Pr: To Catch A Crook

  • March 7, 2006 at 2:12 am #1857
    Ceara MacKenna

    Scene. Last week a random assailant attacked Sophie Landers. A throwing knife was jammed into her back but the quick witted, fleet footed woman escaped — just barely. She was later healed.

    But the assailant wasn't quite as random as once thought. He was working for a man known as “Black Bill” — some kind of bounty hunter. And a bounty is on Sophie's brother, Ty Landers. The bounty hoper hoped to entrap Ty by going through his sister.

    The assailant has now been identified and the family moves into action. GO GO POWER RANGERS! — err Hughes.

    [21:28] TyLandersXxX: *Do you have any intel on this gentleman ?

    [21:29] silashughesx: *”Not really.”

    [21:29] AbrahamNHughes: * He followed Sophie down from the carriage and nodded to Silas. “Well done, Silas. What intel do we need, Ty? I'm certain we'll be able to get all we need out of the man himself.”

    [21:29] TyLandersXxX: *::A gloved hand pulls a cigarillo from his case and rests it to his lips. A quiet nod accompanies the brief spark of a match. A brow quirks in Abraham's direction:: Do you normally charge blindly into battle Uncle ?

    [21:30] silashughesx: *”Well, he's alone. So much as I can see, Ty.”

    [21:30] AbrahamNHughes: * “I would hardly consider this a battle, Ty. We outnumber him and, doubtless, are far more intelligent than he. I'd say those are advantages enough in this case.”

    [21:31] silashughesx: *”Sophie, there's no need for you to stick around after you give identification– unless you want to, of course. ” :: a cautious glance at her to see what she'd prefer ::

    [21:31] TyLandersXxX: *::A serene gaze washes over the two of them and he exhales slowly,the cigarillo still perched in his lips:: I just got my side tore open by a stranger .. I don't put anything past anyone in situations like this. I'm calculated. You mean to harm someone or extract something from them, you better know that they might know, or have paid people to know for them. But by all means gentlemen ::he motions a hand towards Sophie:: Plan A

    [21:33] silashughesx: * “Ty, what might he know? Your Frenchman's location, is one thought. Whether he's here in London or trapped in Paris, to be more precise. Either way works for me.”

    [21:34] AbrahamNHughes: * “We'll get out of him anything he has to say.” He nodded.

    [21:34] TyLandersXxX: *::He dexterously flips his blade over over his hand and rolls it across his knuckles, before snapping it in a tight reverse move back into his palm. Obviously nodding in agreement as he exhaled around his cigarillo;eyes slits now X: as he peers towards the innards of the park:: *So she's goin in, finding him, and then coming back with his location. Is that the pre-cursor so to speak ?

    [21:35] AbrahamNHughes: * “As I understand it, we're all going to go see where he is, have Sophie confirm that it's him, and then confront the chap. Is this not so, Silas?”

    *”yes, Father. Unless you wish to you Sophie and I as bait to actually get him to come to us and then jump him from the rear?”

    [21:37] AbrahamNHughes: * “And how would you propose going about doing that, Silas?”

    [21:38] silashughesx: *”I'm throwing ideas out… but Sophie and I could take the path. And you two could come from the other direction and when he makes his presence known he will be between you and me. “With little room to run.”

    [21:38] AbrahamNHughes: * “Ty?” He glanced at his nephew for his opinion on the matter.

    [21:48] TyLandersXxX: *Well … we definately don't want to show up in a large group of any kind.

    [21:48] AbrahamNHughes: * “Very well, it sounds like we've a plan for our approach.”

    [21:48] TyLandersXxX: *If it is the assailaint .. then he'll smell a beating. You should probably lure him into a trap.

    [21:48] silashughesx: *”That's not really an opinion on if my idea of luring him works… ” :: arches a brow ::

    [21:48] TyLandersXxX: *::He shakes his head and plucks the smoke from his mouth:: No, it isn't.
    ::He chuckles;thick smoke rolling from his thin lips.:: Well … I think we should send Uncle and Sophie to draw him out. We're younger and more agile. People of this man's penouche' tend to pry on women and .. well .. the elderly.

    [21:49] TyLandersXxX: *::He flashes a short grin at Abraham:: No offense of course, Uncle.

    [21:50] AbrahamNHughes: * “None taken,” he replied stiffly.

    [21:50] silashughesx: *”I'm… I'm not sure about that.” :: frowns :: “Father?” :: looks to him for the final say::

    [21:52] AbrahamNHughes: * “I'll be fine, Silas.”

    [21:52] TyLandersXxX: *Great, then Silas, you and I will split, and flank him on either side. Uncle and Sophie will take a pleasant evening stroll through the park and befall victim to a purse hungry vagabond.

    [21:55] TyLandersXxX: *::He tugs his gloves and folds his blade back, tucked against his wrist. A free hand yanks his hood up.:: We'll need a little space … so we're not spotted positioning ourselves. Uncle are you familiar with this park ?

    [21:55] silashughesx: * :: Glances at Abraham, unsure of that himself ::

    [21:56] AbrahamNHughes: * “Well enough,” he nodded. “How much time and space need you to get ready?”

    [21:56] silashughesx: *”A couple minutes. I'll go in first and pay off the dockhand who's watching him now.”

    [21:56] AbrahamNHughes: * “Is there some signal you can give to let us know when you're ready?”

    [21:57] silashughesx: *”I can whistle?” *:: glances to Ty to see if he has any better ideas ::

    [21:58] TyLandersXxX: *No … use a stick, or branch, and hit the trunk of a tree. A whistle is universal amongst this breed of character. He might pick up on it. A tree .. he'll think animal;deer, probably a buck scoring his rack on some bark.

    [21:58] silashughesx: *”Alright… Good to know. I wouldn't have thought about that.”

    [21:58] AbrahamNHughes: * “Good idea, Ty. Whenever you two are ready, then.”

    [21:59] silashughesx: * :: randomly looks at Ty just then and shakes his head :: “At some point, cousin, you will have to tell us what exactly you've been doing these past few years. That type of thing isn't taught at Eton…” '

    [22:01] TyLandersXxX: *::He nods and hugs his cloak close. A final glance to Silas as he begins his walk to the dockhand:: Yes, mabye.

    [22:02] silashughesx: * :: nods again and trounces out into the park, moving swiftly and with some effort of Stealth. :: “I'll pay off the dockhand and then find a place to hide and watch.”

    [22:02] TyLandersXxX: *::He casts a quick glance at his sister and Uncle:: I'll stay with you until we've spotted him from a distance, then set up from there.

    [22:03] AbrahamNHughes: * A nod given to Ty. “Very well. We'll just wait until Silas is ready, then.”

    [22:03] silashughesx: * :: a glance to the silent and likely scared Sophie. He put her out of his mind and continued on moving swiftly, casually watching the way Ty moves. He checked his pockets. He had quite a few metal spikes and a couple knives in case he needed to use them ::

    [22:06] TyLandersXxX: *::Each step was accentuated by the shadows around him. He'd trained in applications that involved the swiftest and most inconspicuous manners of mobility. With a peripheral on the situation he continued to keep his position close to Abraham and Sophie, waiting to break off::

    [22:07] silashughesx: * :: the dockhand was near, SIlas quickly gave the man five shilling for his efforts and sent hom away with nothing morethan a glance ::

    [22:07] AbrahamNHughes: * He ignored the movements of his son and Nephew, idly strolling with Sophie through the park, waiting for Silas' signal to move towards the thug.

    [22:09] silashughesx: * :: a nod to the man who was waiting behind a tree not that far off. The perp wasn't much for stealth. He enjoyed being out and about, frightening anyone who came near. One would note no one was in the park except the Hughes and the thug ::

    [22:10] TyLandersXxX: *::With silent and swift recourse he splits from the group and begins to move west of them;the rest of his course moving him north to follow up after they drew him in::

    [22:12] Drk Zion: * :: at that Silas moved to grab a tree branch and broke it ::
    [22:13] Drk Zion: * :: the thief stirred a moment. He heard the branch breaking but didn't move, opting instead to hide himself more into the shadows :: ## stealth ## (v. Ty & Silas who are watching him )

    [22:14] AbrahamNHughes: * He heard the signal, and began walking in the direction indicated previously by Silas, keeping his eyes open. ##alertness##

    [22:17] TyLandersXxX: *::Hazel eyes narrow to slits as he spots his prey hawkishly, foiling his attempt for cover. He was spooked, and to easy he might add. This could be a trap afterall. Recalculating on foot he shifts his position and attempts to blend

    [22:26] silashughesx: * :: Silas knew where the assailant was but didn't know where he was right now. He glances at Ty and couldn't see his cousin either. So he just remained in the bushes trying to stay hidden ::

    [22:26] silashughesx: * :: waiting for Sophie and Abe to continue down the path and act as bait ::

    [22:27] TyLandersXxX: *::Moving low, almost stretched amongst the shadows, he stalks closer and closer until positioning himself behind a tree trunk about twenty yards from the man::

    [22:27] Sophie C Landers: * Sophie eased a little closer to her Uncle, trying hard to now break out in a very unwomanlike sweat.

    [22:28] AbrahamNHughes: * Stroll, stroll, stroll.

    [22:29] Drk Zion: * :: he jumped out behind Abe and Sophie. It might have been a little frightening. a twisted smile, he held a machete, similar to the one that once had been in the side of Sophie's carriage ::
    [22:30] Drk Zion: *”Well, den, welcome to me home… you all need be paying a fee to get anywhere, ya hear?”

    [22:30] TyLandersXxX: *::A quick squint and he begins to move towards the trio, keeping himself within the confines of the shadow::

    [22:30] Sophie C Landers: * Hearing the sudden noise, she turned, then screamed.

    [22:30] AbrahamNHughes: * He turned around to face the man, frowning and glaring at him. “I'll thank you to put that machete away, young man, before you hurt yourself with it.” ##fast-talk##

    [22:31] TyLandersXxX: *::He was within throwing distance now and he crouched low, just out of sight behind the edge of a shrub::

    [22:32] Sophie C Landers: * Her Uncle had surely gone mad. She slipped in behind her Uncle, her head barely peaking from behind him. “Indeed, please do.”

    [22:32] Drk Zion: *”Aye… Mayhaps if ya just give me some money, and then if you & me will do a dance, we'll be fine..” :: that to Sophie as the knife is shoved into his belt ::

    [22:32] Sophie C Landers: “It's him Uncle…..”

    [22:33] Drk Zion: *:: he licks his lips just then:: “Me? It's who? Toss me some cash now, old man.”

    [22:33] AbrahamNHughes: * “I think perhaps instead of that, you should give us some answers, eh? Do you work for De'cheuse?”

    [22:33] silashughesx: * :: SIlas moved closer then::

    [22:34] Drk Zion: “Who you to ask me questions?” :: the machete was removed again :: “I said give me some money!”

    [22:35] AbrahamNHughes: * “And I told you to put that away! Put away your weapon and answer my questions!” ##fast-talk##

    [22:38] Drk Zion: :: he grumbles, the old man was pretty scary and drops the machete then ::

    [22:38] Sophie C Landers: * She looked around nervously, afraid that at any moment another thug would jump out.

    [22:38] Drk Zion: “That's just 'cuz I don' wanna hurt ya. Nae really… except for the pretty lady… when I rip your dress off and have my way with ya!”

    [22:39] Drk Zion: :: points his fingers at them :: “Money! Now!”

    [22:39] AbrahamNHughes: * “Now then. What's your connection to De'cheuse? And I'll thank you to stop talking about my niece like that.”

    [22:39] Drk Zion: ##natural weapons##

    [22:39] Drk Zion: ::he slapped a hand across Abe's jaw just then ::

    [22:40] Sophie C Landers: * She screamed, stumbling back just as the man went for her Uncle. “STOP!”

    [22:40] TyLandersXxX: *::His hand and body moved in one motion. The dark ebon of his throwing blade swiftly swings out from his wrist and homes in on its' arget.##Quickdraw##Target-Right Leg##

    [22:47] AbrahamNHughes: ##dodge## :: As Abe shifts his weight and moves away from the hit ::

    [22:47] silashughesx: * :: his eyes went wide as he looked to Ty. Where was he!? He started running to help Sophie and his father ::

    [22:48] Drk Zion: * :: the knife slammed into his leg and he screamed at that ::

    [22:49] AbrahamNHughes: * “And so you see, my good man, why it's always beneficial to take the sensible route and talk things out.” He shook his head. “Very nice work, Ty. Now then, perhaps you'd reconsider answering my question before my nephew takes an even more unkindly disposition towards you?”

    [22:50] TyLandersXxX: *::With a slow but determined stride he begins to walk towards the trio;his cousin in mid-stride across the way. His right hand hidden from sight::

    [22:50] Drk Zion: * :: on one knee, he gripped the knife and pulled it out screaming :: “Rot in the river, ya crazy old man.”

    [22:51] AbrahamNHughes: * “Pity. Ty?” He stepped back and out of the way while still facing the thug, moving Sophie along, keeping her behind him.

    [22:52] TyLandersXxX: *##Quickdraw-Target-Knifehand## ::With a swift movement he sends another blade from a hidden sheath on his belt in attempt to disarm the man::

    [22:53] Sophie C Landers: * She watched, her mouth slightly opened in astonishment at what was transpiring. Did they mean to kill the man?

    [[22:53] Drk Zion: * “I will slit the woman's throat before you can speak another word!” :: he held the knife that had been in him tightly ::

    [22:54] Drk Zion: :: the knife landed in his hand, moving clean through. The hilt of the blade was visible on one side of his hand. The blade was visible on the other. He screamed, dropping the blade. ::

    [22:55] silashughesx: :: Silas, holding his own knife stood next to his father then glaring at the man:: “Father, are you OK?”

    [22:55] TyLandersXxX: *::Now within mere feet of the man he calls out:: The next one will find your throat. Now yield.

    [22:55] Drk Zion: * :: he laughed :: “You dog! You dog!” :: he was crying now, his hand was practically destroyed , a mix of emotions flying over him ::

    [22:55] AbrahamNHughes: * He nodded, “Yes, Silas, thank you. Well done again, Ty. Perhaps our little friend here will now find himself more amenable to answering some simple questions.”

    [22:56] silashughesx: ## natural weapons## :: he slapped the man across the jaw :: “Answer!”

    [22:59] Drk Zion: *”:: he rolled onto the ground, the pain was so great. He kept staring at his hand, almost into a fetal position:: “I… What do you want!” :: he screamed ::

    [23:00] Sophie C Landers: * She knew that they hand wanted to find the man, but why the questioning? Where were the police?

    [23:00] AbrahamNHughes: * “As I've said previously, we'd like to know what your connection is to De'cheuse.”

    [23:00] Sophie C Landers: * “Who is De'cheuse?”

    [23:00] Drk Zion: *”I… I don't know that name. I've never heard that name. Please… Please take the knife out. I can't do it myself. It hurts so much.”

    [23:01] TyLandersXxX: *::With macabre silence he approaches and cuts short the man's squirming;a cold black boot resting on his neck::

    [23:01] AbrahamNHughes: * “Well, if you want to play it that way…Ty, I leave him in your care to find out more.”

    [23:02] Drk Zion: *”No! Please! You can't leave me alone with him! I don't know that name.. but I'm never told names! UGH!” :: he was being choked by the boot now ::

    [23:03] silashughesx: : silas folded his arms:: “Sophie, are you well?”

    [23:03] AbrahamNHughes: * “Oh? Then perhaps you could recall a particular Frenchman, hmm?”

    [23:03] TyLandersXxX: *::He allowed just enough room for air and rasped speech:: Stop moving, and i'll remove the knife.

    [23:03] Drk Zion: *::rasped speech he got as he suddenly stopped moving as demanded:: “No.. no Frenchman.. An Englishman.”

    [23:03] AbrahamNHughes: * “Describe him.”

    [23:04] Drk Zion: *”Black Bill… Tall man… Big man. Big as a house.”

    [23:04] Drk Zion: *”Does… does contract work…

    [23:04] AbrahamNHughes: * “What was the contract?”

    [23:05] Sophie C Landers: * She was listening intently now. Her eyes darting from Ty to the man, then back to Ty. Anger building slowly.

    [23:05] Drk Zion: *”The woman,… the misses.. I was to kidnap her and hold her ransome for some brother named to come forward. I don't know any names or anything. “She was too quick. She ran away.”

    [23:05] AbrahamNHughes: * “For some brother named…?”

    [23:06] Drk Zion: *”I don't know!!” :: he screamed though the boot on his neck made it hard ::

    [23:06] silashughesx: *”Perhaps you should kick him in the gut.”

    [23:06] TyLandersXxX: *::With actions one could only describe as routine he swiftly removes *both* of the knives at once;sparring no mercy on exit wounds.:: We got enough.

    [23:06] TyLandersXxX: *::He leans back, sheathing them, still wrapped in gore;the man's neck free once more.::

    [23:07] AbrahamNHughes: * He glanced at Ty. “Do you know this Black Bill, Ty?”

    [23:07] Drk Zion: * :: he had already removed the knife at his leg himself… so Ty would just need to pick that off the ground, he screamed as the other knife came out though and went on his back in pain ::

    [23:08] TyLandersXxX: *No but I will soon enough ::he casts a solemn but knowing nod in his uncle's direction:: Now … you should get Sophie out of here.

    [23:08] Sophie C Landers: * Her hand went to her stomach feeling as if she had just gotten kicked in the stomach. Her eyes turned at Ty, pain evident in her dark eyes.

    [23:08] TyLandersXxX: *::Icy eyes turn to his cousin. He didn't say a word.::

    [23:08] AbrahamNHughes: * He looked back to the thug. “Where can this Black Bill be found?”

    [23:09] Drk Zion: *”I'm not telling you anything else! he'd kill me!!”

    [23:09] AbrahamNHughes: * “Well, I can't promise what Ty will or won't do once we leave…”

    [23:10] TyLandersXxX: *::An quirkish grin of irony sets in on his face as he casts a thoughtful glance towards the man::

    [23:12] Drk Zion: *”I can't do it! I can't do it!” :: he was screaming at the top of his lungs now ::

    [23:12] AbrahamNHughes: * “Well, that's just a right shame, isn't it? Come along, Sophie dear.” He turned his back to the man, and held his arm out for Sophie.

    [23:12] silashughesx: :: he frowns at the man and then glances back at Sophia :: “You did well, father.” :: a nod at the man ::

    [23:13] Drk Zion: * :: he stared at Ty just then and tried to stand, even if it was hard ::

    [23:13] TyLandersXxX: *::With a swift motion he sends a blade towards the man's throat:: ##Quickdraw-Target Neck##

    [23:15] Sophie C Landers: * She couldn't cry out, the shock leaving her speechless. She turned into her Uncle's chest, covering her gaze.

    [23:16] AbrahamNHughes: * He led Sophie away from the scene, not bothering to look back at the injured and, quite probably, dying man behind them.

    [23:18] Drk Zion: *:: the knife pierces his neck as he gurgles blood, shaking his head he can no longer talk but, amazingly, is strill barely conscious ::

    [23:19] Drk Zion: * :: he falls to the ground then, grabbing the machete on the ground and holding it up::

    [23:20] silashughesx: *”Ty? Ty.. think about what you're doing.”

    [23:21] TyLandersXxX: *::Slowly he stances himself before the bleeding and battered thief;quietly uttering some words:: I'll give you the option of doing this with honor, if you wish. You're free to fight for your freedom. ##Defensive Stance##

    [23:22] Drk Zion: :: at that, he ##throws the machete at the fleeing Sophie## ::

    [23:24] Drk Zion: :: the only thing visible there was a machete flying somewhere near Sophie & Abe that hit a tree with a sharp CRACK as it slammed into it ::

    [23:25] silashughesx: :: Silas gasped ::

    [23:25] TyLandersXxX: *::With a disgusted sigh he whips his form around in a fluid cranial kick, meaning to silence this worthless rot gut once and for all:: Yes .. cousin.

    [23:25] AbrahamNHughes: * With the machete flying past, he hurried Sophie along back to the carriage a bit faster.

    [23:25] Sophie C Landers: * It was a split second reaction that saved her life. She gazed back and watched, even as she was ushered along by her Uncle.

    [23:26] Drk Zion: *::the fierce connection drove the man into unconsciousness ::

    [23:27] TyLandersXxX: *::His hazel eyes seemed dull, and he stared past the fallen man;but only for a moment. With a smirk he glances up at Silas:: Time to clean this up.

    [23:28] silashughesx: * :: he knelt by the man and felt his pulse :: “he's still alive, Ty.”

    [23:30] Drk Zion: * :: gasp, unconscious ::

    [23:30] silashughesx: *”What should we do with him?”
    [23:30] TyLandersXxX: *::Yanking his hood up he bends over, tossing the man over his shoulder::

    [23:30] silashughesx: *”I… I have an idea, cousin.”

    [23:31] TyLandersXxX: *::With a supressed exhale he stands and turns;facing his cousin.:: Oh yeah ? It's 'bout time you chipped in.

    [23:31] silashughesx: *”My sister… she does.. amazing things. She's a medical doctor. You see what she does to you… She could mak ehim disappear.: “She needs to increase her studies. She's never looked inside a human before.. just .. animals.. I guess. We could give him to her. And she could carve him up and mak ehim disappear. It'd be clean that way.”

    [23:33] TyLandersXxX: *Disappear ? ::he chuckles:: you know Silas … in these sort of instances, it's always best to have no evidence left behind. Disappear is the right word, but the means to the ends, do you think they favor your sister ?::He nods, lowering his head and thinking for a moment::

    [23:33] silashughesx: *”” It's a worthy plan…. “

    [23:33] Sophie C Landers: * (s) “He means to kill him Uncle. How could he…” She would have said it was because she was his sister. But she knew that was not the truth. Far from it. :: he moves to the tree where the machete had been and grabs it ::

    [23:34] TyLandersXxX: *Study eh ? He's just going to end up worm food in my plan anyway … so I don't imagine giving him to Li would be a bad idea. ::he follows, a little slower, them an slung over his left shoulder::

    [23:34] silashughesx: * :: he nods and moves about to where the blood had been and begins to cover it up with some dirt ::

    [23:34] silashughesx: ## cover up ##

    [23:35] AbrahamNHughes: * (w) “It's best not to listen or watch them, Sophie.” He continued to guide her towards the carriage. “Try to put all of this horridness behind you.”

    [23:37] TyLandersXxX: *You know, cousin … you have a knack for the semantics of all this. But I must say … I didn't see one roundhouse or leaping dragon kick, or even a thrown knife. You could have made one move. You made me look like some ice cold killer. ::a playful grin nearly hidden::

    [23:38] silashughesx: *”Is that a good thing?”

    [23:38] TyLandersXxX: *Yes, that's a good thing … ::he chuckles and withdrawls a joint:: Look best not stay around these parts. We should be heading back.

    [23:39] silashughesx: *”Take the body back to the rear of the house… I have a coach not that far from here without a driver. Unless someone stole the dang thing. Follow me.”

    [23:40] TyLandersXxX: *::A silent nod accompanies his movements;following his cousin closely through the dark and shadow::

    [23:40] Sophie C Landers: * She was helped into the carriage, her eyes hazed over in thought.

    [23:40] silashughesx: * “Should we, um…. deal with him now, cousin? Or wait until we're in the carriage. If there's a way to do it without much blood involved. That would likely be best…”

    [23:41] AbrahamNHughes: * “Are you alright Sophie, dear?” he asked once he'd followed her into the carriage and the driver had set off towards home.

    [23:42] TyLandersXxX: *::he stops midstride, the cover of night and the surrounding brush the perfect setting:: now that you mention it …::He casually drops the man from his shoulder to the earthen floor beneath::

    [23:43] Sophie C Landers: * (s) “It's his fault…..” She said nothing more, her eyes turning away to gaze out the carriage.

    [23:43] TyLandersXxX: * I didn't know you were so anxious but, I suppose you're right. And less blood means more fun, as we used to say in the service.

    [23:44] silashughesx: * :: watching him, he moves to the nearby private carriage, glad to see it still existing, he notes no driver present and opens the door for Ty ::

    [23:44] silashughesx: * ( Li ) — We need to make a body disappear … we're bringing a male subject to you. It's the fellow who attacked Sophie. —

    [23:45] TyLandersXxX: *::He proceeded to lecture his cousin on various techniques in providing maximum damage with little external mess. His favorite of course, blunt force trauma to the chest. Selecting a decent sized branch he bends and twists it free.

    [23:45] AbrahamNHughes: * “Yes, that thug brought it upon himself…and your brother is only trying to make sure you're kept safe.”

    [23:45] TyLandersXxX: Noting the carriage:: This will only take a moment …

    [23:47] Sophie C Landers: * She said nothing. She didn't believe a word he was saying. “Are we going home now Uncle?”

    [23:48] AbrahamNHughes: * “Yes, Sophie.” He paused. “I know you and your brother haven't been on the best of terms as of late, but he was worried about you when he heard you'd been attacked.”

    [23:49] TyLandersXxX: *::With his legs stanced apart he grips the branch like a slugger and heaves a lumberjack of a chop down on the prone and unconscious man's sternum. A resounding crack rings out;and he leans up, glancing around and then to Silas:: Was that loud or was it just me ?

    [23:50] silashughesx: :: mutters ::”Too loud, Ty. Do this quickly.”

    [23:50] TyLandersXxX: *::He furrows his brow and reconnects. Soon his heart would stop from trauma or puncture::

    [23:51] silashughesx: “There are other bandits aorund…”

    [23:51] Sophie C Landers: * She looked at him, her eyes cold. “Do you really believe that Uncle? Let's take the nights events into account shall we? One. He is the reason it all happened. Two. He isn't saving me……” She looked away then. “…he is saving his own skin.”

    [23:52] TyLandersXxX: *::With one more good heave he comes down hard;feeling the chest cavity give way:: ##medium melee – tree branch ##

    [23:53] AbrahamNHughes: * “He may not be the most altruistic of souls, Sophie, but I do believe he's more concerned over you than you think. It may have been because of him that you were attacked, but he is taking an active role in rectifying that situation.”

    [23:53] TyLandersXxX: *::He hesitates little in scooping up the limp body and bringing it, along with the tree branch, with him into the carriage::

    [23:54] silashughesx: * “It'd be best to bring the tree branch with.. ah very good.” :: seeing he's doing it ::

    [23:55] TyLandersXxX: *::Slumping it against the corner, he drops the branch next to him and stares at Silas across from him;a plume of smoke escaping his lips before a deft hand snatches the half burnt jib out:: Heh you didn't think i'd forget it did you ?

    [23:55] silashughesx: *”Indeed..” :: he takes a bit of vin mariani and sips at it :: “You took the man's life rather easily there, Ty. Too easily.”

    [23:56] TyLandersXxX: *::It was the first time he could stop thinking two steps ahead and relax. Damn, foiled again. His brow quirks:: What do you mean ?

    [23:57] silashughesx: *”I mean… you know what I mean.”:: he stares at the man and begins to climb to take the driver position:: “get in the carriage. Off we go.”

    [23:59] Sophie C Landers: She half snorted half laughed, very unladylike. She was on the very verge of tears. and maybe, just a little too close to hysteria for her liking.

    [00:00] TyLandersXxX: *Hey listen my efficiency didn't come cheap dear cousin. Alot was taken from me to get me to this point. You can thank the crown for that. But, if you think that my actions don't take silent toll upon my innards, then you are sadly

    [00:04] TyLandersXxX: *::With a strange look on his face he glances up at his cousin and back into the carriage:: Well … i'm not morbid, i'll be riding up front.

    [00:07] Drk Zion: * :: the carriage ride is smooth as Silas continued to get the shivers. He continues to be, frankly, freaked out ::

    [00:07] silashughesx: * :: the carriage ride is smooth as Silas continued to get the shivers. He continues to be, frankly, freaked out ::

    [00:09] silashughesx: * ( li ) :: down the road they went :: — Sis.. we're coming…. with the body now. — :: a glance atTy :: “I can't believe you just did that…”

    [00:10] TyLandersXxX: *::A quiet glance in his cousin's direction notes his attention, but he remains silent;reflecting on the last sixty minutes of his life::

    [00:10] silashughesx: * :: he shakes his head :: “What kind of man were you for this army?”

    [00:10] silashughesx: * :: tumble, tumble down the road they go ::

    [00:11] TyLandersXxX: * So called the position “knife of bold deeds” …. A blackjob termonology for political assassins or agents of covert subterfuge.

    [00:12] TyLandersXxX: * We really had no garauntee that we'd return from any of these jobs. But we were well rewarded, if we managed to survive.

    [00:12] silashughesx: * :: he frowns and he was going the speed limit here. Father would arrive home first :: “You are truly insane… a socipath, no less. Where are your morals? Your values?”

    [00:28] TyLandersXxX: *Do you think this man had morals ? Values ?

    [00:11] AbrahamNHughes: * He watched his niece, unsure of how she could be comforted; he doubted words would be suitable, so instead he patted her hand gently and tried to look reassuring.

    [00:13] Sophie C Landers: * (s) “I'm going to go home Uncle.”

    [00:13] AbrahamNHughes: * “Home, Sophie?”

    [00:16] Sophie C Landers: * She looked at him then. “Scotland. I want to go home to Scotland.” She gazed down at her hands. “Tomorrow.”

    [00:17] AbrahamNHughes: * “So quickly, Sophie? Are you certain? Do you hate it that much here?”

    [00:21] Sophie C Landers: * She shook her head. Brown locks brushing her shoulders. (s) “I came here with a purpose Uncle. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be able to fulfill my promise to my father. But I can still go home and do my duty: to my clan.”

    [00:22] AbrahamNHughes: * “We're a part of your clan too, Sophie. Perhaps not in the same sense, but we are still your blood.”

    [00:27] Sophie C Landers: * She looked sad, but refused to meet his wise eyes. His words touched her deeply, but she couldnt let him deterr her (s) ” I am a Highlander Uncle. Had my mother lived after my birth maybe…maybe I would have been given the

    [00:28] silashughesx: * :: carriage moves to the back and Silas hops out, motioning for the silent Ty to stay put as he goes through the rear kitchen door ::

    [00:29] Sophie C Landers: chance to know you all. But you are strangers to me.” She wiped a stray tear. “I have grown to care for you all.” (s) “I hadn't expected to…..I wasn't sure I wanted to….” She sighed tiredly. “I can not stay. I have
    obligations at home, even if my father does not agree.”

    [00:29] silashughesx: * :: moving inside, he looks about and notes the butler still awake. A nod to the man, he could be trusted, but still asked him to go to bedm to trust him; grabbing some sheets. They
    [00:29] silashughesx: would need to buy some new ones soon.. he moved back out the door and through them to Ty :: “Cover him in this. ”

    [00:30] AbrahamNHughes: * “Obviously, Sophie, I can't force you to stay, nor would I try to even if I could. I merely regret that your time here in our care hasn't been better for you, and that you've had to go through such things as being attacked by
    [00:31] AbrahamNHughes: that lowlife.”

    [00:32] silashughesx: *”I… I simply can't do it. Or.. maybe I should.” :: a glance inside the carriage :: ## fear TN 24 ##

    [00:32] silashughesx: * :: his hands shaking :: “I'll.. I'll do it.” :: grabbing back the sheets he moves into the carriage and hides the body from sight, covering it up ::

    [00:33] TyLandersXxX: *::He nods and breaks free of his seat on the carriage, dropping to the ground below:: You say sociopath, i say driven.

    [00:34] AbrahamNHughes: * “Is there anything I can do for you before you go, Sophie?”

    [00:34] silashughesx: * “Even you show fear, cousin.” :: the body was wrapped in the sheets as he looks back to Ty ::

    [00:34] silashughesx: * “We head upstairs. The home is clear. I'll grab the legs… no one should see it in the sheets. I'd think.”

    [00:35] TyLandersXxX: *There are things I haven't the tongue for, i've no quarrels with admitting that.

    [00:35] TyLandersXxX: *::Nodding in agreement he grabs the man's hands and helps his cousin tote the giant joint into the townhouse::

    [00:36] silashughesx: * :: giant joint, at that. They moved through the kitchen :: “Watch the stairs…”

    [00:38] silashughesx: *”I could have attacked… you know. I'm good with a knife, too… You just moved so much quicker than I could even think.”

    [00:39] Sophie C Landers: * “I only ask that you wait until I am gone before telling anyone. I do not wish to cause a scene.”

    [00:39] TyLandersXxX: ht*::Minding his surroundings he moved swiftly, listening to his cousin with little conjecture:: Yes, I know. I was just pulling your chain Silas.

    [00:40] AbrahamNHughes: * “Sophie, surely you can't expect me to send you off without allowing the rest of the family to say their goodbyes? Who knows when any of us shall see you again if you leave so shortly?”

    [00:41] silashughesx: * :: he frowned. He was aware of these things. How people talked. :: :: grabbing the attic door, he swiftly moved in, hefting the body with him :: “Watch your step.”

    [00:42] silashughesx: * :: the body was deposited on a table, amid various other medical devices. he noted the various animals floating in jars and whatnot ::

    [00:42] Sophie C Landers: * “Please Uncle. I plan on leaving at first light. There will be not time to call upon them.”

    [00:43] AbrahamNHughes: * “Must you slip out so and depart quite that quickly? Allow us to make proper arrangements, Sophie, to ensure the safety and comfort of your travels.”

    [00:44] silashughesx: * :: a third sheet was spread over the body again. :: ( li ) — It's there. Waiting. I told you I would find you someone, sister. And so I have. I love you. — :: he glanced at Ty :: This is it then. My sister will handle the rest. This Black Bill … big as a house, a tall man, the thug said. Do you think you could find him? He seems to want you dead… your sister kidnapped. Yet the thug didn't recognize you at all.”
    [00:45] TyLandersXxX: ht* ::He scarcely glanced around, not nothing anything he'd be interested in investigated first hand, and with that poured his attention on his cousin:: I can certainly try.

    [00:46] silashughesx: *”Father said he knew someone who tracked individuals. Perhaps you should talk to him and ask.” :: a nod :: “To bed with you, Ty. I insist you sleep here.”

    [00:46] TyLandersXxX: ht* Yes yes … of course. I'll take the usual room.

    [00:46] TyLandersXxX: ht* Goodnight Silas. Sleep well.

    [00:47] silashughesx: * :: a nod to him, he glanced at the covered body once more and left to go back to the carriage, a wash rag in hand to clean any blood spilled from the old knife wound ::

    [00:47] AbrahamNHughes: * “Do you have arrangements already made?”

    [00:48] silashughesx: * :: h'yah :: the blood cleaned up, he moves the carriage around to the front of the house. The carriage slips around the house moving up on Abe and Sophie who surely have long arrived by now ::

    [00:53] Sophie C Landers: * “No, I do not. But I do not see it being a difficult task to procure a coach for the journey.”

    [00:55] AbrahamNHughes: * “Perhaps, but if there truly are those who seek to kidnap you, they could easily disguise themselves as coachmen. Please, Sophie, at least allow us to assist you in this.”

    [00:57] Sophie C Landers: * Her Uncle was a smart mind. Resorting to fear to keep her from running off. She sighed. “You speak wisely Uncle. I will concede to your wishes.”

    [00:58] Drk Zion: * :: he knocks on the door to the coach, Sophie and Abe still inside ::

    [00:58] AbrahamNHughes: * “I'm glad to hear so, Sophie. First thing in the morning, we'll begin to make the proper arrangements. Now, come along, this has been a trying night for us all, and I'm certain you could use some rest asmuch as I.” A glance to the door when someone knocked on it.

    [00:58] silashughesx: * :: he knocks on the door to the coach, Sophie and Abe still inside. A glance inside as he pulls open the door and offers his hand to Sophie :: “Everything is fine.”

    [00:59] silashughesx: * :: the last comment was to Abraham ::

    [01:00] Sophie C Landers: * She accepted Silas' hand, giving it an affectionate squeeze as she was assisted down.

    [01:00] AbrahamNHughes: * He gave a nod to his son as he stepped down from the coach after Sophie.

    [01:01] silashughesx: * “All is well, Cousin. Though you should stay close until we find this Black Bill man.”

    [01:03] silashughesx: *”Have you heard of such a name, Father? Black Bill seems a rather… particular name, albeit I've not ever seen it.”

    [01:06] Sophie C Landers: * She followed the pair back into the house, keeping her tongue in check less she revealed her intentions. Was her Uncle planning on keeping it all quiet. She didn't think he had at all promised her.

    [01:07] AbrahamNHughes: * “It is a rather peculiar name. I've heard tell of a William the Black,” he shot a brief glare at Silas, “but not a Black Bill. Both William and Bill are rather common names, however.”

    [01:08] silashughesx: *”Use that source of yours you spoke of before, that hunter, and see what he can uncover?”

    [01:09] AbrahamNHughes: * “Alas, he himself happens to go by the name of Bill, Silas. Though there's a good chance that's purely a coincidence, given the circumstances…”

    [01:10] silashughesx: *:: a nod :: “Cousin, you should sleep here this evening.” :: that to Sophie :: “I'm going to see to the horses. Good night to you both.”

    [01:10] silashughesx: * :: moving away he does as he says ::

    [01:11] AbrahamNHughes: * “Good night, Silas.” His eyes fell again upon his niece, and his voice softened. “Come, Sophie, I'll show you back to you room.”

    [01:11] Sophie C Landers: * She nodded, then followed her Uncle inside.

    March 7, 2006 at 7:00 am #2421

    It was a great scene guys. Had alot of fun.

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