Sir Frederick Marshall Selden

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    Name: Frederick Marshall Selden
    Breed: Mortal
    Age and/or birth date: 29 / February 03, 1843
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Hair: Black
    Height/weight: 6'2″ / 178 lbs.

    Frederick has been a part of the wheels-within-wheels of Victorian society since his birth. His mother died during his birth, which resulted in his father, Alastor Selden, forever resenting the child he would now be supporting without the aid of his lovely wife. He never knew the love of a caring parent. The modest tradesman that was his father did not love his son, but at the same time was a respected enoguh member of society that he couldn't simply treat him as if he didn't. The result was that Frederick was treated well in a material sense, but after a long day of work his father would do little more than glance at him before heading to another room to go over records. His father's new wife and family became his work. He became callous and greedy. This prompted Frederick, who perhaps still had a spark of his mother in him, to seek the exact opposite path.
    While most children may have found other ways to annoy their parents, Frederick's methods were unconventional. He did things such as fast and give food to the poor. His father saw this ignorantly as his son not appreciating what he was provided, which further created a gap between them.
    While the silent battle waged on with his father at home, Frederick found comfort in other things outside his home. He very easily made friends because of his genereous and protective nature. Many of his friends gave him the nickname “big brother” because he always seemed to be watching out and protecting his friends. He fell in with some of the Hughes family that were around his age. First he became a good chum of Silas Hughes, and as their friendship grew he started to permeate into his friend's life, eventually meeting his sister, Ligeia. Perhaps they stood out most among his friends because they were the ones he was closest to before he made the decision to join the royal navy at the age of fourteen.
    His service was nothing of particular note at first, but a series of excellent performances and hard work in the latter half of his first period of service, and the fact that he had a knack for drumming up morale, landed him in the rank of Captain. After 8 years, he felt it was time that he return to London and seek a more profitable profession, and perhaps put his life in order.
    He began to court his friend from so many years ago, Ligeia. From the onset of this courtship he was very serious about it, as much as at times it seemed she was in disbelief that he was the same person that had left eight years ago. After all, he had come back to put his life in order and start a family. Never once was he intimidated by the fact that the Highes family was a tier above him in the social circles of London. When he was refused her hand in marriage by the family, he of course needed to end the courtship wince it was going nowhere. He would never ask someone to leave his family and disgrace themselves for him.
    Some time passed, and Frederick began his second career in the military, again as a Captain. Docked in northern france for quite sometime because of a minor trade dispute, when his ship headed back across to England he faced the anger of a stowaway that had managed to hold his ship hostage. Claiming he had an accomplice onboard who wouldn't think twice about setting ablaze the blasting powder on the lower deck, the stowaway managed to keep most of the ship's crew in check. Frederick rooted out the lie quickly thanks to some sure-thinking, and attacked the gun-wielding eastern european. A shot was fired and Fredericks closest mate went overboard, never to be seen again. In the mean time, he had managed to grapple the assailant and disarm him, turning his ship around back to England and turning in the man.
    This deed was the icing on the cake of a series of unflinching loyal deeds for the crown. After performing the proper rituals of fasting and bathing, Frederick became an honorary knight of the order of the bath at the age of 28. He was relieved of military duty.
    Heading back to London again just a few short months ago, this time with better footing and more change in his pockets, Sir Frederick Marshall Selden seeks to again advance a tier in mortal society so that he may have his family, and forge himself into history as a benevolent noble. The trick is reaching that type of status while he is still young.

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    Very nice bg…looking forward to seeing what happens to the Cap'n!

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    Doug Davis

    Excellent background, am interested to see how he becomes that benevolent noble.

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    You already know I love; good to see it posted.

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