Quote Of The Week 4/9 – 4/15

  • April 17, 2006 at 4:35 am #1989

    And once again it's time for QotW! Winners receive 15 XP and the nominators of the winners receive 10 XP, so keep those quotes coming and vote for your favorites!

    Voting will close at 11:59 pm EST on Thursday night.

    Without further ado, on to the nominations! (And remember to keep them coming!)

    Nominee 1
    *****: “No?” She said, taking another drink as if to simply provoke him. “Maybe you were intended to be someone aside from what you were before, but regardless, if it were not for *****, you might have been dead. So what sort of thanks is this to him killing the very life he might have saved for you?”
    *****: “I'm not kirring myserf,” he snapped, making a lunge for the bottle, but only managing to send himself sprawling face first into the floor. “…ow.” He sighed, not moving from where he'd fallen. “I know, I know, don't say it.”
    *****: “What? I was only going to remark upon your graceful execution of face to floor. Well done, good show, chap.” Another sip was taken from the bottle.
    *****: “I'd take a bow, then, but it wourd lequile a bit mole effolt than I'm wirring to make light about now.”
    *****: “It reminds me,” she bemused herself with her own tale telling, “of the time you tried to steal a purse from a blind woman.”

    Nominee 2
    *****: Fortunately, he didn't need to see the violin player to hear the music, as for the moment, he remained face down on the floor. Less work than getting up would be. And maybe if he stayed where he was, nobody else would notice. “Hai…vely beautifur. Who'su praying? Allorin?”
    *****: “I do not know, I cannot see him from here…” Or at all. The smile was a slight one as she took a final drink to empty the bottle.
    *****: “Oh.” Pause. “Light.” Pause. (w) “Solly.”

    Nominee 3
    *****: “So, *****…do you rike…stuff?” He blinked. “You recognize me, uh? I get that a rot…I have a vely famiriar face, they say. I don't think we've met.”

    Nominee 4
    *****: He couldn't help but laugh. “You ale a woman, light? Wourdn't it be lather difficurt to have a chird without knowing it when you'le the one who hasu to cally it alound in your berry?”

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