The Murder At Stratford. Justice Delivered

  • March 7, 2006 at 11:17 pm #1866
    Agnes Ridgemont

    “We find that the deceased, Thomas Galloway, was wilfully murdered, and we find Michael Campbell guilty of murder in the first degree; and we find John Galbraith AND a man unknown guilty of murder in the second degree.”

    The jury spoke their decision after an hour's deliberation in private on Friday, February 24, 1871.

    Mr. Michael Campbell was hung today for crimes in which he had been found guilty. Michael Campbell was sentenced to the crime of MURDER in the first degree upon the unsuspecting and legally abiding Mr. Thomas Galloway, aged 49 years. Mr. John Galbraith had no words to speak or outrages to plea as he was led to the execution podium.

    The unknown assailant that Mr. John Galbraith and Mr. Michael Campbell collaborated with has yet to be named. Mr. Michael Campbell has been sentenced to life in prison and has, to this date, also refused to name the third party that accompanied to the men on the evening of the murder of Thomas Galloway.

    Witnesses to the event are listed as follows: Mr. C.C.Lewis, the Essex Coroner. Mr. Marsh, representative of the relatives of the deceased. Superintendent Mason representative of the police authorities. Lord Asher Chichester Baron of Templemore representative of the commonwealth.

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