rapping, really.

    [21:06] Alayna Laurent: CP* Her brow furrowed since she hadn't expected company . Gingerly she sat up in her bed wincing at the pain in her stomach. She made a silent curse before looking back to the door. ” Come in.”

    [21:09] Si Amun X: CP* :: barely dressed, his bare chest was exposed. He wore a pair of pants he had stolen from somewhere. Black Ebony skin. Short black hair. He had an elegant demeanor, aristocracy almost. He had a thick accent. “You need me.”

    [21:11] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” I beg your pardon sir?” She almost let out a laugh and just might have if her stomach didn't ache so bad. She looked him up and down curiously and canted her head to one side. ” I'm afraid you have the wrong room sir, Mary is

    [21:17] Si Amun X: CP* :: he grabbed her arm suddenly, making sure not to disturb the wound but holding it still. He had a container in his pocket, using a thumb the cork was popped out and ahe began to pour water onto her wound. It immediately felt soothing, a blue smoke emitting from the water as it touched her skin. Before her very eyes, the fire damage started to heal ::

    [21:17] Si Amun X: CP* “You… need me.” :: he repeated. He was having difficulty with English, but he could do short sentences at the moment ::

    [21:23] Si Amun X: CP* :: he placed his cheek against hers just then, running a finger against her lip. He held up the bottle of water and shook it at her :: “More?” :: hoping she understands :: “Lots…. more.” :: he brings both hands to the sky and and allows his fingers to fall intothe air back and forth as if they were imitating rain drops ::

    [21:25] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” Yes.” She nodded not sure what to make of this stranger. She didn't want to question anymore why he was helping her she just wanted to be better and he seemed like he could help. She watched his hands and nodded her head again in understanding.

    [21:30] Si Amun X: CP* “Speak… Speak to me.” :: he put his cheek against hers just then again, as if he were listening to her breaths :: “Take me to more.”

    [21:32] Alayna Laurent: ” I can't, I'm not well right now.” She touched her tummy and made a face to show him it was hurt then she held up her hand to him. ” See? I can't get up.” She patted the bed then herself trying to show him what she meant.

    [21:33] Si Amun X: CP* “The great Amun… will heal you.” :: he was dead serious here :: “Spirit, soul, heart and body.”

    [21:35] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” Amun? So that's your name. ” She looked at him thoughtfully . ” Why? I don't even know you?”

    [21:35] Si Amun X: CP* :: suddenly, his hands moved underneath her as he lifted her up into his arms :: “Water.” :: holding her now :: “The Miracle of Amun awaits.”

    [21:37] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” What on earth!” She yelped as she was suddenly picked up. ” Wait….” After all she'd been through the last couple weeks you can't blame her for starting to freak out now. She tried to remain calm since he didn't appear to

    [21:38] Alayna Laurent: mean her any harm but still there was that nervous feeling in her guts as he carried her from the sanctuary of her room.

    [21:38] Si Amun X: CP* “Because… you are worthy. Deep. In your soul.” :: he touched the burn mark, still visible but fainter, on her arm gently:: “Fearless. The mark of Amun. … The mark of God. A holy sign. You are one of us. You… just don't…. know it yet.” :: a smile then as the word he wanted came to him :: “Bath.” :: he had a calming way about him, in the tone of his voice, in his very demeanor :: “You shall be healed.”

    [21:42] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” It's that way.” She pointed in the direction of the baths. She still understand what he was getting at. though. ” I think you have me confused for someone else….I'm not worthy of anything and I doubt God would ever mark me.”

    [21:43] Si Amun X: CP* “Amun… is a different God. You are worthy. You are loved. Amun loves you.” :: carrying her, he moved to the baths, setting her down at the edge of a tub, he motioned for her to start the water or however it worked ::

    [21:46] Alayna Laurent: CP* She was slow but she managed to get the bath going talking to him as she tested the water with her good hand. ” Love….no ones ever said that to me before.” She was quiet a moment as if thinking then looked down at the ground. ” You shouldn't say such things sir.”

    [21:46] Si Amun X: CP* “If I prove you Amun's love… will you believe me?”
    [21:47] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” I really don't see how you could prove it. I don't know if I'd believe you no matter what you did honestly.”

    [21:48] Si Amun X: CP* “I am the son of Amun… I am His Prophet.” :: he was from a time and age where clothes meant little as he began to undress the woman and motioned her into the bath ::

    [21:51] Alayna Laurent: CP*He was pushing it, despite her career she could be quite modest when not paid but she looked at his arm and couldn't help but obey and step into the bath. She just had to see if he could heal the rest of her too.

    [21:51] Si Amun X: CP* “A miracle… upon you… and I shall awaken your soul.” :: watching her ;: “I shall show you sights you could only dream of.” :: his language skills were better all the time, drawing the accent out ::”If what you see is a miracle, you will aknowledge Amun?” :: watching her, gaging her reaction ::

    [21:54] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” Aknowledge that you have a special gift? Of course. If you can help me I'll believe whatever you wish.” She was desperate, the very thought of even a trace of a scar on her drove her to agree with him , and a part of her really did want to believe what he was telling her as well.

    [21:54] Si Amun X: CP* “I shall make you beautiful again…. and you shall be a daughter of Amun.” :: he cupped his hands together and dipped them into the water, bringing his hands over her head, he allowed the water to spill onto her body ::

    [21:59] Alayna Laurent: CP* She watched him closely as he worked wondering what he meant by daughter, He was foreign that much was obvious and then it was like the candle suddenly went on over her head and her eyes went wide. (s) ” Are you the one who gave me the burn on my arm?”

    [21:59] Si Amun X: CP* :: he did this several times, allowing a hand to massage over her wound, the scar that carved her entire midsection down the middle as though she were a turkey, fingers traveled along her breast, down to her stomach. Another hand massaged the water into her burned arm. He left her question unanswered. Then his hands moved into the water again, cupped more of the liquid and he spilled it over her head again. A blue smoke began to appear ## water of life ## and before her very eyes, the scars were vanishing. The wounds were healing. Her skin was growing beautiful.

    [22:01] Alayna Laurent: CP * She watched in stunned amazement as the now familiar blue smoke rose up and her eyes teared up. It was a miracle, she forgot her question for the moment too stunned and overjoyed to speak.

    [22:03] Si Amun X: CP* :: just then, hands gripped her sides as she began to lean her into the water. It was almost like a baptism the way he was leaning her backwards into the water.:: “Trust in Amun.”

    [22:04] Alayna Laurent: CP* She looked worried but she quickly nodded her head ready to whatever he asked of her at this point. She spoke quietly and looked him in the eye as she spoke. ” I trust you.”

    [22:05] Si Amun X: CP* :: a smile at that :: “No… trust in Amun.” he looked into her eyes, compassion clearly evident ::

    [22:07] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” I trust in him.” She kept forgetting he himself wasn't this God he spoke of. She relaxed in his grip and took a deep breath letting it out slowly.

    [22:07] Si Amun X: CP* “You will love Amun. You will take Amun into your life, your soul, your very spirit. … And you will come back the daughter of Amun.” :: he plunged her fully into the waters. The blue mist continued to rise, she could feel the wounds on her body continue to heal as time passes. The deep scar in her cheek, an act of cruelty, an act of violence was healing. ::

    [22:10] Alayna Laurent: CP* She had so many questions but was unable to ask them as she was dunked under the water, holding her breath she let the feeling of own flesh healing enrapture her. It's not that she was vain, she just relied heavily on her looks to pay her bills. From under the water her hand sought out his to hold it and give it a squeeze testing out her now healing hand, not more than an hour ago she hadn't been even been able to bend her fingers. It all amazed her.

    [22:12] Si Amun X: CP* :: he helped her up, glancing about her body she would see her entire body was perfect. If anything, it was better than ever. Her skin was soft. Her fingernails were perfect. Even her hair held a shine. The burn mark on her arm had turned into a solid mark. Almost like a birth mark, or a tattoo if they existed at this time — it was in the shape of ram's head ::

    [22:15] Alayna Laurent: CP* She gasped for breath and rubbed at her eyes opening them and looking down at her stomach. She reached down and ran a hand over where the wound had just been and then she felt her h=cheek. It felt smooth and unmangled. She began to cry and threw her arms around his shoulders.” Thank you.”

    [22:15] Si Amun X: CP* :: she no longer ached. She appeared physically fit. Luxurious. Borderline aristocratic. Even a plastic surgeon would have been impressed — if the technology had even existed at the time. He allowed her nude form to hug him and he hugged her in return, running a hand along her smooth back, touching his cheek next to hers again :: “Praise Amun, my love.”

    [22:19] Si Amun X: CP* “Are you ready to accept Amun into your life? Into your heart? To love him as you love me?” :: he whispered to her then :: “You must be willing. You must open your heart and stretch your arms to the heavens and accept the great One God into you, to have him inhabit your very spirit.”

    [22:20] Alayna Laurent: CP* “You mean possess me? ” She looked worried. She heard ghost stories about people being possessed by demons and started to worry.

    [22:22] Si Amun X: CP* “Never possessed.” :: he smiled :: “Always yourself… just devoted.” :: he opened his mouth then and leaned in to kiss her, she could feel something embrace her then. An itching within her should she choose to embrace his kiss ::

    [22:25] Alayna Laurent: CP* She taken aback at first not expecting the kiss but she relaxed then and closed her eyes returning the affection pressing her lips against his. She felt a tickle start inside her as they remained lip locked, a now healed hand went up to grab his arm at the bicep. She surpressed an urge to cough as the itch persisted.

    [22:27] Si Amun X: CP* ::As his tongue massaged her own, it was less about desire than making sure it stayed out of the way as something moved from within his soul and slipped into hers. Possession wasn't the right word. It felt like something inside of her was growing in strength. A spiritual energy as if her soul was clicking on for the first time, as if a part of her mind had been switched on ::

    [22:30] Alayna Laurent: CP* She leaned closer to him and deepened the kiss as if trying to get more of whatever he was releasing into her. She'd never felt so good, it was a feeling of empowerment, an emotion she rarely felt despite how she could sometimes manipulate men. She moaned into his mouth, not from sexually arousal but from the power it made her feel.

    [22:33] Si Amun X: CP* :: he released her and when she did so, it was as if she looked upon the world with new eyes. Everything looked new to her. The water. Her skin. She had been awakened, though it would take a while to massage that into her ::

    [22:36] Alayna Laurent: CP* Her eyes remained closed for a moment and a smile graced her coral lips. ” That was…..” She trailed off unable to find the words for what she was feeling right now. Her eyes opened and looked upon him.

    [22:41] Si Amun X: CP* :: he leaned into her mouth and kissed them once more, teeth moving along her lips and gently shutting them closed :: “Find more worshippers for Amun. You have many beautiful women here. Tell them about the great Amun.” :: he stood and extended a hand to her nude form to help her stand out of the tub ::

    [22:43] Alayna Laurent: CP* She took the offered hand and let him help her out, reaching for a towel she wrapped it around her now perfect body. ” I'll do my best to please him…and you. I do know of one person, a man, he's a friend of mine. He has a gift too.”

    [22:43] Si Amun X: CP* “Amun… rules over all Gods. He is the One God, though he goes by many names and sometimes he goes by no name. All who speak of God, speak of Amun, even if they do not know his name. He grants you gifts… inside… and you will learn these gifts and I shall help you know them. But you must keep these gifts secret except only among those you trust .. or those you know who Amun has already blessed.”

    [22:46] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” Yes, I believe now. You have shown me my destiny tonight. I was lost ….I won't tell anyone who I can't trust. I swear it.”

    [22:46] Si Amun X: CP* “Amun grants the gift of foresight. He grants the gift of life. He is the Father of the moon. We call him the hidden one. The secret one. For we do not dare speak his name unless it is with others who know of him.”

    [22:47] Si Amun X: CP* “He is God.”

    [22:48] Si Amun X: CP* “As Amun, he is mysterious… He maintains balance. He understand life and death. But his most important power is the breath of life, which you have just witnessed.

    [22:49] Alayna Laurent: CP*” Yes, yes, I understand. But please I must know…..were you the one who marked me?” She looked at her arm. Before, I felt something when I went there that night and opened that coffin. I was….*drawn* to it. At the time it didn't make any sense but now….”

    [22:50] Si Amun X: CP* “Yes…. Yes. I am an ancient one. No one must know this. When I was younger, I was weak, approaching death, whipped and poor. Like you. I cried out to Amun to save me and he entered me, he gave me strength with my dying breath. I awoke to this new life.”

    [22:50] Alayna Laurent: CP* ” I'll never tell. But why did you hurt me?”

    [22:52] Si Amun X: CP* “I felt your soul. You awoke my spirit. And I needed to find you again… The pain was the only way I could do it. I had to mark you…. and I am sorry.” :: he looked down at that ::

    [22:52] Alayna Laurent: CP*” What made you awaken now, after all this time?”

    [22:53] Si Amun X: CP* “It was just time. I don't know anything… about this age. The language, I know, it is similar to something spoken to me many years ago by another magi.”

    [22:53] Si Amun X: CP* “You must understand something, at one time there were many gods but Amun is their unity, all together. And he reveals his way through oracles. You must seek the oracles… before someone else does. The oracles tell of the future. They have a hidden sight not many understand. There was an oracle that night. And I thought you were her.?

    [22:54] Si Amun X: CP* “Amun lived through the oracles granting them a hidden sight for decades. But there are so few that understand him now, that even know he is the reason for their gifts.?

    [22:55] Alayna Laurent: CP*”But I don't see how I'll be able to find them. I'm sure most people with these gifts often hide it, afraid of being accused of witchcraft or some such nonsense. Still if you feel I can help I will do all that is in my power to oblige.”

    [22:56] Si Amun X: CP* :: he smiles looking her up and down now :: “You are a true daughter of Amun-Re. You will find a way. The magi…. there are no more of us. They slumber. Like I did. I must find them. When I am not close to you, that is what I will be doing. But know that I love you, daughter of Amun-Re. And I shall return soon. And then we shall continue your learning experience.”

    [22:59] Alayna Laurent: CP* Reaching for a robe now she slipped into it and used the towel on her hair. Nodding she looked at him not wanting to forget a single detail of this night. ” I look forward to it.”

    [23:00] Si Amun X: CP* :: he smiles at her :: “You are perfect. You have no need to cover yourself with me ever. Amun-Re has gifted you with a perfect body. You should be proud of this. With me… Amun rules the night. With you, he smiles and sees the day, the sun, in the color of your cheeks and the glitter in your eyes. That is why with you, I shall always call him Amun-Re. Lord of the Sun.”

    [23:02] Alayna Laurent: CP*” Old habits….” She smiled. ” It just feels more comfortable to be clothed I guess. “

    [23:02] Si Amun X: CP* “You must take a new name to reflect the gift of the sun he has granted you. I shall help you find this new identity. After that has been done, your re-birth shall be complete as the true daughter of Amun-Re.”

    [23:04] Alayna Laurent: CP*” I'm still not sure what all this means but I'm ready to embrace it. I pray this isn't some magnifcent dream I'll soon awaken from.”

    [23:05] Si Amun X: CP* “The pillars will be before you then, and Amun-Re will help you find the proper tool to worship Him. Amun-Re rules over the spirit, the water, the fire, the air and all of the Earth. But his true strengths lie with the spirit and the air.”

    [23:06] Si Amun X: CP* “These are the elements that make up of all life. You must settle and meditate to discover how best you will work for Amun-Re. That is your task now.”

    [23:06] Alayna Laurent: CP* “Does that mean I'll be able to rule over them as well?” She thought of Arrolin and his pyrotechnics.

    [23:07] Si Amun X: CP* “There are others who are more powerful than me in each specific pillar. Amun has made me Lord over Death, itself. But he may have other ideas for you.”

    [23:08] Alayna Laurent: CP*” Will I ever get to meet him?”

    [23:08] Si Amun X: CP* “God exists within you right now. You must simply close your eyes and you will feel him in your heart.” :: he extends his hands to her again looking for one last embrace :: “I must go. But I shall return.”

    [23:10] Alayna Laurent: CP*” I will meditate on it til we meet again.” She wrapped her arms around him in a hug and pulled away reluctantly. ” Til we meet again.”

    [23:10] Si Amun X: CP* “If you were to help me reign over death… I would be most pleased.,” He whispers in her ear. “But it must come from your heart.”

    [23:11] Alayna Laurent: CP* “Yes…..” She whispered back. ” But even I do not know what lies in my heart.

    [23:11] Si Amun X: CP* :: he wouldn't let her pull away as he kisses her cheek then, turning and moving from the bathroom. In a moment, she would see him becoming a spirit. Intangible. and he literally walked through a wall and disappeared ::

    [23:12] Alayna Laurent: CP* Watched once again amazed and heads for her room to reflect on the evening and try to make sense of it all.

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    Boo to heretical magi! Psions are the path of the Lord! 😉 Grand scene, you two.

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