Qoute Of The Week 2/19-2/25

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    Quote of the week time is here again! Vote vote vote for your favorite quote! ::dances:: The voting will be closed at 12 PM Midnight, thursday.

    This week we have an amazing 18 nominations! so be sure to pick your favorite! The Winners of the QOW recieve 15 points, and the nominators 10. So send in the funny stuff you see all through the week!

    Without further delay.. here are the nominee's…..

    Nominee 1

    ******* ::spits up mid-drink as he starts laughing:: You named a kid -Clarence-?
    ******** His wife was mad, perhaps it rubbed off on the family a bit. Clarence, hearing it aloud pained her ears, she could only imagine what the letters looked like on parchment.

    Nominee 2

    ********* You know now that you all bring it up….there is an inordinate mix of people like me and people like you up in this place. I wasn't going to say anything in case I wanted to roll any of you later, but you know.


    ********* “So, does this mean we're no longer going to be targets of yours, Mr. *******, or a fair warning?”
    *********** Well you're not my size ****, so you're clear. I pay ******, so there's no use stealing my money back from her.
    ******** ::looks over at **** and just stops talking::
    ******** : ***** turned her eyes to ******** once more, if she could find his face with her palm, she could at least try to find his heart with a blade if it ever came to that. She smiled.
    ******** ::he does have nice clothes about his size and all…whistles::
    *******”The inseam is a bit narrow, around the breeches, but is that so uncommon?”
    ******* “Stop looking at me like that *****, if you want clothes I'll buy them for you, you just keep an eye out for my back and we're square.”

    Nominee 4

    ****** ::flops down into a chair sipping:: I met Abe's son the other night…that guy knows how to roll if you catch the drift of my utterance.
    ************ “Religion has little to do with it, Mr. *******, don't you find?” He grinned. “Which of my sons did you meet? Silas? Clarence?”
    ******** His wife was mad, perhaps it rubbed off on the family a bit. Clarence, hearing it aloud pained her ears, she could only imagine what the letters looked like on parchment.
    ******** ::nods to ******* :: That's what I was thinking…like you didn't like his Mom much eh? eh?

    Nominee 5

    ********* “Am I boring then? It seems that every time I attempt to talk to any woman other than yourself, they must immediately run off. Like I have things crawling from my nose.”
    ******* He had to keep himself from rolling his eyes. Poor nobleman, not enough women for him. He closed his eyes enjoying the fire as he listened.

    Nominee 6

    ********* She didn't say much of anything because, ***** was obviously skunked. And without his friend. Perhaps he needed better running hoes too.

    Nominee 7

    ******** “Of course, I never mix business with pleasure. Do you know why I have interest in your sister ****?”
    ********* “Man, I don't know why anyone has an interest in my sister.”

    Nominee 8

    ********* And everyone else types faster than her frigging mun.
    ***** * :: carriage….. stopping… soon … when… sister… finishes… line next … ::

    Nominee 9

    ******@ “Nanio takusan desu ka?” he asked, grumbling, holding up a hand and rubbing two fingers against his thumb, indicating just what he was asking about.
    ******** @ ::blinks:: I think he wants you to walk on some rice paper without leaving any footprints, my lord.

    Nominee 10

    ********* “Hopefully it wasn't that wretched Bishop…” She groaned, even at the thought of him. It was no wonder he was so uptight, he needed some confessional booth action to loosen the cloth a little.

    Nominee 11

    ****** + Bishop eh? ::does peer too…is -very- interested in why the guy can only move diagonally::

    Nominee 12

    ********* ::wanted to look at the midget again damn it. Has the throwing skill. could THROW him and get a bonus::
    ********* Is not for throwing. Is for biting ankles and punching crotches. And will too!

    Nominee 13

    ****** ::mutters to Clarence and points at the way ****** and Uncle Ben interact:: “I'd just like to note it took a man without a dick to like ******. Hold your question… we toast uncle first.”

    Nominee 14

    ****** “Soo desu, ne?” He cast a look over his shoulder towards Lucian. He'd meet up with him later for the job. “You geisha, then? Work at Petar? I bling you back…” He smiled, helping her towards the door.
    ********* ” Uh….okay?” She had no idea what he just said just there and takes his arm so he can help her walk. “Are you looking to put Nebachadnezzar out to grass tonight?”

    Nominee 15

    ********** He leaned towards Pigeon and whispered so only she could hear it. “She'ssu a dollymop, and he'ssu in the pocket of the crybaby knob.”
    ******** ::keans in to ***** and *****:: For real…you don't need to whisper when people cant understand a goddam thing you say in the first place.

    Nominee 16

    *******::places **** somewhere safe:: He won't steal it. He talks tough but I think he knows what would happen if he put his genned sheet with all the thieving skills against my genned sheet with all the boxing skills.

    Nominee 17

    ******** “Mm, yessu. We should share it again soon, uh?” He leaned closer to her as he spoke, whispering to her. “I rike the way it smerrs on you.”

    Nominee 18

    ***** * “If your sisters words do be poison, my friend,” he looked to her and then to him, “then you'll find me dead in the street, because I will not stop drinking them.”
    ***** “What romance planet did you crawl out of to dream up that line, ******? Good grief.”
    “I think I'm going to throw up.”
    ****** :: mutters:: “If words be poison, I be dead.” :: clutches his heart and falls to the building's wall gasping for air in a mock gesture ::

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