Quote Of The Week 3/19 – 3/25

  • March 27, 2006 at 10:54 pm #1939

    And once again it's time for QotW! Winners receive 15 XP and the nominators of the winners receive 10 XP, so keep those quotes coming and vote for your favorites!

    Voting will close at 11:59 pm EST on Thursday night.

    Without further ado, on to the nominations!

    Nominee 1
    *****: *::waves to the retreating Irish girl:: G'bye! Try not to have a famine on the way home kay?

    Nominee 2
    *****: In a distinct, albeit perhaps solitary, stand against the dreaded H*, ***** was sitting by the hearth in the Athenaeum, sipping at a cup of tea.

    Nominee 3
    *****: h* “Head injuries are funny…” The blind woman was ever in a constant state of amusement, or ought to have been. “Blunt head trauma is fun.”

    Nominee 4
    *****: h* In the hospital, the disgruntled Asian plotted new and exciting ways to make the doctor and crazy blonde nurse miserable. …sadly, there wasn't much he could do about any of it at present, and wasn't coming up with much.
    *****: h* In the hospital, the paranoid white girl sat next to the disgruntled Asian, while he plotted new and exciting ways to make the doctor and crazy blonde pay. “This room needs curtains… and a window.”

    Nominee 5
    *****: h* “Ret'su see you guysu get murtipre stab woundsu, tleatment by reechesu, a clazy doctor and nulse, and see how you feer, uh?”
    *****: H* “Well I did just get my jumblies smacked up next to my gizzard, so I'll pass and still have fun.” Then he turns to ***** and blinks a few times.
    *****: H* I don't know how it would feel if it were me, but being that its all happening to you…….I feel Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! ::pinches his cheek…so loves the misery of others like a child loves kittens or butterflies::

    Nominee 6
    *****: TE* [rookish] “kdjfhgjhfguytrehgfsddvcjkdsfhvb” ::doesnt know a lick of it, or even that its a language, but it doesnt stop him from trying to immitate them::

    Nominee 7
    *****: TE* ::leans in to *****:: Ok here's the plan…you go to Bishop Moxon and tell him that Bishop Southwell called him a Mormon. Concurrently I will go to Bishop Southwell and tell -him- that Bishop Moxon called him a Jehovah's witness….then, you and I clean up booking bets on the fist fight.

    Nominee 8
    *****: *[*****] I don't know how white people talk. ::concentrates and talks slow and cleary:: I'm…altering my lifestyle…to fit…the fast lane.

    Nominee 9
    *****: * This guy's muscles feel like his ass has been clinched since he popped outta the womb. Let's go get a drink chief…I mean, ::clears throat:: Let us adjourn to the comfort of the coffee room where we shall sip beverages and oppress lesser nations.

    Nominee 10
    *****: SP* {*****'s Body} “Oh father…” She placed her face into her hands, mostly to hide any smirk threatening to appear. “I have had lustful feelings for *****. My cousin. He's so beautiful. Why did god have to make him so beautiful? Why, father, does he tempt us so?”

    Nominee 11
    *****: SP* A brow raised questioningly. “I'm not sure I know what you mean, my child.”
    *****: sp* She sighed. “Thou want to commit a sin not listed above, father?” Smiles.
    *****: SP* “And just what sin did you have in mind, my child?” He smiled mildly at her through the grating between them.
    *****: sp* “Oh don't worry, Father. I wont charge you. I'll consider it charity, and doing HIM a favor, by helping you to relax.”? Just keep digging. she'd need a bigger shovel soon.

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