Sophie Colleen Landers

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    Sophie Colleen Landers: Born in Cowel, Scotland to Jessamine Hughes and Brodick Landers, Scottish Laird of the Landers Clan.

    Life has never been a fairy tale for Sophie. She was brought into the world on Death’s winged chariot and left to grow up without a mother. Her mother died during child birth and it has been that fact that has tormented not only her, but also her father. She is often told that she is the very image of her mother, something she has grown to resent since the thought has driven a rift between herself and her father. Since the day of her birth Sophie has been surrounded by nannies and at the age of 2 her first governess came to live with her, just one of many who would walk through their doors.

    But to say her life was completely bleak would be a lie. For a short time Sophie had the love of her brother. He became the father she needed when her own had turned away from her. At the age of 2 she was often seen following the boy around, much to his annoyance, as he did what most boys did. But he was kind and there was never any doubt that he loved her. Upon his 13th birthday, her brother Ty was sent away to school. She has not seen him since.

    Sophie grew up amongst her clan and loved them all dearly, learning their stories of magic and superstitions, fairies and the little people. She loved the stories and often begged her governess to recite them to her though she had memorized them all. In time they came a part of her as a Scot and England became just a foreign land of no meaning, along with the family that lived there.

    Sophie began her schooling in the ways of a Lady at the age of 5. She was taught the art of needlework and singing, as well as the languages of the world such as English, Latin, and French. She was well versed in how to run a large household which consisted of arithmetic, reading, and writing. But it wasn’t until her 13th birthday that she became more knowledgeable of the world around her. Sophie was sent to a woman’s finishing school in Paris to further her education. Her father had probably not been aware of the other subjects available to her, so in 4 years Sophie learned topics from modern languages to philosophy, English grammar to Chemistry. She had loved her time there, and when it came time to leave, it was with a heavy heart.

    Sophie returned to her native Scotland, a stranger to her father and the spitting image of his wife. Times had turned bad while she was gone. The warring between the Campbell Clan and the Landers had now reached a new height. But Sophie would not remain in her home to see the outcome. On her 18th birthday her father informed her that she would be traveling to England to visit her family. More importantly, it was time to fulfill her obligation and marry well.

    So alas, it is off to England she must travel. To acquaint herself with her mother’s people, and in turn find her destiny.

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    Doug Davis

    Excellent background.

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    Very nice Go Hugheses!

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    Eh, nobody probably noticed, but it's a mistake that is bugging the heck out of me. Sophie was born in Scotland in the central Highlands known as Cowal Peninsula. Her family/Clan rules in Dunoon and the lands around it. The bordering clan is the Campbells. Sorry to the staff for the mix up.

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