The Minnow

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    Name: Minoru ?Minnow? Hidari
    Breed: Mortal
    Age and/or birth date: In his early 20s
    Eye Color: Black
    Hair: Black
    Height/weight: 5?9?, 150
    Occupation: Lookout for the Rooks
    Equipment/weapons: A matching katana and wakizashi are all that remain from his former life, whatever that might have been.
    Appearance (clothes, etc.): While he had been well kempt on the day he?d been found by Lucian and Jillian, he?d had little choice but to let himself go since then, and his appearance had become rather scruffy, with facial hair in constant need of a shave, and hair growing long. He wore whatever clothes he could find, usually whatever could be taken on one of their jobs. The only piece of clothing that remains a usual fixture upon him is a trench coat he wears, by which he can conceal the swords he carries with him.

    Background: Beyond the past year or so, the only thing he could remember was his name. Apart from that, he remembered that fateful morning in which he had awoken to a blinding pain shooting through his head, the sun unforgiving above him. He was lying on the street, blood flowing freely from a wound on his head. He stood up, stumbling about aimlessly, and was nearly run over by a carriage barreling towards him. He?d been saved from what probably would have been his death by Lucian and Jillian.

    He knew that he was indebted to them, and, since he couldn?t remember anything prior to that morning, had nothing in his pockets, and nothing apart from his swords, he began to pay off his life debt the only way he could; by aiding in their life as the Rooks. He put his skills to the best use he could ? as their lookout and enforcer. He usually spoke little, particularly as he didn?t speak English very well. He could understand it, though, and with his uncanny sense of hearing and ability to see in the dark as well as he did during the day, he was able to stand watch well, and if things on a job went sour, he was generally able to hold the police and others off until the Rooks were able to make their escape.

    It was a hard life, living with Lucian and Jillian in the Rookery he was consistently in debt to the Resurrection Man and his High Street Bishops, as were all who lived within the Rookery. Still, life had its ups as well as its downs. They had a kind of freedom that most never got to experience, they had each other, and they found ways to take what they needed.

    Being Japanese, he realizes how strange he must seem to most of those in London, and he fervently wishes he could remember more of his past; who he was and how he came to be here. But at least in the meantime he had Lucian and Jillian to help him through it.

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    Lucian Birch

    Go Minnow Power!

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