Strange Occurrences In The Night

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    I have never been a terribly superstitious person. That there are things supernatural and unable to be explained or accounted for by logic or reasoning, knowledge to which we do not hold a key and questions unanswerable and better left that way, is certain. That being said, I have tried to remain a skeptic throughout my life.

    As time has passed, this has become increasingly difficult, and I find myself gradually faced with incontrovertible proof of the existence of spirits and their ilk.

    It began shortly after my wife passed away. At first, I suspected that perhaps I was having hallucinations, both of an auditory and visual nature. They were such small things that it was easy to dismiss them as the inventions of a mind feverish with sadness, despair, and loss. Naturally, even at that stage, I kept my mouth shut about such things, not wishing any to believe I was descending into the same madness that my wife had suffered, not until I was more certain or it became readily apparent to all eyes.

    I have been spared from this, and no longer worry over my own sanity. The events of the past twenty-four hours have been too strange, with no possible explanations, certainly none that I have managed to come up with, and there is none I trust to disclose these happenings unto.

    I awoke in the morning to find peculiar markings upon my shoulder, as though they had been made by teeth, though there had been nobody with access to my chambers, and I had felt nothing nor awoken during the midst of the night. I had heard tales, as I am certain many have, that the burning of sage aids in keeping spirits and such things away. As such, before I retired this evening, I took some sage I acquired during the day, and burned it, walking around my chambers and certainly any of the entrances to them as I did so.

    I regret that the process seems to have been a remarkable failure. I awoke to the sounds of some birds screaming from outside the window, and a loud THUMP that worked its way closer. As this was in the small hours of the night, and was still pitch outside, I remained in bed, and did not rise to investigate. As the cobwebs slowly cleared from my head and I began to ponder why I had awoken with such a start, the thumping turned into a scratching noise that seemed to climb the wall. While many have probably heard of the rumors regarding sage as a deterrent to the supernatural, far fewer are probably aware of the terrible smell of the stuff. After the sound of the scratching outside the wall had reached the window, I detected the strong odor of the sage once more, despite the fact that the smell had weakened by quite a lot before I?d actually fallen asleep. Accompanying the odor, however, was a scent far deeper and nastier, a foul stench that permeated the very air, and quite evades description. It was at this time that a music box began to play, though there are no items of that nature within my chambers.

    A dog began to bark outside, and, from quite near to me, a human (or, at least, what perhaps was once human, but now with a more ethereal quality) voice barked back in return, laughing bitterly once it was through and the animal beyond the walls had quieted into a frightened whimper. At that point, I suddenly felt the sensation of something shoving me in the chest, and what felt like a nail being pressed slowly into my side. The music box began to play again, and the strange voice laughed once more, and began to whisper indistinguishable things into my ear. Perhaps, though, this is an exaggeration, and my mind has merely pushed from conscious thought what the voice whispered to me. The presence, or whatever it was, began to pace around my chambers, opening and closing doors to pass from one room into adjacent ones. The footsteps continued, and the music box played again, accompanied now by the tinkling of bells.

    I did not dare move from where I lay in bed, not even when the water began to pour into the tub in the bathroom adjacent to my bedroom, seemingly pouring endlessly. The bells chimed once more, sounding as though they were coming from quite nearby, and inside my rooms, despite no such instruments being within any of them. When the sounds of running water ceased, I heard footsteps once more, though they now squelched, and, indeed, a trail of wet footprints made its way from the bathroom into the bedroom, and the laughter approached me once more. I felt something caress my cheek, moving down to my chest, and then fingernails, or perhaps claws or talons, pierced my skin and left a trail of red along my torso. Once more, there was a bitter laugh, dispersing slowly, and, when it had faded, I felt the presence no longer.

    The light of morning has done little to soothe my nerves. I fear that this is only the beginning.

    It would not be until several years later that Sir Abraham discovered that the identity of his new ?friend? was none other than his departed wife herself.

    February 27, 2006 at 1:44 am #2368

    What a creepy wife. Grand, you.

    February 27, 2006 at 2:59 am #2369

    S'what the right old geezer gets, methinks.

    ( Wonderfully woven. )

    February 27, 2006 at 6:28 am #2370
    VEST Paradox

    :: shivers :: Downright… ew

    February 27, 2006 at 7:49 am #2371

    Too freaky. ::shutters::

    February 27, 2006 at 1:28 pm #2372
    Jeff Crowley

    ::just grins. ok ok, will point and laugh too::

    February 28, 2006 at 5:12 pm #2373
    Holdyn Wolf

    That was very creepy, but well done!

    Catherine Elizabeth Franklin
    Duchess of Somerset

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