The Murder At Stratford. Conviction Rendered

  • March 5, 2006 at 11:39 pm #1844
    Agnes Ridgemont

    Sunday, March 5, 1871
    Mr. Michael Campbell has been sentenced to DEATH for his conviction of MURDER. On February 9th, Mr. Campbell did wilfully commit an assault against Mr. Thomas Galloway. Mrs. Ann Galloway, the widow of the deceased, identified Mr. Campbell as one of the three attackers that accosted her husband on the evening of his death, in the Romford-road.
    Mr. John Galbraith AND a man yet unknown have also been found guilty of murder in the second degree. Mr. Galbraith and a man yet unknown have both been found guilty of second degree murder in their collaboration of the DEATH of Mr. Thomas Galloway. John Galbraith faces a life in prison until his death. The man unknown, who has yet to be identified, will also receive a life sentence upon apprehension. Mr. Campbell?s sentencing will be executed within the week.

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