The Awakening Of Alayna

  • March 24, 2006 at 12:18 am #1925

    She sat in her room, legs Indian style on the floor, her eyes closed as she focused on envisioning the room around her and then finally as all details came into place she could see herself there on the rug in her room eyes still closed making slow shallow breaths. She turned to look away still finding it odd to be able to see herself in such a way and suddenly she was aware she was already at her destination. This strange new realm that Si Amun had opened up to her, now it was her only escape from the horrors of the real world. She could sense the spirits around her, none meaning her any ill will. She knew instinctively they could not and would not harm her. They were docile save for one, a new presence had come to her, her Mother. She stared at the spirit and could see even in death her mother still held her with contempt. It left a sadness in her she could scarce describe. The spirit did not speak to her but rather assaulted her with mental images, painful reminders from her childhood. She knew what her mother was doing, she was doing what she had always done only now her words were not her weapon of choice. She turned her back to the spirit not ready to face this demon from her past yet. Just then she was swept back into her room and her eyes snapped open, her concentration breached by Elaine, one of the other working girls at the Petal. Elaine with a fragile hand on her shoulder shaking her as if rousing her from a sleep. The disturbance agitated her and quite unknowingly a bolt ran through her body that tore at the innocent girls soul. ” Layna, one of your regulars is….” The woman's voice was cut off and she fell to her knees racked in pain. Quickly Alayna came to her senses and rushed to Elaine's aid, feeling more than a little disturbed at her lack of control, but a rush of excitement poured through her as well because now it donned on her…..her powers had been fully awakened.

    March 25, 2006 at 7:34 pm #2528

    Really cool watching this take place, post-wise and play-wise.

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