Quote Of The Week 4/23 – 4/29

  • May 3, 2006 at 8:27 am #2000

    And once again it's time for QotW! Winners receive 15 XP and the nominators of the winners receive 10 XP, so keep those quotes coming and vote for your favorites!

    As I'm late putting this up, voting will close at 11:59 pm EST on Sunday night.

    Without further ado, on to the nominations! (And remember to keep them coming!)

    Nominee 1
    *****: * “Oh? The glaveyald the new arrey-way confessionar, uh?” He smirked. “What did you make? Him? You had a baby? That'su funny…you didn't rook plegnant.” And then he blinked at the appearance of the gremlin. “*****…don't take thisu the wlong way…but…” He took a deep breath. “That'su one ugry baby.”

    Nominee 2
    *****: Strange things are afoot my friend. ::he chuckled. They had both seen the gremlin last night.::
    *****: “Thele'su nothing stlange about my foot, fliend.”

    Nominee 3
    *****: A server was waved down to order a service of three, and all the morsels to go along with it. “He will learn to love it, tonight at least.” The bottle was settled between ***** and herself. “Yes, it's place is right here for the duration of this night.”
    *****: “Hmph. Saysu you.” A flying tackle would take out the table and a couple of chairs, but by gum, he got his hands on that bottle! “…ow.” was all he said, though, as he clattered onto the floor.
    *****: ::he laughed at *****'s antics.:: There must be something to that beverage, he sure does like it.
    *****: “I've not the heart to take it from him after that, he'll need it to numb that one over in the morning.” The murmur to ***** in comment to second graceful execution she had witnessed from the man. “Ever as graceful, *****. Fine then, we'll stick to ours. Far less bruising.”

    Nominee 4
    *****: “Oh, alcohol gives you the power of brief flight, but it doesn't help you get back up again? Pity that.” Her room at the Petal must have been fermented now for the time ***** spent residing there.
    *****: He grasped *****'s hand and pulled himself up…or at least he tried to. Instead, he managed to pull ***** down.
    *****: Ack! ::he goes tumbling down onto the ground::
    *****: “Baka desu! What did you do that for?!” Deciding he was stuck there for the moment, he took a long drink from the bottle. “Arcohor doesn't give the power of blief fright, sirry *****. It givesu you the power of…um…shut up.”
    *****: “I am thrilled beyond compare to have eyes enough to see this,” lifting from her chair, she moved to help *****. “Pft, even more impressive is the engorged intellect it gives you, but only at the consequence of your dipping wick.”

    Nominee 5
    *****: “Here, follow me. Both of you if you wish. I would like to try something if I may…” Rising from her seat, she requested for a server to watch their meal for them while she led the men towards the members only section of the coffee house.
    *****: “Why, *****! I never wourd have thought thisu wourd be something you of arr peopre wourd want to tly! You naughty woman you!” He grinned, following her.

    Nominee 6
    *****: + “To see what one day, *****? The wholesu and their customelsu? Just pick a door and open it, light now. Rike thisu one!” He opened a door, grinning maniacally.
    *****: + “I did not need to see that…these are the things that stick in the mind long after site is gone, and I did not appreciate it.” A shudder was had as she passed into the members only area. “What they do is their business, not my own.”

    Nominee 7
    *****: ***** took this opportunity to sidle over to the elderly guy sitting down the bar. He squinted at the man carefully. “Ale you a neclomancer?”
    *****: “A… erm…” A pause, as if puzzled. “I'm afraid I don't tend to romance necks, no.” The glasses are slid further up his nose.

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