The Dream Of Amun

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    (Post Two of Three for the Awakening of 'Layna )

    [22:12] Si Amun X: :: it felt like a light breeze when he woke. For a moment he was all but invisible and then, his corporeal form returned. He sat on the bed next to her, a hand running vertically do wn her cheek as she slept. A whisper emerged from his tight lips :: “Priestess…. Daughter of Amun…I have returned… “

    [22:13] Alayna Laurent: ::She stirred in her sleep moaning and turning her face into her pillow. She heard his voice and her eyes fluttered, groggily she smiled. ” I was wondering when I would see you again.”

    [22:14] Si Amun X: “I have been away searching for the others.”

    [22:16] Alayna Laurent: ” Why are you here?” She sat up in her bed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

    [22:18] Si Amun X: :: he ran his own finger under her eyes helping her. :: “You know why… But I also brought a gift.” :: he wore a simple black robe with a sack attached to its belt, he pulled loose a box about the size of both of his hands from within the sack and places it on the bed ::

    [22:19] Alayna Laurent: ” What's this?” She smiled and perked up some at the surprise. She smiled at him and then took the box into her hands and examined it.

    [22:20] Si Amun X: “It is the amulet of the ram.” :: with a jeweled crest and a gold chain, it was intricately designed. The ram itself was about the size of a cross that someone would wear. Though within the box there were also several rings and ornaments, all related to the ram, all expensive ::

    [22:22] Alayna Laurent: ::She let out a soft gasp and shot a look up at him all wide eyed.:: I can't accept these…'s way too much. It looks priceless.”

    [22:22] Si Amun X: “A priestess must have the proper ware… You must also buy new sheets… Egyptian Cotton. And clothes. We must perfect your new image. Don't wear them all at once then… just wear the amulet and a ring or two. Change every now and then. It will keep your look fresh and …appealing.” :: his english had gotten better within the last few days alone ::

    [22:24] Alayna Laurent: ” Yes but, I can't walk around dressed as an egyptian priestess, people would gawk at me….but I could wear some of it.” She warmed to the idea as she examined the jewels in her hand.

    [22:24] Si Amun X: “Daughter of Amun… I trust you will know what is best to fit in. Has Amun guided you to the proper pillar?”

    [22:27] Alayna Laurent: ” I think so……spirit.” She slipped on a ring and held up her hand admiring the way it looked. She'd never had anything so nice. ” Does that please you?” ::suddenly remembering he was there again.::

    [22:28] Si Amun X: “It would please me… but the god Amun also is the ruler of the air. So is this what you truly wish in your heart or are you…. placating …. :: he struggled with that word :: my desires?

    [22:30] Alayna Laurent: ” Maybe I am, but what's wrong with wanting to please you?” She canted her head to one side, she really wasn't used to a man of all people asking her what she wanted.

    [22:31] Si Amun X: “Amun loves you. And he wants you to be happy for what you are inside.” :: he placed a hand against her breast then feeling her heart beat::

    [22:33] Alayna Laurent: ” I'm not used to making decisions like this for myself.” She shook her head. ” It's hard for to know what I want. That's why I'm trusting in you to lead me in the right direction.”

    [22:33] Si Amun X: “Has your love for Amun weaned at all in the last few days? Is your faith in His abilities…. in My abilities… and in your abilities still strong?” :: he continued to sit on her bed, one leg curled within his other, a tilt of a curious head watching her ::

    [22:36] Alayna Laurent: “Yes of course, I think spirit is what I want.” She nodded. ” But does that mean I will be dead?”

    [22:36] Si Amun X: :: he chuckled :: “No… But the dead will bow to you.. “

    [22:37] Si Amun X: :: at her joke, he spoke :: “I love you for your choice, my priestess. ” :: he moved his hands to her cheeks then, leaning his mouth in to kiss her softly, biting on her bottom lip once. The kiss was brief. :: “Let us begin this second lesson then.”

    [22:38] Alayna Laurent: She liked the idea of controlling the dead, immediately her mother came to mind. She smiled at the kiss and nodded her head. ” What happens in the second lesson?”

    [22:41] Si Amun X: “I teach you more about the pillars… about us… and who we are.” :: he practically sat on top her now, holding her hands :: “Tell me… when you hear the name magi, what do you think of?”

    [22:43] Alayna Laurent: “Magi? I think of witches and magicians. Black cats and big caulrons.” She smiled and rubbed her fingers against his as she spoke.

    [22:44] Si Amun X: “Yes…. And all of that is true. Deep within your spirit you have a bit of… ancient magick that has been carried through your family since the dawn of time.”

    [22:45] Alayna Laurent: ” My mother never said anything to me about it….maybe it's from my fathers side. ” Pity she'd never know who her father was she thought.

    [22:57] Si Amun X: :: he smiled to her :: “I have awakened this magick… so you are seeing everything for the first time again. It is.. as if.. a bit of yourself has been reborn.”

    [22:57] Si Amun X: “Have you looked at the sky lately and noticed stars you never noticed before?”

    [22:59] Alayna Laurent: ” Yes, everything feels new, even I feel like a new person. Everything is…..” She searched for the right word.”better.”

    [22:59] Si Amun X: :: he ran a hand down her cheek again :: “I will teach you the proper way to meditate now, priestess of Amun. You must practice this daily. When you meditate, you will feel this special ancient part of you… you must listen to its hum, feel its presence… and tug at it.”

    [23:01] Alayna Laurent: She nodded silently, hanging on his every word. She had been practicing but really didn't know what she was doing yet.

    [23:02] Si Amun X: “I will guide you to this special place, but then I must abandon you… and you must find your way out… I will talk you through it. Get comfortable, priestess, and we shall begin when you are ready.”

    [23:03] Alayna Laurent: She took a deep breath and let it slowly. ” Okay, I'm ready now then. I'm a little scared though.”

    [23:05] Si Amun X: :: he held her hands tight and expected much the same with her :: “Close your eyes… I wish you to listen to my voice and imagine your room.

    [23:05] Si Amun X: Imagine us sitting here. Put these images in your mind's eye. So though you close your eyes, you truly are experiencing us from a third eye.”

    [23:08] Alayna Laurent: Her eyes were closed kept closed as she listened to him talk her through it. It took her a minute to really concentrate enough but finally she began to her see her room around her even saw herself sitting on the floor with him.

    [23:08] Si Amun X: “Now… imagine the room is gone. Imagine the walls are gone. Imagine you're seeing us on your bed… Feel my hands. Know that I'm here. We are clearing your mind now.”

    [23:11] Alayna Laurent: The room started to disappear all around her all except the bed where she could see them now , even though he appeared to be across the room she could feel his hands still holding on to hers.

    [23:11] Si Amun X: “Empty your thoughts completely now. Imagine nothingness. It is here where you must touch the essence of your ancient self.”

    [23:13] Alayna Laurent: This is when it became hard. It took her longer to let go of the vision of them on the bed but slowly she was able to ease it away and clear her mind completely.

    [23:13] Si Amun X: “All you have is my voice now… I'm going to let go of you… and you will have to try not to get lost…. Are you ready?”

    [23:15] Alayna Laurent: “I'm ready.” She whispered almost unaware her lips were even moving.

    [23:16] Si Amun X: “I love you daughter of Amun.” :: he removed his hands from the woman and at that she would feel entirely alone. It was the loneliest feeling she has ever felt. There was no one to depend on now. No one to call for help. It felt like she were in a swirling abyss without direction. Almost like a form of controlled chaos ::

    [23:19] Alayna Laurent: Suddenly he was no longer with her and she felt a panic a depair swell within her threatening to take all control of but she tried to fight it off. She didn't know how to get back she was losing herself in grief.

    [23:20] Si Amun X: :: he wouldn't speak, not at once, she wanted her to get used. It would prove to be frightening or comforting, depending on the kind of life she led. If she had never been alone before, this could prove to be the perfect place, likely one of the first places she's ever been, where she is, at last alone. Though, if she always had been alone, this could have the reverse effect … she may need the comfort of people. She let her make up her mind on where she stood in her comfort zone ::

    [23:24] Alayna Laurent: She wanted to scream out but was afraid it would break her trance. She had been alone a lot as a child so this was indeed hard for her to handle. She felt blindly for him but there was nothing. Struggling she tried to get a grip on herself.

    [23:25] Si Amun X: :: he maintained his silence watching her. He could see her in the mental plane and in her physical plane. He could see her tense up. And she, again, let her wander her mind. She would need to cope with the loneliness.

    [23:25] Si Amun X: This is the only way she would deal with how to control the magicks. If she couldn't handle this step, she couldn't handle anything else ::

    [23:28] Alayna Laurent: Taking several deep breaths she started to comfort herself. She was used to it and she did what she had done as a child and hugged herself rocking her body. It was working and she began to settle down some. The silence was deafening around her but she said nothing, just listened.

    [23:30] Si Amun X: “I am here, daughter of Amun.” :: he says. His voice was piercing in the silence. Time had moved quickly. While she sat in the lonely space an hour had passed in the real world. Though it likely didn't feel that way to her ::

    [23:32] Alayna Laurent: She cringed as his voice broke the silence. It came to her like a scream in the dead silence and she jerked. ” I can hear you, how do I come back? How do I find you?” She looked blindly around her.

    [23:33] Si Amun X: “We will begin breathing exercises now… Sit still…. allow the frightened emotions to leave you. You must be emotionally clear. Emotionally infallible.”

    [23:36] Si Amun X: “Slow breaths now… Deep breaths…. In and out… “

    [23:37] Si Amun X: “You must remember how to get to this place. Mark its presence in your mind for easy access. You must accept this place in order to succeed. Breathe deep…. in and out…. “

    [23:38] Alayna Laurent: She did as he instructed taking big deep breaths and letting them out. She repeated the process over and over again. She started to feel more at ease and her body relaxed. She would remember how to get back, she'd doubted she'd ever forget.

    [23:38] Si Amun X: “Open your eyes…. Welcome home.”

    [23:41] Alayna Laurent: Her eyes snapped open and she was back in her room. Everything still looked fuzzy. ” I did it….I can't believe I did it.” She blinked to help clear her eyes and wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

    [23:42] Si Amun X: :: as she began to wrap her arms around him, she actually fell through him. She has turned into a spirit ::

    [23:42] Si Amun X: :: he laughed :: “Look at yourself… the incantation you have cast… It will go away in moments… Do not fear. Embrace the feeling of the magick running through your veins.”

    [23:43] Alayna Laurent: Her eyes blinked, confused she sat up and looked down at herself holding up her hand in front of her face amazed and what she saw. ” can you still hear me when I'm like this?”

    [23:46] Si Amun X: :: he smirked at her and nodded :: “I get the general idea… but try not to talk…. This is quite an advanced skill you possess… In time, you will master it.”

    [23:47] Si Amun X: :: suddenly he turned into a spirit himself and when he did that, he smirked at the woman :: “Attempt to stand.”

    [23:48] Si Amun X: :: when they were both spirits, it was easier for her to understand him and vice versa at this point ::

    [23:49] Alayna Laurent: He said try not to talk so she kept her mouth shut and unsteadily rose to her feet finding it weird to operate her limbs in this form.

    [23:49] Si Amun X: “This is your natural form…. In the worlds we know of there are several layers. As promised. you are not dead, but you are here among them.”

    [23:50] Si Amun X: “It will take you many weeks to master this ability… but, in time, you will master it. You will also learn that everyone around you is embodied with a spiritual essence.”

    [23:50] Si Amun X: “At times, you may take their essence and make yourself stronger.”

    [23:51] Si Amun X: :: he smiles at her :: “You may ask questions…. Just… try not to strain yourself. You need to concentrate.”

    [23:51] Si Amun X: “In this form you may walk through walls or fall through people. You may dance among the dead and still be among the living.”

    [23:52] Alayna Laurent: ” Can I see my mother again? Control her?”

    [23:52] Si Amun X: “Not yet… but perhaps someday.”

    [23:52] Si Amun X: “Amun is your father now.” :: he smiled :: “And Amun will not let your mother ever harm you again.”

    [23:54] Alayna Laurent: She smiled at that. ” I love her it's just…..I have a lot of unfinished business with her. A lot left unsaid.”

    [23:55] Si Amun X: :: he nods :: “The Oracle will help you find your mother. She was at my tomb when I awoke. But she left early.”

    [23:55] Si Amun X: “I sensed two oracles, actually… They were likely women. Do you recall anyone like that?”

    [23:56] Alayna Laurent: ” No, I don't recall anyone like that…….should I?”

    [23:56] Si Amun X: “Do you think you can teach her how to find the inner peace? How to travel to the white place, the focal place of meditation? I will trust you to find her, to teach her this. And to awaken her.”

    [23:57] Alayna Laurent: ” But I only just learned myself…” Even as he spoke she already had a feeling she knew of who he was speaking of and if it was the woman she thought it was she wanted no part of it.

    [23:58] Si Amun X: :: he nods, concentrating he becomes solid and looks back at her, hoping she follows suit ::

    [23:59] Alayna Laurent: It took her longer but with some effort she too became solid again. ” I will try and do what you ask of me, it may be hard though.”

    [00:00] Si Amun X: “The oracles must be found and brought to Amun. You must do this priestess. This is your responsibility. There are others that would kill them or convert them into beings of evil. You must find them first. Think back… hard… Close your eyes and place yourself back at my tomb. There were two women… They were there… And they sensed something wrong about what was to happen… and they both left… I know you have their memory. I know you recall their faces.”

    [00:02] Alayna Laurent: ” She closed her eyes and tried to re live that night try to see who had left but it was hard, she had been so enthralled by the sarcophagus it was difficult to re call. ” A gypsy, dressed up and……” She struggled with the next

    [00:05] Si Amun X: “A gypsy…” :: there were culture differences here. he didn't know that word but he prompted her on ::

    [00:06] Alayna Laurent: ” Egeria…..maybe. ” Her eyes snapped open frustrated and her brow furrowed. ” it's hard to see it. Mostly I remember you…nothing else.”

    [00:07] Si Amun X: “Go with your instincts, priestess of Amun.”

    [00:07] Alayna Laurent: ” I don't like the gypsy though……”

    [00:08] Si Amun X: :: he smiles :: “His love will go with you. And though you are just learning… Amun will remain with you through your ordeal. He will give you the confidence to handle these challenges.”

    [00:10] Alayna Laurent: She looked at him wondering how he new her main reason for not liking the gypsy was Lyn. ” I don't know….I still don't like her very much. She just gives me a bad feeling. ” She leaves out how the woman was always all over Lyn , besides she wondered why she cared in the first place, Lyn was a friend, they hadn't even kissed yet.

    [00:11] Si Amun X: “You are my Senescha. It is your responsibility to spread the word of Amun and to increase the strength of the magi. You must also find another Senescha to defend the children of Amun and your fellow Magi. This would be a person of great strength. Someone who could be depended on as the others grow in power through time.”

    [00:12] Si Amun X: “For I cannot always be there…”

    [00:12] Alayna Laurent: ” And it has to be *her?*” She questioned, horrified at the thought.

    [00:12] Si Amun X: “No…. ” :: he chuckles :: “Use your wisdom to find the protector. The oracles must be brought into the fold, however.”

    [00:13] Si Amun X: “But if you find someone stronger, the oracles can just be disciples to Amun and to the Magi as a whole.”

    [00:15] Alayna Laurent: ” Good…..I have someone in mind already. These oracle you speak of though, I'm not sure how to approach them or what to say to convince them that they need to side with Amun.”

    [00:15] Si Amun X: “If it comes down to it, they may not immediately worship Amun. But the magick will still be in their veins more so than others. But, you and I will know that Amun grants them these gifts … And when they accept the gift, then you may explain to them about the great One God. They must experience the miracle and the wonder of the One God first.”

    [00:16] Alayna Laurent: ” I don't know if they'll believe me, but I'm sure the gypsy will go for it if I can get Arro.”

    [00:17] Si Amun X: “If this gypsy troubles you so…. perhaps you should test the waters with the other Oracle first. I would recommend that.”

    [00:18] Si Amun X: :: he moved close to her then, putting his hands within her :: “The strength is within you now, my love. You are closer to it than ever.”

    [00:19] Alayna Laurent: ” Yes, and maybe she can help me persuade the other as well. I will work hard to make them see that their gifts are to be embraced not hidden not to be ashamed of or held in.”

    [00:19] Si Amun X: :: he kissed her then :: “I love you daughter of Amun.”

    [00:21] Alayna Laurent: It was hard to say it back sometimes this time being one of them. It was hard enough just letting him say it to her at all. She returned the kiss and smiled when he pulled away. ” I know.”

    [00:21] Si Amun X: “I will return. You must look to yourself. In your dreams to know your full potential. But I will always be near.”

    [00:23] Alayna Laurent: ” I will.” She hated for him to go but she knew he had to so she embraced him one last time and bid him goodnight.

    [00:23] Si Amun X: :: he turned :: “Praise be Amun.” :: he disappeared again though a wall. Though it was likely less scary for her. For the first time, she understood the mental discipline such a power took. It was no longer supernatural to her, but a gift ::

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