SL Classifieds

  • February 7, 2006 at 8:19 am #1651

    Well I know there are plenty of SL ideas running around and since most people don’t want to be playing half a dozen NPC’s to keep their SL afloat I figured I’d create a thread where people can “advertise” positions available for their SL.

    For me specifically, after you familiarize yourself with the background I posted, I need several positions filled.

    First off, the Bathurst family is at the center of my character’s SL, they are a major player in london, both politically and socially. I need the members of the immediate family to be filled. And perhaps relatives if that appeals to someone’s interests. I also need people to play Randolph Morris, a middle-aged owner of the Emerald Eye shop, who has connections with the masons that go beyond their surface appearance. As well as Alan, a 28 year old cousin of Desmond, and Rebecca Morris, a 31 year old cousin of Desmond.

    The Bathurst family first names can be left up to those intersted in playing them. A father, mother, and several siblings, (one must be a male heir) will be needed as well. The family has strong ties to the church, and Lord Bathurst is one of the leaders of the masonic lodge in London.

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