Society's Ills

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    Holdyn Wolf

    [div align=”center”]The blessed damozel leaned out
    From the gold bar of Heaven;
    Her eyes were deeper than the depth
    Of waters stilled at even;
    She had three lilies in her hand,
    And the stars in her hair were seven.
    Her robe, ungirt from clasp to hem,
    No wrought flowers did adorn,
    But a white rose of Mary's gift,
    For service meetly worn;
    Her hair that lay along her back
    Was yellow like ripe corn.
    Herseemed she scarce had been a day
    One of God's choristers;

    Rossetti [/div]

    She sat in the parlor, the sound of carriages passing by the window. She held her embroidery in her lap, her days as of late where tired and tedious. She eagerly wanted more to do, the few visitors where of the same, talking about idle gossip or the latest fashions from France. Things had greatly improved sense her friend Lady Landers moved in. She was slowly showing her the ins and outs of English Society, knowing that it would be a drastic change for this girl. She watched while her lady servant brought the tray out with two cups, tea biscuits and tea pot that was filled with coffee. She waved the servant off, putting the embroidery down in the basket beside her chair. She poured herself a hot cup of the coffee, adding the items she needed into the cup. She rested back in the chair for a few moments, knowing that Lady Landers would be in pursuit within minutes. She glanced at the clock, another sigh passing her lips.

    She was getting herself dressed for the evening, the corset being pulled to give her the hour glass figure they everyone desired greatly. She held tightly to her four poster bed, letting her servants prepare her for the evening meal. Her parents was coming over along with a few family friends. Lady Landers, was getting her toes wet by meeting only a few people of society. Once she saw she could handle this crowd she knew that the next step would be to one of the balls that would take place within the month. It was the one social event everyone wanted to be invited to and sitting upon the pile of invites she received, was the one to the Duke and Duchess of Menroe. Due to her status in society, it was already known that she would be there, plus being friends with the Duchess of Menroe never seem to hurt her cause. Her servant helped her get into her dress, after the bustle and such was placed upon her. The dress was made out of one of the finest materials that London had at the moment. IT was made into a beautiful dress, with lace edging and matching gloves. She made her way to the main parlor, to greet the few guest that had already arrived. Lady Landers had already been keeping them busy while she had finished up her last preparations for dinner. She did the usual, greeting the guest and doing what needed to be done. She excused herself to head into the kitchen to make sure the food was prepared correctly, but only stopped for a moment before disappearing outside. These gatherings always stressed her out, her cig was brought out of its hiding place in the back yard. She lights it up enjoying the aroma and feel of the tobacco that fills her lungs.

    She sat at the table, her guest placed around at certain spots. The highest ranking individuals sat closest to the head of the table, with the least titled individuals almost at the other end. She watched the servants scattering around, making sure that her guest are taken care of. She was distant though, her mind obviously else where, though her guest rarely knew it. They were too busy rattling off the usual gossip that was floating around, the new fashions once again brought in from Italy, France, and England. When her mother finally addressed her Catherine snapped out of her daze and joined in on the conversation. She fielded the conversations, knowing that her every word, every moment was under scrutiny. She held a great dinner party, but for anyone who knew her she would of rather been anywhere else.

    Catherine Elizabeth Franklin
    Duchess of Somerset

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    Hehe, I'll try not to dribble any soup.

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    Thanks for sharing! Post more!

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    Lovely to read, m'dear.

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    Ah, the troubles with having rank in society. Good stuff!

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    Jeff Crowley

    A very nice post.

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