Quote Of The Week Winners 4/23 – 4/29

  • April 29, 2006 at 9:37 pm #1997

    We've got a tie this week, so here are the winners!

    Nominee 5
    egeriafellows: + “Oh your charity will bring you naught but what you so rightfully deserve, a place beside Him.” And the sooner the better. The thought coaxed a pretty sort of smile to her lips.
    octaviussouthwel: + He smiled back, rather smugly. “And in the meantime, I'll do what I can to spread His love to those who need it.”
    egeriafellows: + “Oh Octavius, don't make yourself sound so common, else those eaves dropping might think your work is no more than that of a whore's.” When the second service was brought, a cup was poured for him. “And we all know that is most certainly not the case.”

    Nominee 6
    vechseregon: (Michaels) Half that had made no sense at all. Muttering, he backstepped to take care of one of the other late-night patrons, muttering. “Bloody crazy. Walking on heels and dug wire?”
    minorutheminnow: “Oi! Who ale you carring clazy, you srackjawed junksrut?! You come over hele and say that to my face!”
    vechseregon: (Michaels) “We don't serve anything glazed, mister.” Why him? That was all he wanted to know.
    minorutheminnow: “Baka desu! You'le even wolse of a baltender than that rast jackassu who wolked hele. At reast he had harf of a blain!”
    vechseregon: (Michaels) “This isn't a bakery! And no one walks on heels! Or barfs on babies!” Just stared. Beating sense into the fellow didn't seem feasible…

    Congrats to the nominees and nominators of these quotes, and keep an eye out for QotW for the week of 4/23 – 4/29. Be sure to vote!

    And dont forget to send in your nominations to either VEMailroom@aim.com, or me directly at VECHEnigma@aim.com

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