Quote Of The Week 2/26 – 3/4

  • March 16, 2006 at 9:53 pm #1896

    Welcome, welcome! It's time again for QotW! Winners receive 15 XP and the nominators of the winners receive 10 XP, so keep those quotes coming and vote for your favorites!

    Voting will close at 11:59 pm EST on Sunday night.

    Without further ado, on to the nominations!

    Nominee 1
    *****: He smiled innocently. “I don't know what you're talking about, *****…”
    *****: “Yeeeeeeah…” She grinned. “That whole language barrier..right?” Her eyes rolled, but she was still smiling. “How's this. …. whren theeseu grew were you rike. holry cow!?”

    Nominee 2
    *****: R* She blinked. “Were yuo chasing the Dlagon again?” A brow rose up. She knew of the museum exhibit, but she didn't dare go near it. Then her brows furrowed. “We should get rid of it … because I'd bet the museum people will be mad if they find out someone took their pot. ” Knows damned well, she'd be pissed if anyone touched her pot.

    Nominee 3
    *****: + Spurt Spurt, Moan in agony… spurt bleed wimper.
    *****: P* Kinky.

    Nominee 4
    *****: R* “I think it's cursed because since he got it, weird stuff has happened. Like.. for instance… the walls of that coffee shop laughed. I cried. I haven't seen blood like that in a while, and the most outrageous thing happened… I actually helped a Baron.” She nodded 5 times excessively. “Plus, Louie on the first floor was talking to Esther down the lane, and she said, that Harrold P Frankfurt told her… Mummies are bad.”

    Nominee 5
    *****: ::frowns at ***** and points to *****:: Make that lady use an apostrophe r e when contracting you and are.

    Nominee 6
    *****: “Balon Ashel Stelring! You work for him, uh? The man who ownsu thisu teahouse!”

    Nominee 7
    *****: ::blinks…understood that:: Man what I wouldn't give for a cel phone right now. Is his lordship injured or anything?
    *****: “What'su a cerr phone?”
    *****: Chief by the time I splained that to you they'd be invented.

    Nominee 8
    *****: CP* “Get that friggid pope out of your mouth, and tell me what you are babbling about. You have been burned?” A preist. Those god loving stooges were always sticking their noses in things. “Out with it.”

    Nominee 9
    ****** ht* :: he dips into his pocket and pulls loose a cough drop and hands it to him :: “I think you may like this.”
    ****** ht* ::is dumb like that…just pops it on into the mouth and sucks on it for a bit before it occurs to him to ask:: The hell is this thing?
    *****ht* :: notes ***** would taste the cocaine in the cocaine laced cough drop ::
    ******* ht* ::grins big as his mouth goes all numb:: You sir are a steely eyed missile man.

    Nominee 10
    *****TE* ***** snores happily in bed, dreaming of nice candied deserts and big banquet dinners.
    **** And ***** under the guillotine, I bet.
    ***** TE* He mumble something, lifting his free arm imperiously. The words sounded something akin to “yesh, yesh.. off wif er ed”

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