Meeting At The Coffee House

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    DesmondMorris: ::inside the coffee house he sat at the fireplace, a cup of
    tea in his hand, his suit jacket set across the back of the chair::
    Alayna Laurent: She approached shyly feeling rather embarrassed after the
    scene she'd made the other night. Drink already in hand stops in front of
    Desmond. ” Goodevening sir, I wanted to apologize for my behavior last night.
    Whiskey tends to do
    Alayna Laurent: that to me.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked up with a smile as the woman approached:: I
    wondered where you had gone off to, I'm pleased to see you again Miss Laurent
    Alayna Laurent: She returned the smile readily and nodded. ” Pleased to see
    you again as well, I'd been hoping you'd be in tonight so that I might make
    up for my rudeness.”
    DesmondMorris: Well please do have a seat ::he turned to face her completely
    the smile stil on his face::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Thank you.” She had a seat across from him and crossed her
    legs under her many layers of dress. She had a sip of her whiskey but only a
    sip and set it down. ” I see you are reading again tonight.” She leaned over
    the table to peer
    Alayna Laurent: at his book curiously having no clue what it says on the
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled:: Yes, it appears i've made sort of a ritual
    lately, reading by the fire. How awefully romantic of me
    DesmondMorris: ::he chuckled. There was no picture on the cover of the Poe
    book so her inability to read would not allower her to recognize it was the
    same one:: Yes Poe again
    Alayna Laurent: ” Ah, I enjoyed what you read by him last night.” She
    grinned and sat back in her chair. ” So are you a romantic Mr. Morris?”
    DesmondMorris: Well perhaps in the classical sense, I do get quite caught up
    in my appreciation of art and literature, it tends to occupy much of my time
    Alayna Laurent: ” Are you a teacher by any chance?
    DesmondMorris: ::he shook his head:: No, I am but a simple merchant, well
    assistant to a merchant ::he chuckled:: I'm afraid I'd be rather nervous
    standing up in front of an audience
    Alayna Laurent: ” Oh I don't know about that, you seem like you would do
    well in front of a class. You read very well by the way, you put so much
    emotion into it. It truly touched me.”
    DesmondMorris: Truly? Well I'm flattered to know you enjoyed it ::he
    Alayna Laurent: She smiled back coyly and took another sip from her glass
    staring at him from behind the rim. Bringing it down she canted her head to
    one side. ” Would you do me the pleasure of reading something else tonight?”
    DesmondMorris: ::he grinned:: My lady, it would be an honor and a privelage
    ::he opened the book and began to thumb through the pages::
    Alayna Laurent: She was quite pleased and settled into her seat to listen
    absenmindedly running her thumb along the brim of her cup as she watched him,
    fascinated really at the way he could speed through the pages as he skimmed,
    DesmondMorris: Ahh this one is an interesting one ::he cleared his throat
    before he began, improving his posture:: Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe…
    DesmondMorris: It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the
    sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of
    DesmondMorris: And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than
    to love and be loved by me.
    DesmondMorris: With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
    Coveted her and me.
    DesmondMorris: And this was the reason that, long ago, In this
    kingdom by the sea, A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling My
    beautiful Annabel Lee;
    DesmondMorris: So that her highborn kinsman came And bore her away
    from me, To shut her up in a sepulchre In this kingdom by the
    DesmondMorris: The angels, not half so happy in heaven, Went
    envying her and me- Yes!- that was the reason (as all men know,
    In this kingdom by the sea)
    DesmondMorris: That the wind came out of the cloud by night,
    Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.
    DesmondMorris: But our love it was stronger by far than the love Of
    those who were older than we- Of many far wiser than we-
    DesmondMorris: And neither the angels in heaven above, Nor the
    demons down under the sea, Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
    Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.
    DesmondMorris: For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
    Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; And the stars never rise but I feel the
    bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
    DesmondMorris: And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side Of my
    darling- my darling- my life and my bride, In the sepulchre there by
    the sea, In her tomb by the sounding sea.
    DesmondMorris: ::he sighed as he closed the book, it was a sad story, but
    the words were truly beautiful::
    Alayna Laurent: The ending was sad and her brow knitted together but was
    quickly replaced with a smile as she clapped gloved hands softly. ” That was
    lovely. Very sad though. I was not expecting that ending. “
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled in thanks of her compliment:: Yes it is a sad
    tale, it always manages to touch my heart, no matter how many times I read it
    Alayna Laurent: ” Yes…” She stared off into her glass a moment before
    meeting his gaze again. “No I don't imagine it would ever get easier to read.
    Still it was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: Well, considering the events of the other
    night, anything I can do to lighten your mood is of importance to me ::he
    smiled, then sipped the tea::
    Alayna Laurent: ” But you hardly know me Mr. Morris.” She smiled.
    DesmondMorris: ::he sighed:: Aye, quite true
    Alayna Laurent: ” So then why the concern for my happiness Mr. Morris? Not
    to be rude but I am rather curious.” She leaned in now as if to prove it ,
    onyx eyes studying him closely.
    DesmondMorris: Perhaps it is a weakness as well as a virtue of my, I saw you
    in despair and I felt the need to bring you comfort, after having met the man
    who caused you such distress, perhaps I understood your condition a little
    Alayna Laurent: ” Ah so you had a chance to talk with the fine Father
    Octavius?” The word fine said sarcastically. ” Yes, he tends to give me the
    creeps, Unfortunatly I owe him….”
    DesmondMorris: ::he raised a brow at that, then nodded:: Yes, I can't say I
    find any real enjoyment from his company
    Alayna Laurent: (s) ” No, me either.” Brings her glass up for another sip.
    She wished she could open to this stranger and tell him all that was weighing
    her down but she couldn't. “Take my advice, better to avoid him altogether
    because once he has
    Alayna Laurent: his claws in you he won;t let go.”
    Alayna Laurent: open up*
    DesmondMorris: And does he have his claws in you? ::: the question was blunt
    but was asked in a calm kind voice::
    Alayna Laurent: ” What I tell you you will keep in confidence I presume?”
    DesmondMorris: You have my word ::he sipped the tea giving her a genuine
    look that said she could trust him::
    Alayna Laurent: She wouldn't tell him the whole story but she did offer a
    little. ” Yes, I am obligated to go to mass every sunday and confession once
    a week. He is the only one who can hear my confessions, not by my choice mind
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded, not quite sure what was so horrible about that::
    I find guilt to be a weapon of control, nothing more
    Alayna Laurent: If he'd been to one of father Octavius' confessionals he'd
    know better what was so bad about it. ” Guilt is his favorite weapon. And
    DesmondMorris: (sw) That is why I despise him and his church ::he said with
    Alayna Laurent: :She leaned in close to him and whispered in return. ” As
    I… you see why am I so distressed by these weekly confessionals. And
    please….do not speak of this to Arrolin the violin player, he will worry
    about me and don;t want
    Alayna Laurent: him to go racing off into trouble on my account. “
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: He seems a Valiant young man, but your secret
    is safe with me ::he smiled::
    Alayna Laurent: She breathed a sigh of relief. ” Thank you. He is a good
    friend I only want what's best for him and I can handle myself….for the
    most part.” She smiled.
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: You are fortunate to have friends such as he
    ::he took another sip, glancing at the fire momentarily::
    Alayna Laurent: ” I hope to count you among them in time.” Grins.
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled:: I would like nothing more than to be counted
    amongst them
    Alayna Laurent: ” And my occupation… doesn't bother you?” She had to
    ask since there were some who felt it better not to associate with
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked into her eyes:: ( s ) Is it out of neccesity or
    free will?
    Alayna Laurent: “I suppose a little of both. It's hard to explain why I do
    DesmondMorris: ::he sighed and nodded, looking back at the fire::
    Alayna Laurent: ” I could give you reasons why but they would only seem like
    Alayna Laurent: excuses*
    DesmondMorris: I suppose we all are free to make our own choices, it seems
    rather sad that a girl such as yourself would choose such a path ::he said it
    with sincerity::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Such as myself? I'm no better than any other woman.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he sighed:: It's a pity you regard yourself in such a way
    DesmondMorris: (scratch regard – think of )
    Alayna Laurent: ” I guess you can thank my mother for that.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked into her eyes, taking a moment to see what
    resided in their depths::
    Alayna Laurent: There's only pain there despite the smile she placed on her
    coral lips. (s) ” She was not a kind woman….but I loved her. She was a
    prostitute as well. Maybe being brought up around it is what makes it hard
    for to me to leave.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: I hope for your sake that fate will find a way
    to show you a new path, as I feel you are much deserving of the charity that
    is the breaking of bondage
    Alayna Laurent: ” it's really not so bad, there are worse jobs for a woman
    to hold. I only just started really. Once my mother passed I needed a way to
    support myself and I was already being raised at the Crimson Petal so it
    seemed only natural to
    Alayna Laurent: stay on and follow in my mother's footsteps….heavens I'm
    sorry, this must bore you dreadfully…I don't even know why I tell you. I
    haven;t spoken this much about my mother since her passing…..”
    DesmondMorris: And you do not desire the love of a man? That which cannot be
    satisfied by the warmth of his body? ::he wasn't hitting on her, he was
    genuinely concerned about her, no woman should sell herself::
    DesmondMorris: (by the mere warmth)
    Alayna Laurent: ” I've never allowed myself to desire it.” She lied.
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked into her eyes, staring intensely:: Is that so?
    Alayna Laurent: ” Yes, because I know if I do it will only end in
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: And so you turn away from love ::he sighed,
    turning his gaze to the fire::
    Alayna Laurent: ” I don't have much choice as long as I keep this job.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he was talking to her in a philosophical manner:: Perhaps
    there lies an answer
    Alayna Laurent: ” Even if I did quit, what man in his right mind would want
    a soiled woman. I have nothing to offer a mate my mother made sure of that
    when she sold my virginity to the highest when I was 13.”
    Alayna Laurent: highest bidder
    DesmondMorris: ::he placed a hand on her shoulder then, looking at her:: You
    may be soiled in the eyes of a hypocritical bishop and his wicked church, but
    you did not make those choices, the guilt lies with your mother not you
    Alayna Laurent: Her eyes teared up and she shook her head looking away to
    stare off into the fire watching as the flames danced and crackled in the
    DesmondMorris: I may be no great man in this world, nothing regal or
    refined, but I know enough to see that you are worthy of salvation, and not
    at the hands of some imaginery god, but in the arms of someone who truly
    loves you
    Alayna Laurent: ” When you find the man willing to do that please, by all
    means, let me know. Let's not speak of my mother or even love for I do wish
    to be an emotional wreck two nights in a row with you. My Lord you must think
    me crazy.”
    Alayna Laurent: do not*
    DesmondMorris: You are not crazy, you have the capacity to feel is all, it
    makes you human ::he gave her a reassuring smile::
    Alayna Laurent: She sighed and returned the smile bringing her glass up one
    last time to drain it. ” You're too kind Mr. Morris. I'm hardly worthy of it,
    but thank you.”
    DesmondMorris: I disagree entirely Miss Laurent, but you are welcome all the
    Alayna Laurent: ” Heavens you are the charmer.” She chuckled. ” Watch your
    step Mr. Morris or my affections may begin to center around you.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he laughed a little, a sweet smile on his face::
    Alayna Laurent: “But surely you must have a special someone in your life
    DesmondMorris: ::he shook his head:: No, I'm afraid you're quite mistaken .
    I tend to spend much of my time alone actually
    Alayna Laurent: ” That seems to be a crime to me. Any woman would be lucky
    to share her time with you.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he sighed, disagreeing with her::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Nonsense, I'll have none of that. I for one feel honored
    to be here with you right now.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled, looking up at her:: You are too kind
    Alayna Laurent: ” Hardly. I think you sell yourself short sir. Take it from
    one who knows.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he blushed a bit at that:: Well, I haven't exactly been
    with many women
    Alayna Laurent: “Oddly I myself haven't been many men either, as I said I am
    rather new.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nods at that, taking a sip of tea::
    Alayna Laurent: ” I grew up around it but aside from the one time when I was
    13…..there hasn't been much else. “
    DesmondMorris: Well at least spending time together will let you forget
    about your proffession for a few hours
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled::
    Alayna Laurent: ” It might help you forget as well.” She smiled back. “
    Pardon me for saying so but you appear to be as lonely as I am.”
    DesmondMorris: :::he looked down a bit and sighed:: Perhaps there is some
    truth to your words
    Alayna Laurent: ” I take it you just haven't found a person you can connect
    with yet?”
    DesmondMorris: ::he took a sip:: I don't get out much to be honest, I spend
    most of my time in the spare room above my Uncle's store, reading::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Forgive my frankness Mr. Morris but you realize there's no
    need to be quite so lonely, there are girls such as myself…..I do realize
    it is not for everyone I'm simply curious.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked at her:: To be honest , I truly do enjoy this
    type of attention, especially from one such as yourself Miss Laurent, I just
    don't feel comfortable paying for a woman's love
    Alayna Laurent: ” You don't pay for her love my darling….” A gentle smile
    at that and she reached across the table to place her hand on his. ” But I
    DesmondMorris: Well whatever she may offer ::he smiled a bit, looking down::
    Alayna Laurent: “If I wouldn't get in trouble….I might be tempted to offer
    my services free of charge to you, but if Ms. Tilly ever found out…”
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked up at her and shook his head slightly:: I would
    be just as happy to sit with you in your room and listen to you share your
    DesmondMorris: ::he gave her a genuine smile::
    Alayna Laurent: He reminded her of Arrolin, she was truly enjoying his
    company. “Now there's a sentence I've never heard before.” She laughed.
    DesmondMorris: ::his smile brightened with her laughter::
    Alayna Laurent: “Perhaps we'll do that sometime. I think I would enjoy that
    tremendously. There is a passageway leading to the Petal from the members
    area so whenever you wish.”
    DesmondMorris: I'll make sure to bring some other books of poetry, in case
    you fancy hearing another, maybe something a little more uplifting ::he
    Alayna Laurent: “Yes, I would love that!” She gushed, relishing the thought
    of laying there in her room while he read to her .”
    Alayna Laurent: er no “
    DesmondMorris: ::he took a sip of his tea, the grin still on his face, she
    had a delightful smile::
    Alayna Laurent: ” I never tire of listening to people read and you do it so
    DesmondMorris: Perhaps one day I will teach you ::he smiled::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Would you really? That would mean the world to me.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: It would be my pleasure Miss Laurent
    Alayna Laurent: “I look forward to it.” She fidgeted in her seat with
    excitement her age showing now, she was despite everything very young though
    she'd lived a hard life that had aged her spirit considerably. ” I think you
    will make a fine tutor.”
    DesmondMorris: And you an apt pupil ::he nodded with a smirk, as if to give
    her all the credit::
    Alayna Laurent: She chuckled at that. ” I can only hope.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a kind look::
    You'll be reading in no time my dear
    Alayna Laurent: She bit her lower lip and grinned. ” I can't wait to pick
    out the first book I will read. All by myself.” She was amazed at the idea
    that she might be able to read someday.
    DesmondMorris: You'd be amazed at how much there is out there that has been
    put in writing, everything from astronomy to tales of foreign lands ::he
    Alayna Laurent: ” Maybe you can help pick something out then?
    DesmondMorris: I'd love to. What interests you? What would you like to read
    Alayna Laurent: ” Romance, other lands….everything.” She laughed.
    DesmondMorris: Ahh, well I shall try and find something that suits your
    character, hopefully I will guess correctly
    Alayna Laurent: ” i'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he sat back and rested his hands in his lap:: So tell me
    how did you come to know Mr. St Croix, you seem to have a fondness for him
    DesmondMorris: ?
    Alayna Laurent: “Ah.” She smiled. “The first I saw Arrolin he was playing
    here. His music moved me….much in the same way your reading does.” Her
    cheeks blushed slightly.
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: Ahhh…so I see. I look forward to seeing his
    perform some day, music is so very soothing
    Alayna Laurent: ” He's very good. But there is nothing more between us.”
    His doing not hers but the truth.
    DesmondMorris: He seems quite protective of your interests, I found his
    confrontation with the Bishop to be quite a bold statement, although you did
    protest it
    Alayna Laurent: ” Arrolin is protective though I'm not sure why. He confuses
    me I'm afraid. I really don't know where I stand with him sometimes. it can
    be frustrating.”
    DesmondMorris: Perhaps he likes you?
    DesmondMorris: ::he smirked::
    Alayna Laurent: ” I doubt it.” She shook her head. ” Believe me…..I've
    made it clear how I feel.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: Perhaps he's another shy one as well
    Alayna Laurent: ” It's more comlicated than that. Besides, he does not
    approve of my work. “
    DesmondMorris: I see
    Alayna Laurent: ” Until I quit, we will not have a chance together. And I
    can't say that I fault him for that. He can't understand that my work is my
    work and has nothing to do with my heart or my soul. “
    DesmondMorris: But if he could take you away from all that, would you let
    Alayna Laurent: ” He's tried….”
    DesmondMorris: And you still resist?
    Alayna Laurent: ” Yes. He is not the first man to make such offers to me and
    he won;t be the last. I'm not some wounded Dove to be rescued. This job is
    all I know. I grew up in the Crimson Petal, well just about. I can't imagine
    leaving it.”
    DesmondMorris: You never miss what you haven't experienced, or so the saying
    Alayna Laurent: “So true. You put it better than I ever could.”
    DesmondMorris: But I hope it will at least make you wonder about what those
    experiences could be like
    DesmondMorris: It's good to have dreams
    Alayna Laurent: ” I know. It's just been so long since I've allowed myself
    to dream.”
    DesmondMorris: No better time than the present my dear…no better time
    Alayna Laurent: ” i couldn't leave the petal …not yet. I just started for
    heavens sake.” She chuckled to lighten the mood. ” I think the problem is my
    age. Men see my innocent face and want to save me.” She shook her head. ” It
    all quite
    Alayna Laurent: flattering.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: Yes I can imagine some do, although I choose to
    see you as something more than just a sweet young girl
    Alayna Laurent: ” And what is it that you see when you look at me?” She
    raised a brow and smiled tilting up her chin as if modeling her face for him.

    DesmondMorris: I see a girl with a hopeful future, a talented woman who just
    needs a little encouragement to reach out and snatch those dreams and bring
    them into reality
    DesmondMorris: ( girl – woman)
    Alayna Laurent: ” You see all that?” She grinned.
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: I do
    Alayna Laurent: ” I wish I did too.”
    DesmondMorris: Well in time I hope that Mr St Croix and I will be able to
    open your eyes ::he smiled::
    Alayna Laurent: ” And you sir?” Her grin became a smile.
    Alayna Laurent: ” So does Arrolin have some competition?”
    DesmondMorris: ::he laughed a little:: That handsome young man? You tease me
    Miss Laurent ::he grinned::
    Alayna Laurent: ” I'd say you an excellent chance Mr Morris.”
    DesmondMorris: ::He smiled:: Why my sweet girl you certainly Flatter me
    Alayna Laurent: “Yes, well there's more to people than the way they look. I
    think you're a handsome man by the way. I would gladly prove it to you
    someday.” And now her mischievous came out.
    DesmondMorris: ::he blushed a little and looked down::
    Alayna Laurent: She reached out to him and tilted his chin up so that he
    would look at her. ” I mean it you know…”
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked at her, and his hands came up to hold the one
    that touched his face, a smile shown brightly::
    ( For some reason the rest of this log was lost but for anyone who wants to know what happen next they spoke a while longer and shared an innocent kiss before she jetted off. Sorry bout that I don't know what happen with my log manager. And many thanks to Desmond Morris' mun, please send some XP his wa.)

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    Nice scene, you two! But what do you mean Octy's creepy, hmm? *eg*

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    Twas fun, hope to do it again sometime.

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    Really dug your scene. Splendid poem choice.

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