Rumors Of Mummy Attack Unfounded

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    Ceara MacKenna

    Rumors of Mummy attack unfounded

    LONDON ? A heinous prank at the British Museum that led to mass panic and talk of a mummy attacking patrons has been ruled a ?vicious prank? but London Police investigators.

    On March 1, the world?s oldest museum unveiled a new sarcophagus found in the ancient told of Seti the First.

    The tomb, first excavated at the turn of the century, was celebrating a return visit to the British Museum after 50 years.

    Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge, an Egyptologist and a clerk at the firm of W.H. Smith, was given the honor of unlocking the previously unknown sarcophagus among a small, select group of fans.

    When the seal of the sarcophagus was broken, ?a sea of white mist began to pour from its contents,? reported Silas Hughes, the top sales official for the acclaimed Hughes Trading Co.

    Hughes was among the few who witnessed the incident. Most of the visitors at the museum didn?t see the alleged mummy attack, opting, instead, to listen to the great Egyptologist Mariette talk about the Great Pyramid of Khafre at Giza.

    ?Everyone felt sick when we breathed it in,? Hughes said. ?A few people fled or fainted and when the cover of the sarcophagus was finally removed, we all stared at what didn?t look like your everyday variety of mummy.?

    Instead of the classic white cloth usually found on mummies, police reports say that the mummy was actually bathed in a black cloth. Why black? No one?s quite sure.

    Police suspect that the culprit pretending to be a mummy snuck into the tomb the night before and slept there until being woken up when the cover was uncovered again. Police describe the suspect as 6 foot 1 with a ?hefty strength ? and the ability to use an acid weapon.? One woman?s arm was burnt, though police say she?ll survive.

    Budge, meanwhile, is going through psychological therapy because of the incident.

    Running out of the museum, visitors say the so-called mummy grabbed a solid-gold pot that had been within the sarcophagus. No pictures or drawings of the pot are available, though police say it likely has symbols of the Cult of Amun on it. The Cult of Amun is an ancient Egyptian cult. Black market dealers say police would be hard pressed to find the pot with nothing more to identify it than intuition.

    “Seems like that guy dressed as a mummy got away scotfree with a priceless relic,” one black market dealer said.

    Police, so far, have no leads.

    The exhibit remains open today and will continue over the next few months.

    ((For information on the exhibit, visit here!…&st=0&#entry677 ))

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    You can't deny the truth!

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