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    VEST Paradox

    Chat Room Commands and Indicators

    We are going to rehash some of the Chat Room Etiquette and expand upon it here.

    [ plain text ] designates a role-played action.
    :: Text :: Also designates and action.

    ” ” Indicates that your character is speaking.
    — — Indicates the use of Telepathy or similar ability
    ~ ~ Indicates that your character is singing something.
    * * Indicates a word is emphasized during speech.
    (( )) Indicates an Out of Character Comment
    [ Language ] Indicates that your Character is speaking a language other than English.

    [ g ] Indicates a grin
    [ eg ] Indicates an evil grin
    [ weg ] Indicates a wicked evil grin
    [ q ] Quietly Spoken
    [ s] Softly Spoken
    [ w ] Indicates a whisper
    [ vqw ] Indicates a very quiet whisper
    [ m ] Indicates a mumble or words spoken in a muttering tone

    * before the text indicates that the character is outside the Athenaeum
    + before the text indicates the character is inside the main scene, The Athenaeum, but is in a separate room (+B the bathroom or +O office, for instance). Just + by itself indicates the character is in the members area.
    J* is used when you are playing your character in jail.

    There are three Main Settings in Velvets Skies, The Athenaeum, The Docks, and St James Park. The Signifiers for each are below:
    [ None ] Indicates that you are playing in the Athenaeum Common Area.
    @ Indicates that you are playing at the Docks.
    $ Indicates that you are playing at St James Park.

    The use of NPC's in the main room is not permitted. The only people who can create and use NPC's are room hosts (VECH). NPC use is limited to filling specific roles within the game as the situation dictates.

    [NPC] or {NPC} – NPC to be replaced by the non-playing character's name so you might see:

    VECH : [ Nathan ] Pours a cup of freshly brewed coffee for Mr. Longstreet and his companion.

    The only instance a character may use the ''NPC brackets'' is when their character is disguised and using the Acting or Special Effects Skills or a combination of both. The person they are pretending to be will be in brackets:

    Be aware that too many OOC comments can be disruptive and ruin the illusion that we are all working to create. Out of Character comments should always be wrapped in parentheses so there is no misunderstanding or blurring of OOC and IC lines. Discussion of a real world nature isn't appreciated in role-playing rooms by the folks trying to maintain the illusion of Velvet Skies. If you want to discuss the latest rule changes, or your character stats, try a different room or the forum, or just use IM's. If you're happy to see an old friend that's great, but please send them an instant message to tell them so instead of using hugs and kisses and smiley faces in the chat room that disrupts the flow of the room. There's more information on OOC / IC later.

    Random rolling of dice is not permitted in the chat room. If you wish to practice rolling dice go to a private room. Excessive rolling of dice can be disruptive to the room and will be handled accordingly.

    Rules on Character Sheets and How They Affect the Room

    We understand that life is full of business that needs to be taken care of and that someone cannot expect to be on top of this game as if it were a real priority. It is, in fact, a game. However, this is a moderated game. What does this mean?

    A moderated game is a game with strict, defining guidelines and rules that is administered and monitored by a person or persons. This game requires both an approved background and an approved character sheet in order to be played properly. Therefore, due to some obvious questions regarding when is a character a character and what can they do, the following guidelines have been established.

    1) A character must have an approved background before they are considered a viable character. If a player comes into the room with a character who does not have a background, they may not affect anything. Players may feel free to ignore them as if they did not exist. We understand that this seems a bit harsh, but it is necessary. Furthermore, any actions a player wishes to submit to the ST Department based on the character without a background, will be immediately over turned at the Head ST's discretion. For example: Bobby has no background. He sees Sean kill someone out in the woods. Bobby goes and tells Johnny who has a sheet that Sean killed this person. Sean may immediately turn this over to the ST Department and the information will be revoked. Backgrounds may be submitted to for approval.

    2) Once a character has an approved background, they must submit a Character Sheet within one week. The sheet need not be approved within those days, but the Character Sheet must have been submitted. Once the sheet has been submitted, the character will have stats of: 5 Body, 5 Mind, 5 Soul. They will have no skills or masteries. Should the character without an approved character sheet be killed, the background will be termed null and void and the Character Sheet Department will reject the character sheet. Character Sheets may also be submitted to for approval.

    3) These rules also apply to anyone whose sheet has allowed their 6-month time period to expire, frozen sheets, or any other type of sheet that is not active.

    4) If your character sheet is frozen due to a pending ST scene, you may not play in the main room under that character. If you do, it is grounds for OOC Manipulation.

    While we understand that these rules seem strict and harsh, they are there for a purpose. It is not fair for those players who have built a sheet and/or kept their sheet active to be negatively impacted by those who do not wish to follow the rules of our game. As always, these are guidelines and are subject to the discretion of the FD or AFD.

    OOC Violations

    It's time we went over a few Do's and Don'ts of Role Playing in Velvet Skies.

    IC / OOC and OOC manipulation
    One of the important things you need to learn is the difference between In Character (IC) information and Out Of Character (OOC) information.

    IC information is defined as any information, which you learn through role-playing your character. In other words, anything that your character actually experiences. This includes, but is not limited to; conversations your character is involved in, actions your character has witnessed, actions your character has been told about, etc.

    OOC information is defined as anything not IC. This will include, but is not limited to; stating you know a characters name or breed without your character being told, conversations which your character is not involved in, events which your character has not partaken in or heard about, things which you, as a player, have been told, but your character has not learned, etc.

    OOC manipulation is defined as the attempt to coerce another player through OOC means (as defined above). Including, but not limited to; telling, or hinting to a player to do something IC while talking in an E-mail, IM, etc., OOC, refusing to do something that your character would normally do, simply because, OOC, you know it will result in something bad for your character, ignoring another character's actions completely (e.g. getting hit, but refusing to play hurt, being summoned to a fight and signing off to avoid being injured), etc.

    Now, just what does all this mean? Let us try to explain:

    Lets say you're in the bar having a beer or two. Outside someone pulls a gun on your best friend. You have no way of knowing that a gun has been pulled on your best friend, so you must continue drinking your beer and having a good time. You are not allowed to react to what's going on outside, because your character doesn't know about it In Character (IC-ly).

    OK, so I can't use info that I know if my character doesn't. Big deal, who cares? I mean, it's just a game, right? People spend a great deal of time developing their characters, and until you know what it's like to have a character take on a life of it's own, you will then understand why this is so important. Losing a character you've spent months playing because someone decides to play Out of Character (OOC-ly) just isn't fair gaming or allowed. There are severe penalties for playing Out of Character (OOC-ly), so this is pretty important. Let me go a little further here. If you've never role-played prior to this game, OOC/IC can be somewhat confusing. Violations by a new role player and an experienced role player, with time under their belt, may be taken into consideration. However, you will learn quickly. So, try and concentrate on this rule. Reread it several times for clarification and ask, ask, ask. Send any questions to for a timely response.

    If you witness OOC/IC or blatant violations of the rules of Black Bayou, bring it to the attention of a Host in the room. You may also submit a complaint to within 48 hours of its occurrence. Items posted in the ST Lair or other board folders have 5 days from the original posted date for submission. A form is provided below. Nothing can be done without logs of the event. Remember, a Host is constantly logging between the hours of 5PM and 11PM EST. If it occurs in the Velvet Skies Game Room between those times, the Host on duty will be logging. If an OOC/IC violation occurs in a private room (PR) during a fight, then a ST is usually present and logging. If a ST or Host is not present, then no appeal can be made. The penalties for OOC violations (OOC/IC and OOC manipulation) vary with the offense but may include:

    ~ Warning issued, violation explained.
    ~ 2 week suspension or permanent loss of – 2 to one Statistic.
    ~ Player's character sheets pulled from the game indefinitely.
    ~ See Player Harassment below.

    Depending upon the situation, a decision will be rendered within 48 hours of all logs and email being submitted to

    OOC in the Role Playing Rooms

    Velvet Skies is not a chat room. So, what does that mean? That means that when you enter that room, you are no longer you. You are the character you play. If you have any questions, such as How do I get a character, so I can talk in the room? Send an Instant Message to one of the Hosts. They'll tell you how to get set up.

    Now, if you absolutely, positively have to say something out of character (OOC, as we call it) surround it with double parenthesis, that way whoever you are role-playing with will know why you don't respond.

    A Note on Player/Mun Harassment:

    We don't like to see that players do not get along but it happens. As a forum, personal harassment can't be controlled and should be reported to members of staff. We do not condone player harassment and we cannot become babysitters in dealing with players. We ask that you handle situations with maturity and try to work out resolutions amongst yourselves. If you would like advice on how to handle situations we will be glad to review the situations and give our opinion, but we shouldn't have to interfere in non-character related issues. This is a game and in such we need to address the gaming needs and not personal dislikes between players.

    However, continued IC actions that appear to have an OOC reason behind them, leading to character disputes, will be reviewed over on a case-by-case basis. If at any point Staff finds reasonable cause of this type of mun-harassment, IC ramifications can be leveled on characters. This can be anything from Scene Restrictions placed on each of the conflicting parties, to removal from the game for continued or serious offences.. Duration of restrictions can vary depending on whatever factors are found. Some of the signals that may draw attention that a problem like this is occurring are:

    * More than three OOC complaints filed in a 6-month period in and amongst groups or individuals. (Note: Filing more than three OOC complaints against a group or individual that is proven to be not OOC can result in automatic OOC charges filed against the person submitting the string of charges.) Considering the time it takes to research such claims, the pausing required, etc., if people are filing that many OOC complaints and the OOC team is continually finding no manipulation occurred, that in itself could be a sign of the true problem.

    * Three or more overturned ST scenes that involves a character death within a 6-month period. (Note: Filing more than three ST appeals against a scene or set of scenes (That is not ST related but Player related.) that is proven not overturned can result in automatic OOC charges filed against the person submitting the ST appeals.) Considering the time it takes to research such claims, the pausing required, etc., if people are filing that many ST appeals and the Head ST is continually finding no problems occurring, that in itself could be a sign of the true problem.

    * Three or more Death SLs taken out between groups or individuals in less than a six month period. (Note: It is not our intent to limit the SLs anyone can put out in any time period. This condition is only mentioned here to be taken in context with the section on Player/Mun harassment.)

    To summarize, we don't want to treat anyone like babies, but if you make us step in and become babysitters, we will treat every incident on a case-by-case basis, using these guidelines as a yardstick to measure a problem that, frankly, we shouldn't have to deal with. We are, after all, supposedly all adults here.

    The following information must be included in order to file a formal complaint. Upon completion, forward to

    1) Nature of the complaint detailed to the best of your knowledge.

    2) Name of the player/players the complaint is filed against.

    3) Time, place, other players involved or present.

    4) Logs of the room, any information you feel pertinent to the complaint.

    5) The name of the Host and/or ST on duty at the time the incident took place.


    If a player is harassing you in IMs using AOL, you can tell the person to stop or you will notify AOL of their harassment. If they continue, send the IM log to AOL Terms of Service for harassment. That's the best way to handle people who will not leave you alone OOC in IMs. If using AIM or another applicable service, try using the ignore button. Since IMs conversations are normally a completely OOC environment and due to the fact that they cannot be easily monitored by hosts they are not considered viable evidence in an OOC manipulation investigation. The best way to protect yourself from OOC and keep from being charged with OOC is to be sure you RP in a host-monitored room, usually the Velvet Skies Chat room. Remember, the Ignore feature works perfectly to prevent Harassment and it's your responsibility to put an end to it.

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