Shaping Artistry

  • March 20, 2006 at 1:23 am #1903

    Yeah I have a selfish motivation for this …

    Shape Element [ see below ]
    Room Command: ##Shape Element##
    Generation Cost: 3 GP's
    Experience Cost: 15 XP's
    Breed ID: YES
    Range: As per Range Skill
    Roll System: 2d6+Discipline+Casting vs TN 22
    Duration/Activation: see Duration Skill / see Casting Skill
    Effect/Description: This mastery allows the Magi to control his chosen element to some extent. One cubic foot of the element can be shaped for a success and an additional cubic foot for each +4 over the TN achieved. This ability will last as long as the Magi's Duration skill will allow, then the Magi must recast the spell. The shaping of the materials is varied and although the amount of the element can be decreased, it can only be increased by conjuring more. The exact shaping depends on the element, fire can be forced to burn only along a certain path, or contained within certain boundaries. Water can be shaped into pools, shapes, contained witin a certain area or made to rest above the ground instead of seeping into it. Air can be moved to create winds or have all winds stopped in a certain area. Earth can be shaped into verious forms, as if molded by an artist. Used in combination with the Artistry skill, wonderous things can be done.

    The skill states that wonderous things can be done with this skill and artistry and I agree. That's why I think when it's relevant, the spell should give a +2 to Artistry. For example, you shape the element and control the air flow around food that is cooking to make it even better, or to craft something with Earth or use fire to supplement your performance with a musical instrument or fire to create glass art or something. Maybe control water as it's raining to create nifty Memoirs of a Geisha images.

    Just my take.


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