The Church's Dark Side, Or Secret Societies

  • March 26, 2006 at 12:19 am #1932

    If you'd like to get involved or have ideas or suggestions about this, please get in touch!

    1) Title of Storyline: The Church?s Dark Side, or, Secret Societies

    2) Players Involved: Octavius Southwell (OctaviusSouthwel), Desmond Morris (DesmondMorris), and anyone who?d like to be involved

    3) Summary: Everyone knows there are supernatural forces at work in the dark places, and that care must be taken lest one falls victim to the occult powers wielded by the supernatural. What people fail to realize is just how often the supernatural walks among them. To this end, certain secret societies have come into existence, and debate upon what is to be done with regards to the supernatural, be it to destroy these elements, or to harness their powers for the good of the land as a whole, or merely to the ends desired by the secret society itself. One such society is the Free Masons, who are commonly known to exist, though few know the extent of what the Masons do. Another society, one so secret as to even lack a name and unknown save to its members, recruits solely from the Church. This church society seeks to bring the occult under its control, theoretically to aid in the church?s mission of saving mankind. As such, any wielders of occult powers who cannot be persuaded to aid this mission or lend their power to the church are sought to be destroyed as heretical witches and warlocks, or other satanic creatures. This is a part of the battle that Octavius, and others, fight.

    4) Detailed Direction: This SL would be open to any who wanted to participate, as the Masons have many circles of inclusion, from those who know much about the inner workings, to those who may only know that they?re a part of the society, to those who are merely used as means to an end. While the church society is only officially open to members of the church, doubtless they, too, use outsiders from time to time in order to further their goals. As the battle over and against the occult is never-ending, so too would this SL be open-ended, without any clear end or any particular events that would be required to occur. Some things I?ve discussed with Desmond-mun include Desmond?s lack of knowledge of his uncle?s connection to the Masons, though he and his cousin Alan would come upon clues that lead them slowly towards what?s going on, throughout the game. We also discussed the possibility of Octavius catching them sniffing around, and finding a way to insert them into the Masons as a way of having a man inside, as it were, to give him dirt on what the rival society was doing. Desmond-mun also intends for the Morris family?s shop (tentatively named The Emerald Eye) to be used as a place for the Masons to pass messages as well as use as a meeting place. I realize that this is a rather vague concept for a SL, but I think that it might work better that way, allowing for open-ended play by any who wish to be involved directly, or to have their character stumble across something they shouldn?t know.

    5) Submitted By:
    Octavius Southwell

    April 12, 2006 at 9:28 am #2543

    I'm determined to get this SL moving, dang it.

    April 16, 2006 at 5:28 pm #2544

    HRm… how would a female fit in with the Masons? Is there a feminine version (Eastern Star?)


    April 17, 2006 at 7:53 am #2545

    Thank you for showing interest in our SL, Octavius will get in contact with you when he has the opportunity. I look forward to you becoming an integral part of this SL.

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