Quote Of The Week 3/12 – 3/18

  • March 24, 2006 at 9:38 am #1928

    And once again it's time for QotW! Winners receive 15 XP and the nominators of the winners receive 10 XP, so keep those quotes coming and vote for your favorites!

    Voting will close at 11:59 pm EST on Sunday night.

    Without further ado, on to the nominations!

    Nominee 1
    *****: You think it's easy dreaming up this much nonsense on the fly to vomit out minute after minute after minute? It's a wonder I don't fall over dead with the effort chief.

    Nominee 2
    *****: Tries to imagine ***** as a pirate, since ***** mentioned replacing his elles for Arrs *I'm gonna go Arrrrrr oook fol something to stea Arrrrrrr, Arr ucian, gimme a bott Arrrrrr e.* Nah, doesn't quite work. “Okay, maybe throw in a half soused midget, three naked ducks, two lemon peels and a bottle of The Mad Dog just for giggles.”

    Nominee 3
    *****: ::frowns:: To quote my pal Chief Hihowareya….that spells some heap bad mojo for the ***** man.

    Nominee 4
    *****: “Another Mr. Hughes? What am I to call you, sir?” She was only confused. They were bloody rabbits. She thought farming families were large. There was his hand and she accepted it nice as anyone could wish. “It's a pleasure, sir.”

    Nominee 5
    *****: ::blinks:: Woops. ::downs the drinks and pats his pockets:: Oh my…I left my…um…keys…in the um…coffee pot… ::makes for the door, but slow like::

    Nominee 6
    *****: *:Out back now, breathes a sigh of relief:: Imana buy three hookers and a bottle of gatorade for that bartender….even if I have to invent gatorade to do it.

    Nominee 7
    *****: The kiss to her head made her cheeks flush. almost as if it was the first time anyone had showed such a genuine form of affection. of course, ***** expected nothing in return, which made her feel easy. And not in the loose way.

    Nominee 8
    *****: ::gives her quite the look:: Look here Sweetpants…It's not like I'm crashing the croquet and tea party at Windsor Castle here…-you- are the one that is on the wrong side of the tracks here, not me…so when in Rome…get used to being called Sweetheart.
    *****: Just blinks and looks at ***** blankly, his entire mind in turmoil. One part of him wanting to cheer ***** for his afront, another part completely shocked at the complete lack of respect. So he just blinked.

    Nominee 9
    *****: She blinked. Oh he was a sneaky Bishop. Using ***** to get her to go to services. Though, she had to wonder what ***** would say in response to taking her into the house of the lord. Then again, the devious part of her wanted to go, and place particular coins in the donation. Coins that were in fact dirty, and often used to block pregnancy by literally shoving them up inside. Really.. dirty.. money.

    Nominee 10
    *****: “Oh tha's easier said (hic)…easier said… (hic)…well it'll be a mite difficul', but ah'll get it,” and with that he leapt from the counter and landed like a baby bird trying to take its first flight. Yes, that's right. Face first on the floor. “Ow.”

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