The Dollymop And The Dipper

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    Dollymop: A prostitute, often an amateur or a part-time street girl; a midinette.
    Bug hunting: Robbing, or cheating drunks. Esp. at night.
    Dipper: Pickpocket

    She awoke in the morning alone in her bed chamber after a long night of debaucery with a stretch and groan porcelain hands going up to rub the sleep from her eyes. She'd had too much Whiskey the evening before and indulged in more than her share of opium as well, the result of which was a ringing headache. Her hand touched her forehead, she sucked in a sharp breath feeling the throb of a bruise that had formed where she'd struck the floorboards of the Athenuaeum the night before. She slipped out of bed and into her robe crossing the room to sit at her vanity. She frowned at what she saw in the mirror. ” By gad! I look as if I've been through the ringer .” She ran a brush through tangled brown locks and got up to go wash her face off when it occurred to her she hadn't checked her purse yet and given Ms. Tilly her share. The top drawer was opened and she got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she picked it up, it felt much too light, it felt empty as a matter of fact. ” By God please don't tell me….” She trailed off and un tied her coin bag letting out a gasp.” The blooming cad!” She yelled out in fury. ” That Dipper robbed me of my shillings!” the exclamation was followed by the purse sailing through the air as she threw it across the room and slammed the drawer shut. Livid she stormed around her room ranting every oath she'd ever heard in her short 18 years of life. He would pay for this of that she was sure, but her anger would have to subside before she could formulate a proper plan of attack. Til then there was only anger, blinding and all incompassing. Another thought occured to her making her stomach turn. She'd have to tell the Madame of her stupidity. “Ms. Tilly!” She called out as she set off to search for her mistress, who no doubt would punish her once she learned of Layna's stupidity. ” That blasted man Minnow.” She grumbled as she went from room to room checking Ms. Tilly's favorite spots in the house. If she had any say in it Minnow would get what was comming to him and soon.

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    A true story Keep it up.

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