Public Opening Night

  • January 31, 2006 at 3:46 pm #1601
    VEST Paradox

    We will be opening publicly at 9pm EST on Monday February 6th. For those who have been following our progress, we began preliminary testing a week ago and have put the new rules to the test and they have proven pretty sturdy.

    Through testing, the initial characters were given 250 XP per hour of play in order to test out differences in the sheets, since we were going for only two weeks of testing. Though no character will be carrying any of this XP into the public opening, I will be awarding small rewards to those who participated in the testing phase.

    For those who are new, allow me to explain a few things that may not be known, this could impact your interest in playing, though we hope it doesn’t.

    1) This game is open to everyone, from both Black Bayou’s, Crossroads, and new players that may find interest. If you have a problem with someone from another game, do not bring that trouble here.

    2) The rules have changed to accomodate balance and the general feel for the Era. Please be sure to look over the website and the rules to familiarize yourself, there are a LOT of changes. The rules are based off of the Black Bayou structure, however expect some pretty significant differences, and most if not all of these changes are permanent and will not be reverted back to old Black Bayou Standards.

    3) We will have common GWSLs as well as SLs based on character backgrounds, so if you have something in your background that can bite you in the backside, it probably will. GWSLs won’t be GM’d on a nightly basis, but things will happen and they are not to be ignored because you don’t like the GWSL.

    4) There will be NPC’s that could cause problems for people. Letting the world know you are a supernatural at this time and flaunting power isn’t a good idea, continued attention drawn to yourself will have repercussions. We strongly believe in paying the consequences for you actions here. It is likely for publicly known supernaturals to be killed by hunters, church fanatics, or just to be carted off to an asylum ala poor Renfield

    5) Any breeds that are common to Black Bayou are being completely re-written, and two of them will never be open to Generation due to story elements and happenings in the game. None of the breeds other than mortals will be known in the beginning, the breeds will be introduced publicly as the characters learn about them through play. However rest assured that we are going to do our very best to stick to the mythology and folk lore for these breeds and none will get more or less attention than any other. Each breed will have it’s strengths and weaknesses but all will be kept as fair as possible.

    My intention isn’t to drive anyone away, however these are principles and ideas that we as staff hold to pretty strongly and they are not likely to change, this is simply a heads up so you know before jumping in and to prevent anyone having hurt feelings later on.

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