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  • March 18, 2006 at 2:24 pm #1901
    VEST Paradox

    Hello Everyone, it's recently been brought to my attention that some of you are unhappy with the frequency of changes to the rules in the game. There has been a lack of communication on my behalf and for that I aplogize, but allow me to clear it up now before anyone gets more frustrated than they already are.

    This game is not 100% complete rules wise. It never has been and I thought that was understood by everyone, apparently I was wrong. For the most part, the skills, combat system, and base core of the game is done, now that I have fighting styles where I want them and the combat section fixed up the way I wanted, I don't foresee any changes being made to any of this except perhaps for the inclusion of new skills, advantages, disadvantages being added by player request (Since I have to admit, I can't think of everything and a lot of you have brought great ideas to the table) and I always try to continue adding things that will suit the players.

    Some of the miscellaneous rules may be expanded on, some details further explained in other rules, however the brunt of the major changes are over. Some of you may be wondering what some of the plans are for further expansion to the game, so I will outline below what I plan for these, though they will not be detailed so I don't ruin the surprise entirely.

    • There are three Supernatural Breeds that are being worked on to be added to the game, and no what they are will not be annouced because I want the players to learn about these breeds in Character before the rules are posted for them. I think that makes it a little more fun and mysterious. Along with these supernatural breeds, there will be another breed that will be a general breed that Golems, Elementals, and Constructs will fall into once people begin playing/making them. There may even be another breed added to go along with the Spirit World.
    • I am adding a cosmology and entities to the Spirit World. I want this game to have a Spirit World to go along with what takes place normally. In other games people trancend, go into spirit form, but there is nothing detailing this *world* that they goto when they leave physical existance. I'll not have that, so you can see the Cosmology section in place now with brief descriptions of the other realms of existance. I've even gone through and added some mythology to the existance of man as well as some things that may be brought into play later.
    • I'm going to be adding a Purchasing/Price Guide up on the forums as well. A place where people can go to see how much a really fancy dress costs, how much a house costs, rent prices, commodities and food, horses and carriages, weapons, etc. That way everyone can go and see the prices, which will assist in the accuracy of play.
    • A section of rules covering toxicology for the effects of alcohol, drugs, posions, and other things both beneficial and malignant.
    • Last but not least, things may be added by player request or if someone submits and idea that is just too good to not have in the game. If someone has a good idea for an advantage or disadvantage and it fits the game, I'll put it in there. If someone has a good idea for a skill, I'll put it in there. I will admit fully that I can't think of everything, so I will always welcome ideas, even if the don't get used exactly as they were initially submitted it doesn't mean that I appreciate them any less. I'd like to think I've been pretty good about working with players ideas and bringing them to life.

    The biggest thing I want to stress is that if you have an idea or a concern. Come to me, I'm not mean or anything, and I will listen to all that you have to say. I may not agree with all of it, that's just basic human interaction, but I won't be mean about it. I welcome ideas and concerns and always have, I can't do my job if you don't bring them to me. I like to think that I'm a fair person, others also think so since that's why when this game was conceived they chose me for this position. I have a firm understanding of rules and how to balance them (even though my fingers are dyslexic and I suck at spellchecking), I'm a pretty creative guy and can churn out rules like Stephen King on novels (though even I run out of ideas, so please send any ideas you have to me, there is no such thing as a bad idea.), and I'm fair and can be counted on to take an impartial view on the majority of situations and I don't play favorites.

    Let me go ahead and give you a little background, for those of you who don't know how this game came about. I played Black Bayou from early 1998 until early 2002 when I left because of the cheating done by staff and the constant bickering amongst the players. It was an environment that I had no intention of being a part of as it was unhealthy for the sanity of anyone who played it at that time. Ihave kept in contact with most of the people I have met there, though I pretty much vanished from AIM for a couple years. IN November of 2005 I discovered that I could reactivate my old player Screename on AIM so I did, and started getting asked to return to Black Bayou again, though now there are two of them. In one is an administration that I had never agreed with, and in the other was an administration that had only one that I know and was run by someone I didn't know at all. So I went with newest of the two. I got on staff there and helped them redo their website, joined their rules team, and played as often as my schedule would allow. The biggest problem with that was that my friends were split between the two games none of us willing to go to the other *side*, so to speak.

    Now some people may claim that I suggested the two games merge back into one, but that's not true, they are better left apart. VECH Vixen had mentioned a couple years before that she would love to see a Victorian game to pla in, so in January of 2006 I started working on it. It was a way to allow people from all of the splinter games (both BB's and CR) to play together in a neutral environment with a good solid gothic horror setting. A place where if people wanted to put their past aside and try to gain a new start and play with new people, they could do so. I never expected to have more than six people playing it. There were a few people who expressed interest in it in the beginning so they became the *founders* of the game and I put up the original website as well as began re-writing the rules one January 12th 2006. We figured out the best time frame for the game (mainly one without too many historic events within a large expanse of years as well as a calendar that matched our current one day for day, so yes March 18th 2006 falls on a Saturday in 2006 as well as 1871) and I began hammering out rules. I had originally wanted to put off any public opening of the game for a couple months so that I could complete the rules, but those inital core players wanted to go public. So on Feb 6th 2006 we did just that. VEST Zion has done a marvelous job recruiting for the game, he's brought a lot of skill and talent to the game, and so have many others. I'm proud to say that the game has grown far past any expectations that I had when I began.

    We are at a dilemna now though We've gone through some rules changes, though they are now mostly complete except for the future breeds to be added and the cosmology, spirit world, entities, NPCs, etc. I have VEStorylines, someone who does not play the game and never will, working on combiningg everyones backgrounds into little sub storylines and plots and intrigues, and we are now replacing some staff members that for various reasons can no longer be a part of the game in an official capacity. I've also been made aware then several of you that have been recruited were not made aware that the rules were not complete. For this I apologize, it was a misunderstanding between Zion and myself, I thought he was aware of that and would inform you, but apparently he wasn't aware of it. So I ask you to be patient with me as I add new things and understand that anything that I do is for the advancement and integrity of the game. Your comments, suggestions, complaints, concerns, ideas, history, etc… is ALWAYS welcome though, I need your input if I'm going to be able to make this the best game it can be. I will wanr you though, I can be pretty unyeidling on some topics, I do have a very clear and precise idea of how I want this game to be shaped. I wrote the majority of it (The changes to the core rules, the Magi, Psions, etc) in a three week period of time.

    I want this game to be as great as it can, and I need your help and understanding in order to do so. Keep an eye on the Rules Fixes folder as well, just about every change to the rules is placed there so this way you can keep abreast of all the things happening with the rules and don't find out later the hard way. And if you haven't read the rulebook in it's entirety, I suggest that you do so, lots of things have been changed from their previous state to what we have now.

    VEST Paradox

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