Roleplaying Log "desmond And Mina" 4/4/06

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    [00:01] DesmondMorris: :: sits at his usual spot at the fireplace, sipping coffee and watching the flames::
    [00:02] MinaLeading: ::She sits on the ground by the coffie shop in her blue dress which was now a bit tattered and her hair was a mess as well she sighed and stood up looking around ::

    [00:03] DesmondMorris: ::he'd had a pleasent chat with Miss Ridgemont earlier in the evening::
    [00:05] MinaLeading: :: She walks into the coffies shop and pulls down her hair while she walks . Letting deep brown curls fall behind her .She dusts herself off and sits at a table .::

    [00:06] DesmondMorris: ::he had not brought any reading material tonight as he seemed to be seeing familiar faces more often, and had little time to read::
    [00:07] MinaLeading: ::She notticed the fire and stood up to walk over and kneel by it for warmth .She sniffed and isighed relaxed as the warmth from the flames covered her ::

    [00:08] DesmondMorris: ::he noticed Mina arrived and offered a polite smile after she had taken a seat::
    [00:09] MinaLeading: ::She noded to him :: It's a bit chilly outside …..I can't stay out there for to long or i would freez to death .

    [00:11] MinaLeading: ::she said to the man next to her and smiled rubbiing her arms ::

    [00:11] DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: Aye, it *will* be the death of you if you stay out there too long. The fire always does the trick. ::he smiled::

    [00:11] MinaLeading: Where might you be from sir ?
    [00:13] DesmondMorris: Just up the street a ways. A native of London. Yourself?
    [00:14] MinaLeading: ::She frowned and bent her head down :: I …well I am not realy sure where i'm form sir ….I don't remember .
    [00:15] DesmondMorris: ::he raised an eyebrow:: I see
    [00:16] MinaLeading: ::She lifted her head up again and smiled to reasure him :: Well ….I sell flowers out on the street if you ever need one just ask .My names Mina .
    [00:17] DesmondMorris: ::he smiled:: It's nice to meet you Mina, I'm Desmond Morris ::he extended his hand to her::
    [00:18] MinaLeading: ::She took his hand and shook it lightly once :: Nice to meet you Sir Morris.Have you been here long?
    [00:20] DesmondMorris: Well I've been at the coffee house for a few hours. But I've lived in London my whole life.
    [00:21] MinaLeading: ::She smiled :: Do you have family here ?
    [00:22] DesmondMorris: ::he nods:: Yes, some. An Uncle and cousins.
    [00:23] MinaLeading: I bet that's nice , to have family around that way your never bored .What do you do in your spare time Sir Morris?
    [00:25] DesmondMorris: ::he laughed:: I'm not Knighted miss Mina, you can call me Desmond.
    [00:26] MinaLeading: ::She smiled and noded :: Ok Desmond , it's just me being polite .I like that name did you get it from your father or someone close to you ?

    [00:27] DesmondMorris: ::he shook his head slightly:: No I'm afaid it bears no significance. Just the name I was given. ::smiling::
    [00:28] MinaLeading: ::She smiled :: Well still it is a nice name .I wish I could remember who had givin me my name .
    [00:30] DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: So you have amnesia then?
    [00:30] MinaLeading: ::she noded :: I guess so ….since I don't seem to remember anyone or what has happened to me .But I try not to let it get me down .
    [00:31] DesmondMorris: How far back can you remember?
    [00:31] MinaLeading: ::She closed her eyes trying to search her thoughts:: A few weeks only waking up and finding myself on the ground with nothing no memmory or money ….nothing .
    [00:32] DesmondMorris: ::he began to think:: Hmm..I see..quite strange
    [00:33] MinaLeading: yes it is . I don't understand why I don't even have any pictures of something to jog my memory . I do have dreams though .
    [00:33] DesmondMorris: Dreams you say? What about?
    [00:35] MinaLeading: ::she smiled remembereing them ;: Of a nice home and a white people kids running playing in the yard . A man but a faceless man that runs up to me and hugs me evrytime I see him .A beautifull white dog .
    [00:35] DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: Sounds like a pleasent dream. Do you have it often?
    [00:37] MinaLeading: ::she noded :: Yes i do almost every time I go to sleep , and every time it seems to get a little brighter but the face is still a mistery to me .
    [00:39] MinaLeading: I have only been awake so long and yet I have experienced some interesting things . …One day I met this man …:: she paused not know ing if she should tell this stranger what had happened between the two a month back .
    [00:40] DesmondMorris: Perhaps it's only temporary then. Do you know how to write?
    [00:40] MinaLeading: Um …I don't know I have nevr tried .Why do you ask ?
    [00:41] DesmondMorris: Well writing down what you remember after you wake up could help you start to put some of the pieces together.
    [00:42] MinaLeading: Oh yes I never thought of that . It could help I just might start doing that .::She smiled sweetly and noded once :: I know one thing though .
    [00:43] DesmondMorris: Yes?
    [00:43] MinaLeading: I remeber how to dance :: She chuckled ::That might help one day .
    [00:44] DesmondMorris: ::he smiled:: Well perhaps it will. Somebody must have taught you I assume.
    [00:45] MinaLeading: It's posible , or it could just be genetic .So what do you do for a job Desmond ?
    [00:45] DesmondMorris: I'm a clerk at my Uncle's shop.
    [00:45] MinaLeading: Oh . What kind of shop is it ?
    [00:46] DesmondMorris: Well we offer shipping services for small parcels, sell new and used books. Advertise the work of local artists. And sell various writing supplies.
    [00:47] MinaLeading: ::She sat up more interested now::I love books they hold so much knowledge .It sounds like fun . I wish I could find a better job but it seems no one wants to hire someone with no memory .
    [00:49] DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: Does it affect only your long term memory?
    [00:49] MinaLeading: I Think so , my short term memory seems to be in check .

    [00:50] DesmondMorris: Well then you shouldn't have any trouble getting a job then.

    [00:55] MinaLeading: I'm not realy sure where to look though I don't know if I have any experience in anything much . I would love to work with books or children .
    [00:55] DesmondMorris: ::he nods:: Perhaps you should talk with Agnes Ridgemont, she's a local teacher.
    [00:56] MinaLeading: ::She nods:: Does she come to the coffie shop often ? Maybe I can talk to her then .

    [00:59] DesmondMorris: She seems to be here quite often in the evenings
    [01:00] MinaLeading: This may be an odd question , but do you know of a place which I can stay for a couple of days . I don't think it is safe to stay out on the streets anymore .
    [01:03] DesmondMorris: ::he sighed:: I'm sorry but I can't help you in that department. I'm sure someone here might be able to offer you a place.
    [01:03] MinaLeading: ::she noded :: I understand , do you know of maybe and Inn posible a shed then ?
    [01:04] DesmondMorris: I'm sure if you ask the bartender he could point you in the direction of an Inn. There are plenty in london. ::he took another sip of cofee::
    [01:06] MinaLeading: ::she smiled :: You are veary nice Desmond most people i meet walk away right after they say one word to me . I'm glad your sitting here talking with me . You seem like a veary calm person .

    [01:07] DesmondMorris: ::he smiled a little:: I'm quite enjoying the company. Think nothing of the others, most aren't worth the time.
    [01:08] MinaLeading: ::She smiled even more :: Well i am as well .I try not to think about what others think of me but what can one do with nothing else in her life .
    [01:11] DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: That's the right attitude to have
    [01:14] MinaLeading: ::She smiled :: I try to have a positive attitude most of the time . You can't go around being sad and mopy all the time it would just make your life worse .I remember someone once telling me that life is only good if you make it out to be , it's only bad depending on how you look at it .

    [01:22] DesmondMorris: ::he smiled:: Quite right Miss Mina.
    [01:23] MinaLeading: ::she grinned :: I hope that soon i will find where I belongin this world and in this town . It's so beautiful here I don't see how I can ever be sad .
    [01:26] DesmondMorris: I'm sure you'll find your place eventually. Though you can't remember your past, you still have the ability to make new memories
    [01:28] MinaLeading: ::She noded slowly :: That is true and new memories are always fun ,it may take time for me to regain my past but I can wait .
    [01:31] DesmondMorris: ::he smiled:: Well the best of luck to you Miss Mina. I'm sure it will be quite an adventure.
    [01:32] MinaLeading: Thank you Desmond ::She stood up and tiped her head to him :: well it was nice speaking with you but I am tired and must be on my way .
    [01:33] DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: It was nice speaking to you as well. Good evening Mina.
    [01:34] MinaLeading: ::She walked away and went out the door back to her spot on the ground and watched the night stars ::
    [01:34] DesmondMorris: ::he watched her leave before resuming his gazing at the fire. Hoping she'd find what she was looking for.::

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