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    VERE Brat

    While looking over reputation, I noticed something. And that is, negative reputation is simply a penalty. You don't become less known if you commit a crime and are caught, for example — you are more known, if anything. You become infamous, rather than famous. That being said, there are a few parts of Reputation that simply don't seem to go both ways:

    Fame and Infamy
    To become well known, one could either become an exemplary member of society, or one could go to the lowest depths of society. The same scale should be used for both positive and negative reputation (I.E. +/- 9 is internationally known, whether famous or infamous.)

    For every benefit of becoming famous, there should be a benefit of becoming infamous. For every penalty to one, there should be a penalty to the other. Suggestions are in Italics:

    Effects of being Famous
    +rep to law
    +rep to fast talk
    +rep to oratory
    +rep to theology
    -rep to stealth – Your fans are watching
    -rep to disguise – Your fans are watching
    -rep to cover up – People know who you are, and what belongs to you (Oh, my — that's the scarf he wore in the paper!)
    -rep to larceny – People watch you more when they know who you are, but in a good way.

    Effects of being Infamous
    +rep to intimidate
    +rep to disguise
    +rep to stealth
    +rep to cover up
    -rep to law
    -rep to fast talk
    -rep to oratory
    -rep to theology

    Gaining and Losing
    That being said, it is much easier to go down than up. Thus, the penalty for a crime and penalty for being revealed as a breed member should be capped, to keep a minor thief from getting world notoriety for being a small-scale robber. There are also more ways to lose rep, including being associated with some vice (lust, addiction, etc). Remember that Guy Fawkes went from nothing (0 rep) to infamous (-7 to -8) all over the empire with one act of treason.

    So, I think we need to create a table, listing these. Here's what I propose:

    Having a major vice revealed (i.e. addiction) Penalty: -1 Cap: -1
    Being charged with a crime/having witnesses Penalty: -1 Cap: -2
    Being charged with a major crime against the city Penalty: -2 Cap: -3
    Being revealed as a breed member Penalty: -5 Cap: -3
    Being charged with a major crime against the Empire Penalty: -7 Cap: -9

    To reach -9, one then needs to commit similar deeds to those of the positive rep scale. Suggested skills are Intimidate, Larceny, Combat Skills, and Disguise, though any skill with the right application could make one more infamous.


    June 6, 2006 at 1:02 am #2582
    VEST Paradox

    Those are some pretty good ideas there. Soon as I get some free time (I'm in the middle of moving at the moment… bleh ) I'll get some of this incorporated. Thanks for the great stuff, keep it coming

    Edit 6/6/06 Took more of a look today and I definately like it. Though the Breed Penalties will be stiffer than you have them and with reason. Breeds here aren't widely known and accepted and there is not seemingly unseen force that makes mortals think that charging werewolves are bears and other similar nonsense. It's a superstitious enough time that rumors of people being witches, vampires, etc are still likely and still likely to be viewed as possible.

    That's the only thing that I'd see needing change so I will immediately get to changing that. One other thing, it's possible for weapon skills to get your fame or infamy. Take Calamity Jane, and other Wild West Celebrities who were known simply for their skill with weapons. If used in an exhibition I can see someone gaining Fame, if used in a crime I can see them gaining Infamy.

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