Qow Winner For The Week Of 2/13- 2/18/06

  • February 27, 2006 at 2:08 am #1806

    And the Winner is…!

    Nominee 8:

    arrolinstcroix: * “You have yourself a deal, my Lord. ”
    rolnddschn: Please….call me Lord Roland…. ::can't keep a straight face and say that:: Make that Roland….or even 745083…that was my last number.

    Congrats tot he nominee's and nominator of this quote, and keep an eye out for QOW for the week of 2/19 – 2/ 25. Be sure to vote vote vote!

    And dont forget to send in your nominations to either VEMailroom@aim.com, or myself VECHVixen@aim.com.

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