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    [div align=”center”]retribution: something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment.[/div]

    Out in atrium, behind the Church, a cracking voice cried. It took sometime to locate its owner among the flora and fauna but soon enough the Prelate did locate the source. His heart swelled with sympathy for the young boy, one of his favorite altar boys, a boy who reminded him so much of himself at that same age.

    Something more than just his appearance struck a chord. He even sounded the same as Blake remembered himself to sound during his fits of sorrow following a lesson with his Bishop.

    A dichromatic gaze fell on the boy, Michael, as the Prelate kneeled before him in the dirt. His hand reached out and gently smoothed the chaos of hair that called Michael's head home.

    ?Michael, what is troubling you?? Blake's voice carried hushed overtones capable of soothing even the most rattled of nerves.


    ?Mike?? Blake's hand lifted the boy's chin upwards. The bloodshot gaze staring into his own sent a shiver up the Prelate's spine. Clearly, he had been crying for a long while, perhaps hours. Blake couldn't even begin to imagine what could cause the child to enter such a state of disharmony.

    ?I'm… I'm fine, Your Grace.? His words were of little consolation to his appearance. Let alone to the fact that when Blake tried to brush a mess of black hair from child's ice-blue eyes Michael physically cringed and cried out as if in pain.

    ?You're clearly not, Mike. Now speak to me, what has put you in this unholy mess? You have both my and the Lord's confidence, I assure you.?

    ?Have you too come to punish me for my sins? I told Father Mahoney I'd be a good boy. I meant it, really I did, Your Holiness.?

    ?Punish you??

    ?Do you want me to beg for your forgiveness, too??

    ?Michael, you need seek not forgiveness from me for anything for I am no more mortal than you. Did Father Mahoney punish you??

    ?He told me I was a dirty, filthy boy and needed to be cleansed… from within.?

    [div align=”center”]*****[/div]

    ?Your Grace!? Father Mahoney nearly spit out in reply to Blake's hand enveloping his neck.

    Blake did one better, spitting in his face and forcefully splaying the back of his skull against a marble statue. His response to Father Mahoney was a single fitting word, ?Beg.?

    As his fingers tightened the look of fear increased sevenfold within the middle aged Priest's eyes. Clearly he realized he had been found out.

    ?I'm sorry, Your Grace. I strayed from…?

    Blake watched as the capillaries in the corrupted eyes of Mahoney exploded in a vivid display of anguish. He hand ringed the man's neck like a farmer choking a chicken and his knee lifted to violently connect with his groin. Afterwards Blake let him fall to the ground and called for his two most trusted anchorites to drag him to his private chapel.

    [div align=”center”]*****[/div]

    While the fallen Father lay sprawled out on the marble floor with his hands spread in a Jesus Christ Pose against the backdrop of an elaborately etched crucifix, Blake held a mutual consultation with God. For once in his life, Blake was in a position of immense power and influence within the body that once forced him to commit unspeakable acts of humiliation and perversion. Sadly, Father Mahoney would have to be yet another mortal that would experience his divine absolution.

    Blake left this position of prayer and moved over quickly to Father Mahoney who slowly began to regain his consciousness. Mahoney found his arms to be bound and quickly started flopping like a fish out of water against the hard floor.

    ?The Lord has commanded me to ensure you repent for your sins against His creation. He has decreed you must forfeit His gift to you of the ability to commit such heinous acts.?

    Blake pulled the Father's pants from his hips until they were nothing more than a bunch of cloth around his knees. Then, the Prelate produced a very cold, very dull, wrought iron knife. With the Lord guiding his hand he forcefully removed the Father's genitals over the next half hour and deposited their remains into the eternal flame burning before the altar.

    Father Mahoney died of a terrible infection three days later.

    [div align=”center”]*****[/div]

    Dear Lord,

    Next time I saw Michael he was playing in the Atrium behind our church with some of his friends. I must tell you he no longer serves our church. But I know you'd agree that it is for the best. I dare not ask of you any more than you have already bestowed upon me. However, if possible, please look over this child should I end up in a position of incapacity to do so myself. Praise be to thee, O Lord my God.

    [div align=”right”]Your faithful servant,

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    Blake needs a friend.

    (I love your work.)

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    Wow! Blake can be my friend! ::claps:: Grand, m'dear. Now: more.

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    Excellent as ever! More, please.

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    Ooo ::shivers:: That was good. Blake can be bad a$$, Niiice hehe. He can be my friend too!

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