One God, Two Churches

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    [21:14] arrolinstcroix: :: dressed in the finest cloak he has, some new boots and leaving the violin case at home, for once. Arrolin moves into the church, glancing about the nigh empty pews ::

    [21:15] arrolinstcroix: :: he whispers, so as not to disturb anyone who may be here :: “Father… Moxon…?” :: there was always a still about churched to him ::

    [21:15] Blake Moxon: In one of those pews the good Father kneeled in prayer. His lips moved quickly, speaking Latin. He stopped mid-sentence when he heard his name spoke by a familiar voice. ~

    [21:16] Blake Moxon: “Yes, my friend. How may I help you?” He said in a hushed voice as he stood and motioned for him to come closer.

    [21:17] arrolinstcroix: :: nodding, he does come closer and wonders if he should sit next to him or stand or… what, exactly ::

    [21:18] Blake Moxon: The Father motioned towards the seat on the pew next to him and he himself sat too. “You needn't feel awkward in the house of the Lord. I know it may be intimidating but He does love you. More so than anyone else ever could.”

    [21:19] arrolinstcroix: “Yes, Father … though I fear the other Father doesn't hold that same belief.”

    [21:19] arrolinstcroix: :: he takes a seat next to him, his hands fiddling in his lap as he does so ::

    [21:20] Blake Moxon: “So what brings you out this evening?” He wondered if he came to share more information or perhaps it was a personal matter of faith.

    [21:21] arrolinstcroix: “He condemned me to hell, chased me down the street yelling about sin and God. I even started playing the violin — as loud as I could muster and he came to my ear and yelled how God hated me and

    [21:21] arrolinstcroix: I needed to beg His forgiveness. I was running and playing the violin until my eyes started to water and I ran and ran and ran until I found an alley to escape.”

    [21:23] Blake Moxon: “This all came from the priest who was killed the other night?” He looked at him stunned, completely unbelieving.

    [21:23] arrolinstcroix: “No… no… not then. Many weeks before then… “

    [21:23] arrolinstcroix: “…and then started to bribe me with high-paying tips after the matter, perhaps out of guilt.”

    [21:25] Blake Moxon: “Father McDonald?” He wanted to be sure that some evil demon wasn't toying with his hearing.

    [21:25] arrolinstcroix: “No…. No… Father Octavius…”

    [21:27] Blake Moxon: “Oh… Father Octavius.” He had to hide his desire and mask it with indifference. “You do know that he is not a man of our Church?”

    [21:27] arrolinstcroix: “I do not understand the way the churches work, Father. Is there not just One God?”

    [21:28] Blake Moxon: “There is. However, the Anglican Church was founded on sin, corruption and greed. Our was founded on truth and virtue.” He turned and gave a solemn nod. ~

    [21:29] Blake Moxon: “Tell me, do you think Southwel's intentions are evil?”

    [21:29] arrolinstcroix: “I… I do not know… but then I am greedy, Father… his greed has infected me…”

    [21:29] arrolinstcroix: “Because… Because… I took the tips. More than 15 pounds, Father. I took them. And I shouldn't have because what he did was so wrong. But I need the money to pay down a debt.”

    [21:31] Blake Moxon: “No, no. You'd be foolish not to take the tips if you need them. However, do not believe that those tips have anything to do with the truth of falsity of his words. He cannot buy your faith unless you let him.”

    [21:32] arrolinstcroix: “He doesn't buy my faith, Father. He buys my silence. Last year sometime, I fell into a fire. I would have died, but, instead…

    [21:33] arrolinstcroix: somehow, the fire parted for me… The fire, Father, it listens to my music. And Father Octavius believes I must be a demon. But I

    [21:33] arrolinstcroix: swear some angel of music came to me and saved me that night and enchanted my violin with this gift.”

    [21:34] Blake Moxon: “If he believes you are a demon then why does he continue to contribute to your coffers?” He idly wondered the man had gone mad. He had never heard of angels imbuing musical instruments before.

    [21:36] arrolinstcroix: “Yes, Father. That is possible. But…. Father, I left my violin outside the door of the church. I wasn't sure if I should bring it in. Would you like me to fetch it?”

    [21:36] Blake Moxon: “Please do, I would like to see such an item.”

    [21:37] arrolinstcroix: :: he stood then and bowed his head to the man and quickly jogged to the door, moving to snag the violin case ::

    [21:38] Blake Moxon: Father Moxon's lips curled in a smile, and a half-laugh until he was able to tame his feelings of humor at the situation. He stood and waiting for Arrolin to return.

    [21:39] arrolinstcroix: :: a battered violin case in tow he bowed his head to the man, cracked open the violin case and handed it to the man. The violin was very well cared for. Shined and seemed new except for a few worn strings that could be replaced ::

    [21:39] arrolinstcroix: ::handed the violin to the man that is ::

    [21:40] Blake Moxon: His fingers carefully took the instrument from him. Strangely he felt an odd sensation once he touched it. It was a subtle warmth but it was there. “This is very interesting, Arrolin.”

    [21:40] arrolinstcroix: “May I play it for you, Father Moxon? Do you keep a fire burning anywhere?”

    [21:42] Blake Moxon: “There is a small fire burning in tribute to our Lord. Would that suffice?” He handed the instrument back to Arrolin, then placed his palm on his shoulder, walking towards the eternal flame.

    [21:43] arrolinstcroix: :: he nods to the man and walked to the flame with him::: “A… short song then…? Is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star against His Lord?”

    [21:43] arrolinstcroix: “I.. mean no ignorance or… disrespect in asking, Father.”

    [21:44] Blake Moxon: Blake laughed at that question. Muffling his laughter. “No, no, it's perfectly all right.”

    [21:44] arrolinstcroix: :: he nods to the man :: ## artistry ##

    [21:45] arrolinstcroix: :: he starts the song softly, it's easy enough. Everyone knows the words. He closes his eyes a moment ::

    [21:46] arrolinstcroix: :: as the song continues, Blake can see pictures within the flames — the flames becoming tiny stars and within the stars, he can see angels flying. The detail is amazing for Arrolin is quite an artist ::

    [21:47] Blake Moxon: His mouth dropped open, very unpreistly like. Blake rubbed his eyes making sure he was not perhaps dreaming all this while. “Arrolin… no demon could do that…”

    [21:48] arrolinstcroix: :: an angel holds out his arms within the flame then as if in a prayer and that image is
    quickly replaced with the normal flames as the short song ends in delightful silence ::

    [21:49] arrolinstcroix: “I am ashamed, Father. I'm sorry to bring my wickedness to you.”

    [21:50] Blake Moxon: “No, Southwel has filled your thoughts with lies. Undoubtedly God and his Angel have blessed you with this amazing gift. You are not wicked, but clearly blessed.”

    [21:50] arrolinstcroix: “Blessed Father? I don't understand His Lord. How can two priests say two different things?”

    [21:51] arrolinstcroix: :: he was clearly confused as he moved back to his violin case ::

    [21:52] Blake Moxon: “When one commits acts of lust, greed and misconduct and one follows the Lord's rules… I think you can see why their opinions may differ.”

    [21:53] arrolinstcroix: “Yes, Father. I think I undertstand. Your ways are different and your God is a blessed one while his God respects greed and lust and sin.”

    [21:53] arrolinstcroix: “How do I apply to your God for admission?”

    [21:54] Blake Moxon: “His Church at least.” He placed his palm on Arrolin's shoulder. “We can take steps towards your communion with the Lord. But as far as tonight goes, I think you've done enough.”

    [21:56] arrolinstcroix: “Yes, Father. Thank you… ” :: he puts the violin away :: “Father, thank you for listening to me…”

    [21:57] arrolinstcroix: :: turning he nods to him :: “I have not found 'Layna yet, but I still have not forgotten your message for her. That… That is what I came to originally tell you.”

    [21:58] Blake Moxon: “Just keep an eye out for her, I appreciate your vigilance in this very pressing matter.”
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    Tsk. Such blasphemy, lies, and slander. *shakes head* Good stuff, both of you.

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